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Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo

Aircraft at the Air Tattoo 2006

Below is a list of aircraft, which will be appearing at The Royal International Air Tattoo 2006.

Keys to Symbols =  F Flying   S Static   SP Support   V Visitor


Army Air Corps
Gazelle AH1 666 Squadron, 7 Regt Army Aviation SP
Gazelle AH1 658 Squadron Army Aviation V
Islander AL1 1 Flt, 5 Regt Army Aviation S
Lynx AH7 655 Squadron, 7 Regt Army Aviation V
Lynx AH7, Gaxelle AH1 x4 The Blue Eagles Army Aviation F
Misc Army Historic Aircraft Flight Army Aviation F

Joint Helicopter Command
Chinook HC1      18 (B) Squadron RGE       F
Chinook HC1 18 (B) Squadron RGE S
Merlin HC3 28 (AC) Squadron RGE F
Puma HC1 33 Squadron RGE S
Sea King HC4 848 NAS RGE S

Alpha Jet                      Boscombe Down                               S
Andover C1 (PR) Boscombe Down S
AS355 Twin Squirrel ETPS V

Royal Air Force
BAe 125 CC3             32 (TR) Squadron                  V
Canberra PR9 39 (1PRU) Squadron F
Canberra PR9 39 (1PRU) Squadron S
Dominie T1 55 (R) Squadron S
E-3D Sentry AEW1 8 /23 Squadron S
Griffin HT1 60 (R) Squadron S
Harrier GR7 x2 20 (R) Squadron F
Hawk T1 100 Squadron S
Hawk T1 208 (R) Squadron S
Hawk T1 x11 The Red Arrows F
Hawk T1 x2 208 (R) Squadron F
Hercules C3 Marshalls of Cambridge RGE S
Hercules C5 24 Squadron RGE F
Hurricane BBMF F
Jaguar GR3 6 Squadron S
King Air 200 45 (R) Squadron S
King Air 200 45 (R) Squadron V
Lancaster BI BBMF F
Nimrod MR2 201 Squadron S
Sea King HAR3A 203 (R) Squadron SP
Spirfire BBMF F
Squirrel HT1 x2 DHFS SP
Tornado F3 25 (F) Squadron S
Tornado GR4 XIII Squadron S
Tornado GR4 x2 XV (R) Squadron F
Tucano T1 1 FTS S
Typhoon F2 3 (F) Squadron S
Typhoon F2 x2 29 (R) Squadron F
VC-10 C1k 101 Squadron RGE F
Vigilant x3 612 VGS S
Viking x2 625 VGS S

Royal Navy
Hawk T1 x5                          FRADU 'The Black Seahawks'                         F  
Jetstream T2 750 NAS S
Jetsream T2 x3 750 NAS F
Jetstream T3 Heron Flight V
Lynx HAS3 / HMA8 x2 'The Black Cats' 702 NAS F
Lynx HMA8 815 NAS S
Merlin HM1 820 NAS S
Sea King ASAC7 849 NAS S

Puma HC1           230 Squadron       RGE        
Sea King HC4 846 Squadron RGE
Lynx HAS3 815 NAS
Merlin HM1 815 NAS


US Air Combat Command
B-1B Lancer 28 BS, 7 BW                      F
B-1B Lancer 28 BS, 7 BW S
B-52H Statofortress 11 BS, 2 BW F
B-52H Statofortress 11 BS, 2 BW S
F-15C Eagle x2 West Coast Demo Team F

US Air Education & Training Command
C-130J Hercules 314 AW                   RGE          S
T-43A Gator 562 FTS S

US Air Forces Europe
C-130E Hercules 37 AS, 86 AW            RGE S
C-21 Learjet 76 AS, 86 AW                    S
C-21 Learjet 76 AS, 86 AW V
F-15C Eagle 493 FS, 48 FW S
F-15E Strike Eagle 48 FW S
F-16CJ 52 FW S
KC-135R 100 ARW RGE S

US Air Mobility Command
C-17A Globemaster III                                                        RGE                     S
C-37A 99 AS, 89 AW V
KC-10A Extender 60 AMW RGE S

US Army Europe
C-12U                       B Co, 1-214 AVN Regt   Army Aviation S
UC-35 B Co, 1-214 AVN Regt Army Aviation S

US Marine Corps
C-37B                        VR-1                       V
KC-130T Hercules VMGR-452 S
MV-22B Osprey VMX-22 (Bell Helicopter) RGE F
MV-22B Osprey VMX-22 (Bell Helicopter) RGE S

US Navy
E-6B Mercury                VQ-4                                                          
F/A-18F Super Hornet Boeing F

USAF Special Operations Command
MC-130H Combat Talon II           7 SOS, 352 SOG                                        RGE                               S  
MC-130H Combat Talon II 7 SOS, 352 SOG RGE F
MC-130P Combat Shadow 67 SOS, 352 SOG RGE S
MH-53M Pave Low III 21 SOS, 352 SOG RGE S

O / A-10A Thunderbolt 81 FS, 52 FW                                                        
Leapfrogs US Navy Parachute Team
P-3C AIP Orion VP-10



Belgian Air Component
EMB-145       15 Wing                                  V
ERJ-145LR 15 Wing V
Falcon 20 15 Wing V
Falcon 20 15 Wing V

Brazilian Air Force
C-130H Hercules 1 / 1 GT                          RGE              S

Czech Air Force
An-26 241 Dopravniho Letka RGE             S
JAS-39C Gripen 211 Takticka Letka S
L159 ALCA 212 Takticka Letka F
Mi-171 232 Vrtulnikoveho Letka RGE S
Mi-24V 'Hind' 231 Vrtulnikoveho Letka F

Danish Air Force
CL604 Challenger Esk 721                                                   S
EH-101 Esk 722 RGE S

Finnish Air Force
Learjet 35A    2nd Flight, TukiLLv                V

French Air Force
CN-235 ETL 1/62                                  RGE                 SP
CN-235 ETL 1/62 RGE SP
Mirage 2000C RDI x2 EC 2/5 Ile de France F
Mirage 2000D x2 EC 3/3 'Ardennes' S
TBM 700 ETEC 00.065 SP

French Army Air Corps
F406 Caravan          EAAT                                 Army Aviation S
TBM 700 EAAT Army Aviation F

French Naval Aviation
Atlantique 2  21 Flotille                         S

German Air Force
C-160 Transall  TBC                         RGE        S
Tornado ECR JBG32 S
Tornado IDS AG-51 S

German Army Aviation
Bo-105 x2                  KHR 26                              Army Aviation S
CH-53G MTHR 25 Army Aviation S

German Navy
BR1150 Atlantic    MFG3                                             S

Hellenic Air Force
A-7E/H x2      116 PM                            S

Irish Air Corps
CN-235-100MPA     101 Squadron                                          S
King Air 200 102 Squadron V

Italian Customs Service
A 109 AII         1 Gruppo Aereo                   S
AB412 HP x2 1 Gruppo Aereo S

Pakistan Air Force
C-130B Hercules        6 Squadron                        RGE             S

Polish Air Force
Yak-40                                  36 SPLT                                                                   V

Polish Navy
M-28 Bryza B-1/R   30 Eskadra MW                             S

Portuguese Air Force
F-16A/B x2        Esq 201                               S
Falcon 50 Esq 504 V

Royal Australian Air Force
B707-368      33 Squadron      RGE   S

Royal Jordanian Air Force
C-130H Hercules    Air Lift Wing                RGE        S

Royal Malaysian Air Force
CN235-220M        21 Skn                         RGE       S

Royal Netherlands Air Force
CH-47 Chinook     298 Squadron RGE     S
F-16 x2 306 Squadron F
F-16 x4 311 Squadron S
Fokker 50 334 Squadron RGE S
Fokker 50 334 Squadron RGE SP
Fokker 50 334 Squadron  RGE SP
PC-7 131 EMVO Squadron F
PC-7 131 EMVO Squadron S

Slovenian Air Force
LET 410           LEBA                               V
PC-9M Swift LETS F
PC-9M Swift LETS S

Spanish Air Force
C-295                Ala 35                      RGE   SP
C-295 Ala 35 RGE SP
CASA 101 x7 Patrulla Aguila F
CN235 Ala 35 RGE S
EF2000 x2 Ala 11 F

Swedish Air Force
JAS 39A Gripen x2   F7 Wing                                           F
JAS 39B Gripen F7 Wing S

Swiss Air Force
Citation 560 Excel      LTDB                                             SP
F-5E Tiger II x7 Patrouille Suisse F
F/A-18C Hornet x2 Fliegerstaffel 11 F
Learjet 35A LTDB SP

Turkish Air Force
F-4E Phantom x2   172 Filo                                    S



A310                                                  FedEx                                                              RGE S
Agusta A109E Agusta Westland V
BN-2T Islander Selex S
Bulldog 125 BDFA S
Bulldog T1 Chris Hunter V
Cessna 182 Westpoint Flying Group V
Citation II Omega Air V
EV-97 Eurostar FlyCB Ltd S
EV-97 Eurostar Malcolm Titmus S
Extra 300 Ultimate High S
Extra 300 X4 Royal Jordanian Falcons F
Extra 400 Bruno Stocker S
Falcon 20 FR Aviation S
Falcon 20 x2 FR Aviation F
Firefly DEFRS / Babcock S
Firefly x2 DEFRS / Babcock F
Grumman AA-5 Tiger Neville Duke V
Gulfstream 450 Gulfstream SP
Hawk mk 128 BAE Systems S
Hunter T7 NWMAS S
Hurricane I Peter Vacher S
Jet Provost T3A Newcastle Jet Provost Group S
Jet Provost T5A Eastern Airways S
KDC-10 Globa AirTanker Services RGE F
King Air 350 NAC Aviation S
Learjet 60 Daimler Chrysler Aviation V
M311 Aernacchi / Finmeccanica S
M346 Aernacchi / Finmeccanica F
MD902 Explorer Wiltshire Police Air Support Unit SP
MiG-290VT MiG F
P-51D Mustang The Fighter Collection F
P-51D Mustang Scandinavian Historic Flight ACC Heritage Flight S
PA-28 Cherokee BDFA S
PA-28 Dakota Polly Vacher S
PA-28 Warrior Tim McKay V
PC-12 Pilatus SP
PC-21 Pilatus F
PC-21 x2 Pilatus S
Robinson R44 East Midlands Helicopters V
S-76C The Queens Helicopters V
Saab 2000 Eastern Airways V
Scout AH1 BN Group Ltd V
Spitfire XIX Rolls Royce F
Stearman x2 Utterly Butterly F
Strikemaster x2 NWMAS S
TB-20 Trinidad Graham Potts V

Commercial Visitor
AS355 Twin Squirrel Lewis Communications                       V
ATR-42 Danish Air Transport V
Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicentre V
C526 Citationjet Simon Fawcett V
Cessna 172 Koen Vermeir V
DC-3 Dakota x2 Air Atlantique V
Dornia 328 Sky Works AG V
EMB110 Bandeirante Skydrift V
Fokker 50 KLM Cityhopper V
Jet Ranger Techanimation Ltd V
PA-31 Navajo Air Cymru V
PA-31 Navajo Peter Bentley V
Saab 340 Dauair AG V
Saab 340 Danish Air Transport V
TB-20 Peter Keeling V
Twin Pioneer Air Atlantique V
Twin Squirrel LNT Aviation V

Day Visitor
B206 JetRanger         East Midlands Helicopter                V
Cessna 172 Marshalls of Cambridge V
Cessna 172 XP Brian Evans V
Citation II Marshalls of Cambridge V
PA-28 Cherokee Graham Tribe V
PA-28 Warrior Nick Breach V
PA-28 Warrior x2 BAE Systems Flying Club V
PA-32 Aztec Marshalls of Cambridge V
Partenavia P68B BCFT V
Robinson R44 Alan Smith V

Devon C1 Air Atlantique         



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