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Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo

Airbus Military A400M

After a lengthy gestation period, the first prototype A400M took to the air on 11 December 2009, heralding the start of a flight test programme that has now progressed to the... More »

Algerian Air Force C-130H Hercules

Lockheed Martin sold eighteen C-130 Hercules aircraft to Algeria between 1981 and 1990. The fleet comprises of a mix of C-130H and C-130H-30 'stretched' models, the latter of which is extended... More »

Army Air Corps Apache

For well over a decade, the spearhead of Army Air Corps striking power has been the Apache AH1, built for British service by what is now AgustaWestland at Yeovil. This mighty... More »

Army Air Corps Defender

The Britten-Norman company created its BN-2 Islander utility aircraft in the early 1960s, flying it for the first time in 1965. It has since proved a true British success story on... More »

Army Air Corps Gazelle

A faithful servant of the British military since the early 1970s, the Gazelle, developed by Westland and Aérospatiale as part of the joint effort that also led to the Lynx and... More »

Army Air Corps Lynx AH7

Nearing the end of its service life as the new Wildcat arrives, the Lynx AH7 is a true workhorse of the Army Air Corps. Although now largely replaced by the Apache... More »

Austrian Air Force Saab 105

The Saab 105 jet trainer attracted just one customer outside its home nation - the Austrian Air Force. It ordered 40 examples of a variant designated as the 105Öe (Ö for... More »

Beech G18S

A beautiful vintage machine in the RIAT 2014 static park will be Carlo Ferrari's Beech G18S. The classic Beech 18 dates from 1937, when the prototype first flew, and achieved great... More »

Beech King Air B200/GT

The King Air B200 entered service with the RAF in 2004, replacing the venerable Jetstream T.1 in its role training multi-engine pilots. It is operated by 45 (Reserve) Squadron from RAF... More »

Beechcraft King Air 350

Developed as a successor to the King Air 200 multi-purpose twin-turboprop, the King Air 300 series was significantly re-designed with a lengthened fuselage and more powerful engines amongst other alterations. A... More »

Beechcraft T-6 Texan II

The T-6 Texan II turboprop trainer came about on the basis of the Swiss-made Pilatus PC-9, offered by Beechcraft to meet the US Air Force and US Navy's JPATS (Joint Primary... More »

Belgian Air Component C-130H Hercules

The Belgian Air Component ordered twelve C-130H Hercules as a replacement for the Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar in 1970 and two years later the first aircraft was delivered to 20 Smaldeel... More »

Belgian Air Component F-16

Fast jet fans will enjoy a demonstration of the capability and versatility of the multi-role F-16 Fighting Falcon when it performs in the Air Tattoo flying display in July. The aircraft comes... More »

Boeing Stearman A75N1

The famous Boeing Stearman Model 75 biplane trainers played a notable part in World War Two, training many thousands of Allied aviators in the USA and Canada. Post-war the type became... More »

Breitling Jet Team

The world's largest professional civilian display team of jet aircraft, the Breitling Jet Team flies seven Aero L-39C Albatros trainers, built by Aero Vodochody in what was Czechoslovakia, now the Czech... More »

Breitling Wingwalkers

Four Boeing Stearman biplanes, otherwise known as the Model 75 or Kaydet, provide the mounts for the Breitling Wingwalkers. Designed in the 1930s, this distinctive aircraft became one of the most... More »

de Havilland Canada Chipmunk

Countless RAF trainee pilots - and, indeed, those of many other air arms - were instructed on de Havilland Canada's wonderful Chipmunk, without doubt among the greatest of all primary trainers.... More »

Estonian Air Force Antonov An-2

The Antonov An-2, NATO reporting name 'Colt', is renowned as the largest single-engined biplane in the world. More than 18,000 examples have been built, and even though the first prototype took... More »

Estonian Air Force L-39C Albatros

Produced by the Aero Vodochody company in what was Czechoslovakia, the L-39 Albatros jet trainer was built to the tune of over 2,800 examples, the first of them flying in 1968.... More »

Evektor EV97 Eurostar

One of the new breed of ultralight aircraft that offer looks, quality and performance comparable with many pricier machines, the two-seat teamEurostar was developed by Czech firm Evektor. It is powered... More »

Extra E400

One of the most distinctive shapes in the sky is the Extra EA400 six-seat touring aircraft, developed by Walter Extra GmbH of Dinslaken, Germany, a firm better-known for its unlimited competition... More »

FAAM BAe 146

In August 1942 the UK Met Office established a High Altitude Flight to conduct airborne research which would aid understanding of weather and climactic patterns. Several aircraft types have served in... More »

French Air Force Patrouille de France

France's national aerobatic team, the Patrouille de France, displays a formation of eight Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet E trainers. Based at Salon de Provence, the team celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013.... More »

Gazelle Squadron

The Westland Gazelle light helicopter served the British armed forces in a wide range of roles, and continues to see limited use with the Army Air Corps and QinetiQ. The Royal... More »

German Air Force A310 MRTT

The twin-jet A310, the second aircraft type produced by Airbus Industrie, represented the manufacturer's entry into the military tanker/transport market. The MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker-Transport) incorporates additional fuel tankage in order to... More »

German Air Force Tornado

Even with the Eurofighter's arrival, the Panavia Tornado remains very much key to the Luftwaffe's front-line capabilities. Just two wings still fly the type, these having been re-organised recently as Taktischen... More »

German Air Force C-160D Transall

Now very much a veteran of the Luftwaffe, the twin-turboprop C-160D Transall (its name a contraction of the name of the Franco-German consortium that produced it, Transport Allianz) soldiers on as... More »

German Air Force EF2000 Typhoon

Germany operates the second largest number of Eurofighters after the UK. It still refers to the type simply as the Eurofighter, or EF2000, rather than the Typhoon. Three of the recently-formed... More »

German Army Bolkow 105

The Bo 105 helicopter has been around since the 1970s and has served with many different operators around the world. Its twin-engine, light-weight design makes it a very flexible aircraft and... More »

German Army EC135

The EC135, formerly a Eurocopter project but now produced under the auspices of Airbus Helicopters following a re-organisation of what was the EADS conglomerate, has proved highly successful. This twin-engined machine... More »

German Navy Dornier 228

It was perhaps unsurprising that the German-built Dornier 228 twin-turboprop utility aircraft soon found a use with the country's armed forces. It was the German Navy that purchased a small fleet of 228-212LM variants... More »

German Navy P-3C Orion

The Lockheed P-3 Orion first flew in 1959, and is itself a derivative of the commercial L188 Electra that took to the air two years earlier, yet upgrades have ensured that... More »

German Navy Sea King

The German Navy received its first Sea King Mk41 from manufacturer Westland in 1975. It uses the helicopter primarily for search and rescue duties, and for this purpose operating unit Marinefliegergeschwader... More »

German Navy Sea Lynx

The Sea Lynx Mk88 was ordered by the German Navy for service aboard its frigates, operating in the anti-submarine role. An original 19 examples were ordered, deliveries commencing in 1981. They... More »

Gnat T1

'Teddy' Petter, designer while at English Electric of the Canberra and the Lightning, penned the diminutive Gnat during his time with Folland Aircraft, later part of Hawker Siddeley. It was a... More »

Grob G120TP

The German manufacturer Grob, famed for its training aircraft, gliders and motorgliders of composite construction, has entered the basic turboprop trainer market with its G120TP, first flown in 2010 as a... More »

Hellenic Air Force A-7E/TA-7C Corsair II

The Hellenic Air Force is now the world's only remaining operator of the LTV A-7 Corsair II, a rugged attack aircraft that came to prominence through its outstanding combat record with... More »

Hungarian Air Force Antonov An-26

The Antonov An-26 is now a comparatively rare sight in European skies, many of the former Warsaw Pact air arms having retired the type - known under the NATO codename system... More »

Hungarian Air Force JAS 39D Gripen

Hungary became an operator of the highly successful Saab JAS 39 Gripen in 2006, when it took on charge the first of 14 examples. Currently operated under a leasing arrangement with... More »

Hunter Mk58

Located on the shores of Lake Constance, the Museum of Flying at St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport is the only one of its kind in Europe, in that it not only flies many... More »

Hurricane I

Peter Vacher's Hurricane I, serial R4118, is a splendid example of the Hawker fighter. This 1940-vintage aircraft actually fought in the Battle of Britain, notching up 49 sorties with No 605... More »

Ikarus C42B

German company Comco Ikarus is responsible for the C42 family of high-winged, two-seat ultralights, which have achieved much success in their category both as trainers and among private owners. This aircraft... More »

Italian Air Force A-11

Italian manufacturers Aeritalia and Aermacchi, and Brazilian firm Embraer, teamed up to form the AMX International consortium that produced the AMX attack aircraft. It first flew in 1984 and entered service... More »

Italian Air Force A-200 Tornado

Now entering the twilight of its operational career, the Panavia Tornado is a variable-geometry ('swing-wing') strike aircraft, developed by a consortium involving British, German and Italian manufacturers. As with the type's... More »

Italian Air Force C-27J Spartan

Not surprisingly, given the fact of its being a product of Italian firm Alenia Aermacchi, the Italian Air Force was the first country to begin operating the twin-turboprop C-27J medium transport,... More »

Italian Air Force F-2000A Typhoon

The Eurofighter 2000 prototype first took to the air 20 years ago. Now known by most of its operators as the Typhoon, this formidable multi-role combat aircraft has since become very... More »

Italian Air Force Frecce Tricolori

Proclaimed as the world's largest military aerobatic team, the Frecce Tricolori can boast a display of 10 Aermacchi AT-339A (previously MB339 PAN) jet trainers. The team was formally established in 1961... More »

Japanese ASDF KC-767J

Japan became (after Italy) the second customer for the Boeing KC-767, the air-to-air refuelling tanker variant of the commercial 767 airliner. The first KC-767J for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, as... More »

Jet Provost T3

The 60th anniversary of the first flight of the Jet Provost - originally a Hunting product, later part of the British Aircraft Corporation stable - is marked in 2014. The Jet... More »

Jet Provost T5

Countless RAF pilots - and, indeed, navigators - learned their trade on the Jet Provost, retired from service two decades ago this year. 2014 also marks 60 years since the type's... More »

Lithuanian Air Force C-27J Spartan

Produced by Italian firm Alenia Aermacchi, the C-27J Spartan is a modern development of the earlier Aeritalia G222 twin-turboprop medium transport, featuring more advanced engines, avionics and systems. First flown in... More »

Midair Squadron Canberra PR9

The English Electric Canberra must go down as one of the most significant aircraft of all time. First flown in May 1949, it entered service with the RAF two years later,... More »

Midair Squadron Hunter T7

It took a little while to get right, but the Hunter, first flown in prototype form in 1951, became one of the outstanding jet fighters of its early Cold War generation.... More »

Patrouille Suisse

The Patrouille Suisse aerobatic team will be marking their 50th anniversary at this summer's Air Tattoo. The team made its Air Tattoo debut in 1979, flying Hawker Hunter F58s. In the mid-1990s,... More »

PBY-5A Catalina

The Catalina is a truly marvellous addition to the static display line up at RIAT 2014. An American flying boat originally produced by Consolidated Aircraft in the 1930s-1940s, it was used... More »

Piaggio R166C

The Piaggio P166 is an unusual-looking twin-engined light transport, with a distinctive gull-wing, 'pusher'-engine configuration. Both military and civil versions were produced, and the type continues to serve with various branches... More »

Polish Air Force C295

As part of the Polish Air Force's post-Cold War modernisation, a number of Western types have been acquired to replace their Warsaw Pact-era predecessors. The transport fleet has seen much renewal,... More »

Polish Air Force Orlik Aerobatic Team

Unusually, the Polish Air Force has two national aerobatic teams to its name - one flies the TS-11 Iskra jet trainer and is thus named as the Biało-Czerwone Iskry (Red and... More »

Polish Air Force Sukhoi Su-22

Today, the Polish Air Force is the sole European operator of the Su-22, given the NATO codename 'Fitter'. Very much a veteran of the Cold War, this variable-geometry attack aircraft dates... More »

Portugese Air Force C295 MPA

A dozen examples of the C295, now an Airbus Defence and Space product (previously part of the EADS CASA range), are in service with the Portuguese Air Force. While seven of... More »

QinetiQ A109E Power

Two examples of the versatile Agusta A109E Power (now AgustaWestland AW109E Power) twin-engined multi-purpose helicopter are operated by QinetiQ, which bought them from commercial sources. Both have been modified for use... More »

QinetiQ Alpha Jet

A dozen former German Air Force Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet A jet training and light attack aircraft were purchased by QinetiQ in the late 1990s as successors to Hawks that were required... More »

QinetiQ Avro RJ70

Retirement of the Empire Test Pilots' School's last Andover and BAC One-Eleven has seen another British airliner type joining the QinetiQ fleet - the Avro RJ, a development of the British... More »

QinetiQ Hawk

Celebrating its 40th anniversary at RIAT 2013, the Hawker Siddeley, then British Aerospace and now BAE Systems Hawk has proved an outstanding global success story. QinetiQ operates a number of Hawk... More »

Rans S6 Coyote II

A popular high-wing two-seat light aircraft available both in kit or completed form, the Rans S6 Coyote II first flew in 1988. The ES designation denotes extended-span wings. An example will... More »

Robinson R44

A regular visitor to the Air Tattoo is G-RAVN, a Robinson R44 light helicopter owned by Alan Smith. Alan is Chairman of the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprises and a Trustee... More »

Rockwell OV-10B Bronco

Among the most distinctive shapes in the RIAT 2014 static park will be the North American OV-10B Bronco, being provided by Tony de Bruyn and the Bronco Demo Team from Wevelgem,... More »

Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

The history of the RAF during the Second World War and the heroism of its personnel are reflected at countless events around the country every year by the aircraft of the... More »

Royal Air Force Bell Griffin HT1

Based on the twin-engined Bell 412EP, the Griffin HT1 was procured for use by the tri-service, contractor-operated Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury for advanced helicopter training and the RAF's... More »

Royal Air Force Chinook

The huge twin-rotor Boeing Chinook first flew in prototype form way back in 1961, but modernised versions are still being produced - there is little else that quite matches up! The... More »

Royal Air Force Grob Tutor

The Grob Tutor entered service with the Royal Air Force in 1999, replacing the Bulldog T.1. Used by the RAF for the teaching Elementary Flying Training it is an essential type... More »

Royal Air Force Hawk T.1

The RAF still operates many examples of the 'original' Hawk T1, not least through the type's use by No 100 Squadron at RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire. 'The Ton' is an historic... More »

Royal Air Force Hawk T.2

The Hawk T.2 recently replaced the Hawk T.1 in service with the Royal Air Force Advanced Fast Jet Training unit, now 4(R) Squadron at RAF Valley. The aircraft has revolutionised the... More »

Royal Air Force Merlin

One of the newer additions to Joint Helicopter Command, having entered service in 2003, the Merlin - as the UK military calls its versions of what was the EH Industries EH101,... More »

Royal Air Force Puma

The Puma has provided outstanding service to the RAF. It first came on strength in 1971, and has since seen use in the vast majority of operational theatres in which the... More »

Royal Air Force Red Arrows

There will be no bigger celebrations in the UK marking the Red Arrows' 50th display season than at this summer's Air Tattoo. As well as enjoying the team's traditionally flamboyant and pinpoint... More »

Royal Air Force Sea King HAR3

The Westland-built Sea King has been a mainstay of RAF search and rescue operations for many years, and the sole type used for this role since the Wessex was phased out... More »

Royal Air Force Squirrel HT1

The Squirrel - once an Aérospatiale product, subsequently a Eurocopter one, and now part of the new Airbus Helicopters family - was chosen by the UK Ministry of Defence to provide... More »

Royal Air Force Tornado GR.4

For so long the mainstay of the RAF's strike force, the Tornado GR4 is now in its twilight years. An example will be sent for static display at RIAT by No... More »

Royal Air Force Tucano T1

The versatility of one of the RAF's training aircraft will be demonstrated at RIAT 2014 in July. The Tucano T1 is operated primarily from No 1 Flying Training School at RAF... More »

Royal Air Force Typhoon

The power and agility of the RAF's Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 will be demonstrated at RIAT 2014 by Flt Lt Noel Rees from No 29 (Reserve) Squadron, the Typhoon Operational Conversion Unit,... More »

Royal Air Force Typhoon (6 Squadron)

The presence of 6 Squadron at RIAT 2014 is particularly welcome this year, given the various anniversaries being celebrated at the show. Having formed on 31 January 1914 as part of... More »

Royal Air Force Typhoon (29(R) Squadron)

For an RAF student pilot wishing to fly the Eurofighter Typhoon, receiving a posting to 29 (Reserve) Squadron would be very welcome news. The unit takes successful trainees who have graduated... More »

Royal Air Force of Oman C-130H Hercules

The Royal Air Force of Oman currently has three C-130H Hercules in service, which were delivered between 1981 and 1983. Last year the air arm also took delivery of the first... More »

Royal Danish Air Force CL604 Challenger

The popular Bombardier (previously Canadair) Challenger business jet has attracted several military customers, among them the Royal Danish Air Force. It has three CL604 variants on the strength of Eskadrille 721... More »

Royal Danish Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon

The Royal Danish Air Force, one of the original European Participating Air Forces who chose the F-16 Fighting Falcon as a replacement for the F-104 Starfighter, will join RIAT 2014's celebration... More »

Royal Jordanian Air Force C-130H Hercules

One of the most familiar sights in the Air Tattoo static line is a C-130H Hercules from No 3 Squadron of the Royal Jordanian Air Force. Stationed at King Abdullah Air... More »

Royal Jordanian Falcons

This summer will see the return of the colourful and popular Royal Jordanian Falcons to the Air Tattoo. Formed in 1976, the four-ship team - now based at the Red Sea... More »

Royal Navy King Air 350ER 'Avenger'

The Avenger, based on the Beech King Air 350ER twin-turboprop, is the newest fixed-wing aircraft type to enter Royal Navy service. Four examples are operated by 750 Naval Air Squadron at... More »

Royal Navy Lynx

The Westland-built Lynx maritime helicopter, truly a multi-role machine, is approaching the end of its service with the Royal Navy as the new Wildcat comes into use. It entered service in... More »

Royal Navy Merlin

The Royal Navy was the first of the UK's armed services to induct into service the multi-purpose Merlin helicopter, this being the British military designation of what was the EH Industries... More »

Royal Netherlands Air Force/Coastguard Dornier 228

The Dutch Coastguard flies two Dornier 228-212 twin-turboprops on various maritime duties - border patrol, environmental and fisheries protection, search and rescue, maritime traffic monitoring and so forth. They fall under... More »

Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H Hercules

The Royal Netherlands Air Force received its first 'stretched' C-130H-30 Hercules in 1994 and shortly after delivery the first airframe was sent to provide humanitarian aid support in Rwanda. Over the... More »

Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16AM Fighting Falcon

One of the original European customers for the F-16 in the 1970s, the Netherlands now operates a much smaller fleet of Fighting Falcons than was the case during the Cold War,... More »

Royal Norwegian Air Force C-130J Hercules

An example of the latest variant of the venerable C-130, the C-130J Super Hercules, will be on static display at RIAT 2014 courtesy of the Royal Norwegian Air Force. The C-130J... More »

Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16

Forming part of the Royal International Air Tattoo 2014's static line-up in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the F-16 Fighting Falcon will be two examples from the Royal Norwegian Air... More »

Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1

The Scottish Aviation Bulldog served as the Royal Air Force elementary training aircraft until the late-1990s. Its twin side-by-side seating provided an ideal environment for student pilots to be taught the... More »

Socata TB20 Trinidad

Socata, for some time part of the EADS conglomerate but now known as DAHER-Socata, has developed a long line of light single-engined touring and training aircraft in its TB series. In... More »

Spanish Air Force C295

Now an Airbus product, the C295 twin-turboprop transport was developed by EADS CASA in Spain as a follow-on to the successful CN235, incorporating new Pratt & Whitney PW127G engines and a... More »

Spanish Air Force EF-18 Hornet

An original 72 examples of the then McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet were purchased by the Spanish Air Force, deliveries of the EF-18 (E for 'España') commencing in late 1985. These have... More »

Spartan 7W Executive

The Spartan Aircraft Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma, produced a number of different types, but none in such quantity as the 7W Executive - and even then it only built 34. As... More »

Supermarine Spitfire PRXIX

The Supermarine Spitfire was nothing if not versatile, and one of the roles to which its outstanding performance was put was photo-reconnaissance. 'Alone, unarmed and unafraid' was the motto adopted by... More »

Swedish Air Force JAS 39 Gripen

The JAS 39 Gripen multi-role fighter is the latest in a long line of outstanding jet combat aircraft produced by Swedish manufacturer Saab. However, it differs from its stablemates in having... More »

Swiss Air Force F/A-18

The F/A-18 Hornet is a twin-engine, supersonic multi-role combat jet that is designed to carry out air-to-air missions and attack ground targets (the F/A designation stands for Fighter/Attack). The aircraft, which... More »

Swiss Air Force Super Puma

The Swiss Air Force operates fifteen AS332M1 Super Puma transport helicopters. Flown by two pilots the aircraft can carry up to eighteen passengers or loads of up to 3,000kg. Two thirds... More »

Textron AirLand Scorpion

Textron AirLand has developed the two-seat, twin-engined Scorpion as a low-cost tactical aircraft, with the attack and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) roles very much in mind. It made its maiden... More »

Turkish Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon

Only the USA and Israel operate more F-16s than Turkey, making the Turkish Air Force one of the world's leading users of this famous fighter. The single-seat F-16Cs and two-seat F-16Ds... More »

US Air Force F-15E

The F-15 is an all-weather tactical fighter which first entered service with the United States Air Force in 1976. Early A/B models very rapidly proved their worth and since its introduction... More »

US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker

The KC-135 was derived from the 1950s prototype Boeing 367-80 - known colloquially as the 'Dash 80' - which also spawned the highly successful Boeing 707 airliner. The US Air Force... More »

US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet

Developed as a significant evolution of the F/A-18 Hornet, the Super Hornet first flew towards the end of 1995, and entered US Navy service four years later. Achievement of the aircraft's... More »

US Navy P-8A Poseidon

Currently replacing the P-3 Orion in US Navy service, the P-8A Poseidon is a long-range multi-mission maritime aircraft that in particular performs the anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare roles. It is based... More »

Vampire T11

The de Havilland Vampire was the second of Britain's production jet fighters after the Gloster Meteor. The twin-boom design, originally dubbed the Spider Crab, first flew in 1943 and came into... More »

Waco UPF-7

The biplane designs of the Waco Aircraft Company - Waco in fact being an acronym, standing for Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio - became famous during the inter-war years. Today they... More »

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