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Invited Countries

Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo

Below you will find a list of all countries that have been invited to send aircraft to RIAT 2012.

An amber light will appear when we enter into further discussions about participation. When we receive written confirmation from a country's air arm or civilian operator a green light will appear. When the lights flash it means that there is additional information or another confirmation from that country. Countries that have declined their invitation will be listed below under a red button. For further information click here

For the list of confirmed participating aircraft click here and for more information about these individual aircraft click here

The latest update on our discussions with countries and their air arms concerning aircraft participation is below. For previous updates please click here.

Latest Update - 3/7/12

  • NEWS: Due to unavoidable circumstances it is with great regret that the Saudi Hawk display team will be unable to perform this year at Fairford; they have conducted successful displays at Yeovilton and Waddington over the last two weekends.


Previous Updates


  • NEWS: Further to our earlier announcement regarding early RIAT 2012 arrivals, there have been a number of developments and we are currently anticipating the Colombian Air Force C-130H Hercules as our sole early arrival.


  • NEWS: Breitling have now contacted the Air Tattoo to confirm that the Super Constellation 'Connie' will no longer be performing a flypast at RIAT 2012. This is due to a damaged engine that now has to be replaced. The Super Constellation is not expected to start flying again until August 2012. More information is given here. Note, however, that the Breitling Jet Team will still make an appearance in the flying display on both Saturday and Sunday.


  • NEWS: The response to our invitations to the world's air arms to send aircraft to RIAT 2012 has been fantastic. There are still a number of countries from who we haven't heard and a number of countries have had to regrettably decline our 2012 invitation. We are still in discussion with a small number of operators regarding possible attendance at RIAT 2012 and we will update as soon as we have any further information.


  • NEWS: Following the disappointing news that the USAF B-52 will be unable to participate in the RAF Waddington Airshow in the week preceding RIAT, there was speculation that the aircraft might also not be appearing at the Air Tattoo. We are pleased to report that the aircraft will be on static display at display at the Air Tattoo.
  • NEWS: At this late stage we are still expecting to confirm at least one 'very special' aircraft, which should be announced shortly.


  • NEWS: Following the recent cancellation of the C-130 Hercules from the Royal Danish Air Force we are have continued our discussions with them and can confirm they are now able to attend. Excellent news!


  • NEWS: This week, the Air Ops department took a call from the French Navy who informed us that regrettably they could no longer send a Super Etendard to participate in the flying display. Rather than cancel altogether, we offered the French Navy the opportunity to display the aircraft in our static park instead - an offer which they accepted.


  • NEWS: The Air Tattoo is very grateful to Breitling for supporting the Air Tattoo's Diamond Jubilee celebrations with so many of its iconic aircraft - both in the air and on the ground. Please note, however, that the Super Constellation and Jet Team taking part in the special Diamond Jubilee flypast will not be taking off or landing at RAF Fairford.
  • NEWS: This summer, four MV-22 Osprey will be operating in the UK, supporting activities at both Farnborough and the Air Tattoo. Whilst the Air Tattoo is scheduled to have two of the aircraft on display - one flying and one static - it is hoped that FRIAT members will have the opportunity to see all four models - though not all at the same time - as they transit in and out of RAF Fairford during the build up to RIAT.


  • The Air Tattoo is in discussions with the USAF Air Combat Command 55th Wing and USAF Air Force Reserve Command 514th Air Mobility Wing with a view to sending aircraft to July's airshow. Talks are at an early stage.
  • NEWS: The 'longest day', which takes place on June 15, is the term used by RIAT organisers to describe the complex task of planning aircraft arrivals/departure times and scheduling flying display rehearsals to meet operator requirements. In addition, a great deal of time and effort is expended to ensure that the optimum parking solution is achieved.
  • NEWS: Following on from the engine trouble suffered by Vulcan XH558 on May 28, we have been in close contact with the Vulcan To The Sky Trust which is working hard to replace the damaged engines. The Trust remains positive that the aircraft will fly at this summer's Air Tattoo.


  • News: On Tuesday, May 29, the Air Tattoo will stage its media launch at RAF Fairford. Joining us for the event will be the RAF's solo Hawk display pilot Flt Lt Phil Bird and two RAF Hawks from RAF Valley;. Flt Lt Bird will be flying in the Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood to help launch the event (it was Blue Peter that ran the competition to choose the Diamond Jubilee logo). Also flying in will be RAF Tucano display pilot Flt Lt Jon Bond; an MC-130 Hercules from RAF Mildenhall; Classic Flight's T55 Vampire and an historic Chipmunk with 'Royal' connections. Dropping in (weather-permitting) with a special Diamond Jubilee flag, will be the RAF Falcons parachute display team.
  • NEWS: For a variety of operational reasons, beyond our control, a number of US Air Force, US Marine and US Navy assets will be arriving prior to the Air Tattoo taking over the airfield on Wednesday, July 4. The Colombian Air Force aircraft will also be arriving early.
  • News: Please note that all the Brize Norton based RAF aircraft taking part in the proposed flypast by the RAF's current and future heavyweight airlift fleet, will not land at RAF Fairford. However, Airbus Military's A400M will be on the ground along with a second VC-10 in the static park.


  • NEWS: On Saturday (May 19) a special Tri-Service flypast will take place over Windsor Castle in honour of the HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. We are working with the Royal Air Force to secure the mass 'Hawk' configuration from this weekend's flypast for the Air Tattoo.
  • NEWS: Please note the following change to the flying display programme: the French Army TBM700 will now be on static display and not in the flying display as previously stated.


  • USAFE: The Air Tattoo is currently talking to the USAFE at RAF Lakenheath with a view to them sending two F-15Es for static display. No decision has been taken and much will depend on the aircraft's operational commitments in July.
  • NEWS: With the eight-hour flying display programme already crammed full of exciting aircraft the amount of space still available is fast diminishing. However, planners in the Air Ops department believe there is one more fast jet to be added to the line-up with an announcement anticipated shortly.


  • French Navy: Talks with the French Navy concerning the participation of some of their assets at Fairford in July are encouraging and we hope to be in a position to make an announcement shortly.
  • Breitling: Talks with Breitling concerning the participation of some of their aircraft at this summer's airshow are at an advanced - and potentially exciting - stage. Breitling are great supporters of the Air Tattoo, provided aircraft and sponsorship for a number of years.


  • Belgium: There is an update to last week's announcement of the Belgian Air Component's participation at this summer's Air Tattoo. Three F-16AM Fighting Falcons and three A109s will be sent, one each for static display, one each for the flying display and one spare each. This is in addition to the C-130 which we have already announced for the static park.
  • Enthusiasts take note: Whilst the last 'act' in Sunday's flying programme might signal the end of what promises to be a memorable line-up of display aircraft at this summer's Air Tattoo, there'll be more to see! Two Royal Saudi Air Force C-130 Hercules are scheduled to arrive at RAF Fairford after the flying display has ended. Arriving to collect the Saudi Hawks' support equipment, the Hercules pair will depart for Rennes, France, the following day.


  • Norway: 338 Sqn from the Royal Norwegian Air Force, has indicated that they would like to participate in this summer's Air Tattoo with two F-16 MLUs for static display. Pre-show documentation has been despatched to 338 Sqn, however, we now await formal authorisation.
  • Denmark: Though we await final confirmation, we anticipate a Bombardier Challenger 604 VIP jet from the Danish Air Force will be on static display this summer - additionally it is hoped that the Challenger will be accompanied by a C-130J Hercules, also for the static park.
  • Hungary: We are in advanced discussions with the Hungarian Air Force concerning the participation of a SAAB JAS-39C/D Gripen for the static park. An Antonov An-26 has already been confirmed for static display though talks are continuing with a view to participation in the flying programme. Once we know more, we shall let you know.


  • Royal Navy: We have had very positive talks with the Royal Navy, whose ambition it is to send a Merlin HAS for static display and a Sea Fury T20 and Swordfish, from the Royal Navy Historic Flight, for the Air Tattoo's flying display. We hope to be able to confirm their participation shortly.
  • NEWS: Regretfully, we have received notification from the Royal Netherlands Air Force that the Gulfstream GIV will not be participating in the Royal International Air Tattoo.


  • Saab: Saab has been in contact with the Air Tattoo with a view to sending a Saab 2000 and a Saab Gripen for static display. Discussions are ongoing.


  • Netherlands: Whilst we have written confirmation that two Dutch F-16s will be sent for static display, we are awaiting final confirmation that the Dutch F-16 solo display team will also be joining us from Volkel Air Force Base. We look forward to announcing this exciting addition to the flying display shortly.
  • BADA: Today (Thursday, March 29) the Air Tattoo is pleased to be hosting the annual meeting of the British Air Display Association (BADA), which brings together leading figures from the UK airshow world. The association aims to promote safety and excellence at airshows and air displays around the UK.


  • Norwegian Air Force: Last week the Air Tattoo received a letter from the Royal Norwegian Air Force confirming that it planned to send a C-130J to this summer's Air Tattoo. In his letter confirming participation, the senior Royal Norwegian Air Force officer said: "I hope this will be appreciated by your enthusiasts and supporters." However, a few days after the letter was sent we learned the tragic news that the air force lost one of its C-130J aircraft and crew in a training accident. Naturally, our thoughts are with the Norwegians, and in particular 335 Squadron. Whilst we do hope the Royal Norwegian Air Force will feel able to support the airshow we have decided to withhold confirmation of its participation at this point out of respect.


  • USAF: The 48th Fighter Wing of the US Air Force, based at RAF Lakenheath, has written indicating that it hopes to be able to support this summer's Air Tattoo with both HH-60s and F-15s. The letter goes on to state: "Our support will be contingent on the 48th Fighter Wing's operational needs in order to support our current real world commitments".
  • UAE: Though not yet confirmed, we anticipate that the United Arab Emirates' Al Fursan team, which will be making its European debut at RIAT in July, will be supported by a C-17.
  • NEWS: Regretfully, we have received notification from the Commander of the Latvian Air Force that "due to some unforeseen circumstances the Latvian Air Force won't be able to participate in the Royal International Air Tattoo." They had been due to send a Mi-17 helicopter.


  • Oman: The Air Tattoo received a very supportive and generous letter recently from the Commander of the Royal Air Force of Oman stating that not only did he hope to attend the airshow this summer but that it was his intention that either one of his air force's new A320s or one of its "venerable" C130H aircraft would participate. We are looking forward to receiving confirmation in due course.
  • UK: A constructive and positive meeting was held recently with the UK's Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) with regards the participation of its assets at the Air Tattoo in July. Though still to be confirmed, the ambition would be to see a Chinook for the flying display - a display that never fails to delight the crowds - plus a Chinook, Puma and Merlin for the static park.


  • Army Air Corps: Talks are at an advanced stage with the Army Air Corps to bring two Apaches and a Lynx to the Air Tattoo for the flying display. At last week's European Airshow Council convention in Brussels, the Air Tattoo delegation caught up with George Bacon, of the AAC, who said he felt it was looking very positive to field the three aircraft in a potential 'role demo' theme to re-inforce our current operational activities. He said: "We have stopped short of resurrecting the Blue Eagles as a full display team but that remains an option for 2013." He also said there was an 'outside chance' that the AAC could also send a Wildcat, the replacement for the Lynx, for static display. George said: "We've discussed crew and flying hours to make a display possible, subject, of course, to any operational commitments. Despite the various cutbacks that stemmed from the Government's Strategic Defence and Security Review, I'm delighted that the Army Air Corps remains in full recruiting posture which is why we are keen to maintain a UK display presence."
  • Norwegian Air Force: At the European Airshow Council convention in Brussels last week, a representative of the Norwegian Air Force said he was optimistic that a C-130J from his country would be joining the static line-up at Fairford this summer.
  • South Korea: Though we have 'ambered' the country before, we feel justified in 're-ambering' South Korea, following a second visit to Fairford yesterday (February 29), by a delegation representing the Republic of Korea Air Force. Engineers, Korean industry representatives, a pilot from The Black Eagles Aerobatic Display Team and attaches from the Republic of Korea Embassy met with a team for the Air Tattoo to discuss a wide variety of issues relating to the very exciting prospect of this Asian team appearing at Fairford in July - an event that would mark their first ever appearance in the West. The feedback from the meeting was that it was very constructive and that no major hurdles were identified. Discussions remain ongoing.


  • A400M: The Air Tattoo is working with the Royal Air Force, DE&S, EADS and Airbus Military to secure an A400M for this summer's airshow. Though planning is still at an early stage, it is likely that the RAF's next-generation airlifter will make an appearance at Fairford in July as part of the airshow's Skylift 2012 theme.
  • News: Last week, two teams from the Air Tattoo visited senior military representatives at the US, Dutch, Canadian, Danish and United Arab Emirates' embassies. Feedback from all was very positive and it is very likely that in addition to the aircraft already on the cards from some of these countries, there will undoubtedly be more aircraft to follow. Despite the financial hardships being felt within all of the world's air forces, the Air Tattoo is rated highly by everyone and, importantly, is used as a valuable meeting place for them - at all levels.
  • News: A team representing the Air Tattoo will be attending the European Airshow Council convention in Brussels this week. Roger Beazley, from our Flying Control Committee, will be presenting on Regulation v Supervision: an Opinion on Balance. Roger has a long flying career as well as holding the appointments of head of experimental flying at Farnborough and director of research and development flying in the UK Ministry of Defence. The EAC convention, which is attended by 150+ delegates representing more than 25 nations is a valuable opportunity for those involved in the European airshow industry to discuss relevant/pressing topics and to build relationships.
  • News: As well as representing the Air Tattoo at the EAC, the team will also be flying the flag for the Scottish National Airshow at East Fortune and the RAF Cosford Air Show, both of which are being organised with support and assistance from RAFCTE and its Air Tattoo Event Services Department.


  • US Navy - P3C: We are in advanced communication with Patrol Squadron 30 (VP-30) Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida with a view to it sending a P3C 'Orion' Maritime Patrol aircraft. VP-30 is the training unit for Orion crews and traditionally a loyal supporter of the Air Tattoo


  • Fouga Magister (EADS): Communications are underway to secure EADS' Fouga Magister for this summer's air display. EADS is not only one of the Air Tattoo's major sponsors but it is a generous supporter of the air display. In 2010, it sent its Bf-109 Messerschmitt as part of commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The Fouga Magister is operated by APPAF based in Le Havre and, if confirmed, it would join the Vulcan in celebrating the aircraft type's 60th anniversary this year.


  • Following on from last week's confirmation that the Italian Air Force plans to send a KC-767 TT for static display comes news that our friends at Aeronautica Militare Italiana plan to send an asset for the flying display from their Flight Test Wing. Exactly which aircraft they plan to send is currently unknown though in the past this wing has sent us aircraft such as the AMX, the C-27 Spartan and a Tornado.
  • The Air Tattoo is communicating with the Swiss Air Force with a view to securing the Patrouille Suisse aerobatic display team for July's airshow.


  • South Korea: It was a great honour for the Air Tattoo team to receive a visit last week from a delegation representing the Republic of Korea Air Force. South Korea's London-based Defence Attaché and Air Attaché were in Fairford to discuss the possibility of their military display team -The Black Eagles - performing at this summer's airshow. The eight-ship display team, which fly distinctive T-50 Golden Eagle aircraft, rarely venture outside of Korea and their appearance at the Air Tattoo in July would rank alongside some of the greatest coups achieved by the airshow during its 41-year history. Among the items under discussion last week was the logistics of transporting nine T-50s (eight plus one spare) from their base at 8th Fighter Wing, Wonju to the UK. All agreed the talks were very constructive and have helped bring The Black Eagles' participation a step closer. Quite understandably given the high level of planning involved in such a significant visit, there are still a number of issues that will have to be resolved. However, all parties are keen to see the Republic of Korea Air Force at Fairford and every effort is being made to achieve this.
  • Vulcan XH558: The Air Tattoo has been in discussions with the Vulcan to the Sky Trust with the aim of securing XH558 for this summer's airshow. Whilst the full details have not been finalised it is hoped the legendary warbird, the only flying Vulcan in the world, will be confirmed for the flying display shortly.
  • Air Tattoo Chief Executive Tim Prince will be at the Indian Embassy tonight (Thursday), as a guest of the High Commissioner, to mark Republic Day of India. The day is one of three public holidays in India and commemorates the date on which the Constitution of India came into force. Although India gained its independence on August 15, 1947 it wasn't until January 26, 1950 that India replaced its colonial-based laws with a permanent constitution. The Air Tattoo considers it a great honour to be invited to attend such an occasion and to build on the already excellent relationship it enjoys with India.
  • RUAG Aviation: A small team from the Air Tattoo, including former test pilot and volunteer member of the airshow's Flying Control Committee Roger Beazley, are in Switzerland today (Thursday, January 26) for talks with Pilatus and RUAG Aviation. RUAG hopes to feature its multi-mission turbo-prop twin-engined Dornier 228 NG (New Generation) in one of the Air Tattoo's aircraft showcases in July. The versatile NG is the latest variant of the Do-228, and can perform special mission, commuter and cargo transportation roles.
  • The Air Tattoo and the Royal Air Force are currently working together with the aim of featuring at least one element of the official 'Queen's Diamond Jubilee' aerial tribute taking place in June, at Fairford the following month.


  • In accepting his invitation to the forthcoming Global Air Chiefs' Conference, which the Air Tattoo helps organise, the Commander of the Belgian Air Component said he hoped for "a maximum participation of Belgian Air Force aircraft, to include the Red Devils". Whilst we do not take this as official confirmation of Belgian participation, it is encouraging news. Let's hope their participation will also include an F-16 Solo Display. If so, it will feature new display pilot Capt Renauld Thys from 350 Sqn (Florennes). Renauld will be succeeding Michel 'Mitch' Beulen, F-16 display pilot for the past three years and winner of the Air Tattoo's Lockheed Martin Cannestra Trophy in 2010. According to Serge Van Heertum on, Renauld joined the air force in 2004 and joined 350 Sqn two years later. He has flown on operations in Libya and Afghanistan and has clocked up 1,800 flying hours, 1,200 of them in the F-16.
  • Though they were only able to display on the Sunday of the airshow last summer due to inclement weather, the Saudi Hawks won the hearts of the public with their spirited and professional performance in the air and their friendly demeanour on the ground. As ambassadors for the Kingdom, they were impeccable. So it was with delight that we heard recently from our man in Tabuk, albeit informally, that the Saudi Hawks have an ambition to be in the UK this summer. Though it is very early days, the thought of a return visit by this exotic Middle Eastern team is tantalising and would be hugely welcome.
  • In response to our invitation to attend the Air Tattoo, a senior US Navy representative in Washington has sent a very positive response in which he states: "High-quality, prestigious events like the Royal International Air Tattoo are vitally important and invariably inspire a positive view of air power across a wide audience. Moreover, such events are instrumental in sustaining and advancing the spirit of friendship and co-operation between our armed forces." He ended by stating "I have asked [name], US Naval Forces Europe to consider . . . sending aircraft to attend." To hear such a glowing endorsement of the Air Tattoo from such a senior US Navy figure certainly gave the team at DBH a great boost when it dropped through the letter box.


  • We have received a letter from the Royal Moroccan Air Force stating that the 'necessary steps are being taken "to consider and possibly schedule contributions...for the participation of some RMAF aircraft... in the flying or static display programme." The letter ended by stating: "Our confirmation notice will reach you in due course." Very promising news, we hope you'll agree. As soon as we hear more we shall let you know.
  • The Air Tattoo's Air Operations Department received a call from Abu Dhabi recently stating that the United Arab Emirates might be interested in participating in RIAT 2012 but required further information. This is being supplied. There has been no discussions concerning specific aircraft at this point and whilst it is still early days it nevertheless represents a positive step forward. Were they to attend, it would be the first time in two decades!


  • It will be a case of 'welcome home' for the RAF's solo Hawk display pilot for 2012 if his participation at RIAT 2012 is confirmed next year. Pilot Flt Lt Phil Bird was brought up in Fairford. It will also be the final year for the Hawk T1 display as the T2 will hopefully take up the baton in 2013.
  • We were delighted when our title sponsor BAE Systems generously stepped in last summer with a flying display by one of its developmental Typhoon aircraft. The military fast jet should once again demonstrate its agility and power at RAF Fairford this summer as the Royal Air Force has said that, all things being equal, it is planning to send a Typhoon to RIAT.
  • Despite the sobering announcement recently by the US Air Force's Air Combat Command (ACC) that it was only planning to only send F-22 and Thunderbirds to US airshows in 2012 we remain hopeful that we might still expect flypasts, demos, statics and displays by other US Air Force commands. We also hope the announcement does not preclude the participation of static ACC aircraft. A meeting is being arranged shortly with both the US and Canadian defence attaches in London to discuss further their participation in July.
  • The keen-eyed among you will have noticed that the list of invited countries below omitted Slovakia. The Slovaks have been invited; it was simply an error on our part. Indeed, the observation was highlighted to us by 'a friend' in Slovakia who suggested the country has shown an interest in participating in RIAT 2012. We are in the process of finding out more.
  • Following hot on the heels of the Polish Navy confirming their participation in RIAT 2012 (with an Mi-14 and An-28), we have received a letter from the Polish Air Force confirming that it too plans to join us in July. The letter states: "However, it is not possible yet to indicate the exact composition of the POLAF [representation in either] the static or flying display." We have been told a final decision about their participation will be made in March.


  • A team from RIAT were invited to the Swedish Embassy recently for a meeting with their Defence Attaché followed by a reception at the New Zealand High Commission in honour of their outgoing Defence Attaché and welcoming his replacement. The possibility of a Gripen participating at RIAT 2012 was raised but we shall have to wait until the spring before further news is expected.
  • The Red Arrows have rarely missed an Air Tattoo over its 40 years and although not yet confirmed, they are already talking to us about their requirements for 2012. The provisional plan is for them to be rehearsing on the Friday, followed by displays on Saturday and Sunday, towards the end of the flying programme.
  • In their letter confirming participation in next summer's Air Tattoo, the Brazilian Air Force stated "the Brazilian point of contact for the deployment of a C-130 (or 2) to RIAT 2012 is . . .". So, we'll have to wait to see if they'll send two aircraft . . . or Juan!
  • With the Christmas season upon us, RIAT staff will be away until the New Year, so expect the next update to be January 5, 2012. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at the Air Tattoo.


  • French TBM-700s confirmed: one flying, one static. The display pilot Adj Lilian Garufi has displayed five times at RIAT. The aircraft are attending as part of the Skylift theme. Aircraft provide VIP transport across Europe. Coming from Rennes / San Jacques Sqn - School of Army Aviation based in Brittany (escadrille Avions de I'ALAT).
  • Latvia has confirmed it will be sending an Mi-17/Mi-8 for static display. In 2003, when the aircraft last appeared at the Air Tattoo, it scooped the EADS Trophy for the best rotary wing aircraft. It will come from 1 Aviacijas Eskadrila based at Lielvarde in central Latvia. As they sent aircraft 101 in 2003, we'll be requesting they send 102, 103 or 104 this time but obviously we can't make any promises.
  • Brazilian C-130 Hercules confirmed. Unspecified squadron.
  • The Polish Navy's decision to send a rarely-seen Mi-14 'Haze' to the Air Tattoo in 2012 is a big coup for the airshow and its arrival will be eagerly anticipated by aircraft enthusiasts. Whilst the Polish Navy operates two versions of the Mi-14 ('Haze' is its NATO reporting name), the PL (search and rescue) and the PS (anti-submarine), it is anticipated they'll be sending the former variant though this is yet to be confirmed. Whilst the Polish Navy does have five Mi-14PS versions, two were destroyed in accidents and the surviving three were all said to be in storage at Darlowo. The An-28 is the Polish PZL-built version.
  • Vampire T11: In November, a member of the public bid £9,000 for BBC Children in Need to fly into RIAT 2012 on board a Vampire T11. We are currently talking to Classic Flight to finalise the details of the T11's participation along with other aircraft operated by the Coventry-based team.
  • Vulcan XH-558: As RIAT and Vulcan XH558 will be sharing a common theme in 2012 - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations - it is therefore our ambition to feature the aircraft in the flying display come July.
  • Malta: in November, RIAT was contacted by the Maltese Defence Force stating they were keen to participate in RIAT 2012. Whilst we have been told there is permission in principle for the Maltese to attend, we have yet to be approached formally.
  • Italian Air Force: we have been approached by an IAF training unit which has indicated it would like to bring a number of aircraft to RIAT 2012. They are now seeking approval from their bosses. Our fingers' are crossed!
  • Finnish Army Aviation: we have received second hand, information that a declaration of interest has been expressed by the Finnish Army Aviation to attend. We are in the process of following this up.

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