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Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo

On this page, you can find information on participating nations and aircraft for 2022's edition of RIAT.

The 'Traffic Light' system highlights the status of the communications between the Air Tattoo and various international air arms invited to the event as of the day of the event. An amber light is displayed alongside the country if we had entered discussions about their potential participation. Ifwe received written confirmation of aircraft attendance, a green light is displayed. Countries that declined our invitation are listed with a red light.

Last update before the show - 7th July 2022


For the final aircraft update ahead of RIAT 2022, we are pleased to announce the participation of a new nation at the show, with the Kingdom of Bahrain sending an aircraft for the first time! One of their C-130J Hercules aircraft will be coming to the Air Tattoo for static display, and we are very excited to welcome them to RAF Fairford next week.

We are honoured to welcome a Kawasaki C-2 aircraft from the Japan Air Self Defense Force to RIAT 2022, on static display, to showcase this impressive transport aircraft, which we last saw at RIAT 2018.

Last week, the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force confirmed availability of their aircraft for the Air Tattoo, and therefore we're pleased to announce one of their E-3A Sentry aircraft will perform a flypast during the Friday flying display.

Visitors to RIAT on Saturday 16th July will be treated to an appearance from the amazing Airbus BelugaXL performing two flypasts during the flying display programme!

With the show rapidly approaching, we can now finally announce some of our special flypast plans... On Friday 15th July, the RAF Red Arrows will fly with the RAF's new Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to open the RIAT flying display and on Sunday 17th July, we'll see a unique  pairing of the RAF Red Arrows alongside the ROKAF Black Eagles!  



Previous Updates


30th June 2022

Starting this week's penultimate aircraft update for RIAT 2022 with a *big* addition to the static aircraft displays, in the shape of a USAF E-4B "Nightwatch" for static display! This extremely rare aircraft, based on the Boeing 747-200, is making a special appearance at RIAT 2022 to mark the 60th Anniversary of the National Airborne Operations Center, and of course the USAF 75th Anniversary.

We're pleased to welcome the Kuwait Air Force back to RIAT for the first time since 1993, with one of their new Eurofighter Typhoons attending for static display, fresh from the Leonardo Aircraft factory in Italy.

Another fast jet addition to the static display, and very appropriate for our training theme, is a Spanish EF-18B Hornet, complementing their example in the flying display.

Long term Air Tattoo supporters QinetiQ will be sending two of their aircraft used by the Empire Test Pilot School to RIAT 2022, with their new AW139 helicopter attending for the first time, plus their Avro RJ100 Airborne Technology Demonstrator.  Raytheon will send their newly acquired  Strategic ISR Platform for static display. Friday visitors will get a glimpse of the new Leonardo AW149 making an appearance in the flying display, but the helicopter won't be landing at RAF Fairford. Finally, a handful of civilian operators have also been added to the participation list, including some more vintage types will be displayed in the "Village Green" area at the Eastern End of the showground.

Sadly, Joint Helicopter Command have withdrawn the Merlin HC4 from static display as it is required on another task in July.

23 June 2022

As our colleagues in Ground Operations begin the main efforts for the RIAT 2022 Site Build this week, Air Operations continues to be a hive of activity to ensure arrangements are in place for the 280 aircraft descending on RAF Fairford next month.

Brilliant news from US Global Strike Command, as they commit a pair of B-52 bombers to RIAT 2022! We will have one example in the static display (to be parked alongside the B-17) and another example which will launch from Fairford on Saturday & Sunday to perform a flypast during the display, a very welcome addition to our USAF 75th Anniversary celebrations.

Supporting the deployment of their Silver Swallows Display Team, will be one of the Irish Air Corps's new Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. The aircraft is planned to remain at RAF Fairford for static display over the weekend, with the ambition for it to registration '280' which is painted in special colours to mark the Irish Air Corps Centenary.

The US Navy joins RIAT 2022: They will participate with a Poseidon on static display, coming from their detachment at NAS Sigonella. We did specifically explore the potential attendance of the E/A-18G Growlers currently deployed in Europe, however their operational tempo sadly prohibits their attendance to the Air Tattoo.

Continuing the Naval theme... the French Navy have committed one of their Xingu training aircraft to the static display, which is very appropriate for our training theme.

Multiple other civilian aircraft have been added to the static display line-up this week, including a contingent from the 'Fly Fano Team' from Italy, helicopters from the Gazelle Squadron and Textron Aviation demonstrators.

Finally, we can now announce that 2Excel Aviation will perform a special flypast on the Friday only, with the four Extra 300 aircraft from The Blades in formation with their Boeing 727. The Boeing 727 will then land ready to be on static display over the weekend. The Blades will not be performing a flying display.

Sadly, as the show approaches, we've had a couple more aircraft cancellations, with Martin Baker unfortunately no longer able to send their Meteor, as a priority tasking for the Slovenian LET-410 meaning it can no longer make the show. 


16th June 2022

With a month to go until the Air Tattoo, this week has been particularly busy in the Air Operations Office, with our Air Traffic Control team in for their Training Days, our "Longest Day" for aircraft arrival slot planning, and today our Emergency Services 'Table Top' Exercises taking place.

We can now announce the participation of Joint Helicopter Command assets at RIAT 2022; with the Chinook Display Team, a pair of Pumas, Commando Wildcat and Commando Merlin all due to attend. We have put in a special request for one the Pumas to be XW224, which is specially painted to mark 50 years of Puma operations.

Sadly the Army Air Corps cannot provide any aircraft for the show. We can now confirm the types of aircraft the Royal Canadian Air Force will send to this year's show as part of our Platinum Juiblee celebrations! 437 Squadron will return with their CC-130J Hercules aircraft and 427 Squadron will participate with their CC-150 Polaris, which will be the first time in two decades we've seen the aircraft type at RIAT!

The Swedes are coming! We're appreciative to SAAB for supporting the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight to deploy a number of their jets to join the RIAT 2022 static displays. Whilst UK CAA display regulations mean they cannot perform in the flying display at RIAT, we're pleased to be able to welcome these rare cold war jets to the Air Tattoo, all of them being twin-seat variants appropriate for our training theme.

Another welcome addition to our static display line-up comes from the Qatar Emiri Air Force, who will be sending one of their new Hawk training jets, currently based at RAF Leeming. Finally this week, we've added a number of support aircraft to the participation list. Although most of them won't be present over the public days, enthusiasts attending on the arrivals and departures day will see them delivering support equipment and personnel to RAF Fairford. 


9th June 2022

 This week we can confirm our first USAF aircraft for the flying display, with the return of the CV-22B Osprey from RAF Mildenhall! In addition, we'll be welcoming an F-16 from Aviano Air Base for static display for the first time in many years. We're still in discussions with other USAF units about their planned participation, with more aircraft to be announced in the coming weeks to join the already strong line-up of American Airpower at RIAT 2022.

Our loyal supporters from the Royal Netherlands Air Force have committed a pair of their F-16 Fighting Falcons and one of their NH90 NATO Frigate Helicopters to attend RIAT 2022 to join our extensive static displays. Interesting Fact: the RNLAF are the only Air Arm to have sent an aircraft to every single Air Tattoo since 1971!

Despite their high operational tempo, the Czech Air Force have confirmed this week they will bolster their previously announced participation with the addition of an L-159 ALCA for static display.

Due to emerging engineering issues, the RNZAF have sadly been forced to withdraw their Boeing 757 from the event. Likewise, RAF Valley are only able to send one Hawk aircraft for static display, rather than the planned pair.  Finally, the Lithuanian Air Force have informed us their LET-410 is sadly no longer able to attend RIAT 2022, however they will instead send their C-27J Spartan to replace it!

Several interesting civilian aircraft can now been confirmed for the RIAT 2022 static display. Notably, Airbus Helicopter's new H175M will be on display in the showcase area and we'll be welcoming our first electric aircraft to RIAT in the form of the Pipistrel Velis Electro!

Finally this week, a special treat for Friday visitors, as the Rolls-Royce Spitfire will be performing in the Friday Flying Display programme. We are unable to offer a display slot over the weekend to the Spitfire, or any other civilian aircraft, as we are oversuscribed with military participation and are struggling to fit it all in the 8 hour flying display programme! Rolls-Royce Heritage Flight will also send their P-51D Mustang to join the USAF 75th Anniversary static display line-up over the weekend.

2nd June 2022

 As the Platinum Jubilee celebrations begin, we're pleased to be able to confirm more Royal Air Force aircraft for the static displays at RIAT 2022! We will be welcoming the new Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to the show for the first time to join the extensive static displays, plus Hercules, Atlas & Typhoons. Weekend visitors will also be treated to a number of flypasts from the F-35B Lightning II.

Continuing our celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we're delighted that the Royal New Zealand Air Force will be bringing their Boeing 757 to RIAT 2022. Visitors should be prepared to be amazed by the agility of this airliner when it performs in the flying display! Continuing the Platinum Jubilee theme, we're also expecting aircraft from the Royal Canadian Air Force to join our static displays, which will be added to the confirmed aircraft list in the coming weeks once final approvals are in place.

We can now confirm that the iconic U-2 Dragon lady is joining the USAF 75th Anniversary line-up, on static display for all three days of RIAT 2022. Secondly, we'll be welcoming the USAF's newest tanker, the KC-46, for static display for the first time at the Air Tattoo. We continue work with our friends across the United States Air Force to see how we can celebrate their 75th Anniversary in the air at RIAT 2022, with more news expected soon...

The Air Operations Department were over the moon to receive confirmation from Top Aces, who will be sending one of their legendary A-4 Skyhawks for static display! This participation is very appropriate as part of our 'Training the Next Generation Air Force' theme at RIAT 2022, which includes the use of Red-Air contractor aircraft to provide threat replication for modern aircrew training.

Finally this week, in a change to previously announced plans, the Royal Navy Wildcat will now be on static display at RIAT 2022, and not performing in the flying display programme.

26th May 2022

 We're delighted to be able to confirm a large contingent of aircraft from the Italian Air Force will be heading to RIAT 2022! The Frecce Tricolori are always one of the highlights of the RIAT flying display, and they will be joined by a host of solo displays from the Reparto Sperimentale di Volo. In addition, we'll be welcoming a number of aircraft for static display, highlight of which will be a final appearance of the AMX before it's retirement from service... Viva Italia!

Aircraft from RAF Mildenhall join the USAF 75th Anniversary celebrations at RIAT 2022! The 352nd Special Operations Wing will exhibit their MC-130J & CV-22B on static display, accompanied by their specailist vehicles and equipment. We will also have the legendary KC-135 Stratotanker on static display.

Work continues behind the scenes on the flying display scheduling, and static display parking plan. We are in a very strong position at this stage, with the static displays now looking extremely full with more aircraft to be announced in the coming weeks once the final approvals are in place for their participation. In addition, we are planning to extend the duration of the flying display due to the number of notified participants!

We're pleased that our friends from the RAF Microlight Flying Association, Halton Aero Club and RAF Waddington Flying Club will all be returning to RIAT, with their aircraft joining the static displays as part of our Training theme.

Sadly, we have been notified this week that the Finnish Army are no longer able to attend RIAT 2022. In addition, two civilian aircraft have also withdrawn from the static 

23rd May 2022

In a special announcement, we're pleased to confirm the Republic of Korea Air Force's 53rd Air Demonstration Group - the Black Eagles - will be returning to the Royal International Air Tattoo and perform in the flying display on all three days of the show. For more details, check out our Latest News. 

19th May 2022

First up this week, we're pleased to announce the 48th Fighter Wing will be supporting this year's Air Tattoo in style. As well as a Strike Eagle from each squadron, this will be the first time seeing their new Lightnings on static display at RIAT.  In addition, we are discussions with a number of other United States Air Force units who hope to participate at RIAT 2022, with the approvals process ongoing.


The Irish Air Corps celebrates their Centenary this year, and to mark the occasion will be sending a fourship display of their Pilatus PC-9M aircraft to perform in the flying display, in a reformation of their Silver Swallows Display Team. We're pleased to welcome them to RAF Fairford, with their participation also very appropriate for our training theme.


Despite the Polish Armed Forces being at extremely high alert and all of their aircraft fleets operating at high intensity, we are honoured that they are still keen to participate at RIAT. They will be sending an M28 Bryza for static display, joining our growing selection of maritime patrol aircraft on static display at the show.


Finally this week, additional civilian operated aircraft join the static displays. Hawker Hunter Aviation will bring their Hunter T72 for its first RIAT appearance and Embraer their Super Tucano for exhibition as a showcase display. 

12th May 2022

First up this week we're very excited to announce the UK debut display from one of the new tactical displays from France! As part of our training theme, we're pleased to be welcoming the "Mustang X-Ray Demo Team" to RIAT, flying a pair of Pilatus PC-21 advanced turboprop trainers.

We were pleased to hear from the Royal Air Force of Oman that they will return to RIAT, and this year with a new aircraft type. We'll be welcoming one of their Persuader maritime patrol aircraft, based on the popular CASA 295, for static display in July.

We continue to work with the Royal Air Force to confirm additional participation at RIAT 2022 and this week we can confirm the addition of nine airframes to the static aircraft displays. We now have all aircraft types operated by 22 Group on static display at RIAT 2022 as part of our Training Theme, some of which will be exhibited in the Ascent Showcase, others located near the RAF Experience. 

Finally for this week, an iconic American warbird joins our growing USAF 75th Anniversary static displays, with P-51D Mustang "Frances Dell" flying over from Germany for RIAT 2022. In addition, we continue to work with our friends in the United States Air Force and hope to be able to announce the participation of the modern USAF assets we're expecting to join the static displays soon... 

5th May 2022

The German Air Force have confirmed their participation at RIAT 2022, bringing the total number of aircraft from the German miliary committed to RIAT 2022 up to 11 aircraft, which includes fighters, transport aircraft and helicopters! We're particularly pleased to be welcoming their CH-53G helicopter back to RAF Fairford, which we haven't seen for over a decade.

Following our continued discussions with the Romanian Air Force, we're pleased to announce they plan to send one of their Antonov An-30 to RIAT. The reconnaissance aircraft, known by it's NATO reporting name of 'Clank', will likely be one of the highlights of the static displays for aviation enthusiasts in July.

As part of our focus on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we will be welcoming a pair of helicopters types for static display with royal connections. Firstly a Wessex, as used by the Queen's Flight during the 1970s and 1980s, and secondly a Sea King as flown by the Duke of Cambridge.

We continue our engagement with a number of other Air Arms regarding possible attendance at RIAT 2022, with a healthy mix of aircraft for both flying and static displays still in discussion. 


28th April 2022

 We have now received official confirmation from the Hungarian Air Force on the aircraft they will send to RIAT, with Gripens & Hinds inbound to RAF Fairford in July! We're also very pleased both types will be demonstrated in the flying display programme with another example available for closer inspection in the static aircraft displays.


After a lengthy absence, we're pleased to be welcoming Brazil back to the Air Tattoo! They will participate on static display with the first visit of their new Embraer KC-390 transport aircraft, bringing some Latin American influence to this year's event.


The first additions to the static displays at RIAT 2022 from the Royal Air Force come from RAF Shawbury, with examples of their Juno & Jupiter. We hope to be able to confirm more Royal Air Force aircraft in the coming weeks to complement the already announced display assets, as we are in positive discussions with a number of squadrons.


Recent weeks have been extremely busy for the Air Operations Team, with continued engagement with the United States Air Force regarding their aircraft availability and encouraging participation as part of our USAF 75th Anniversary celebrations. In addition, staff from DBH recently attended the British Air Display Association event at Duxford.


Finally, Pilatus will bring examples of the PC-24 light business jet and new PC-7 MKX training aircraft which will both be located in our showcase static display areas and available to view all three days.


21st April 2022

Firstly, confirmation of another helicopter for the flying display programme! The Finnish Army make a welcome return to Fairford with their NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter. We will be asking if they are able send one of the airframes which has been painted in their experimental snow camouflage pattern, rather than their standard colours.

Great news from Lithuania, as they will bring two interesting aircraft for static display at RIAT 2022! We're excited to see their AS365 Dauphin for the first time, alongside their LET-410 transport aircraft which will make a welcome return after a lengthy hiatus.

Behind the scenes we continue discussions with a number of European Air Forces to establish what aircraft they may be able to send to RIAT 2022, with exciting possibilities for both the flying and static displays being discussed.

We are also in discussion with Joint Helicopter Command regarding aircraft participation at RIAT 2022, with a number of airframes provisionally allocated to us, including the Chinook Display. However, the formal ratification is still in process and we will bring you confirmations as soon as possible.

Finally, we have added 12 civilian aircraft to our static display line-up, the majority of which are ex-military training aircraft.

14th April 2022

We are extremely thankful for the support from the Czech Air Force, sending us a myriad of rarely-seen aircraft for display at RIAT 2022! Their Hind & Hip will perform a pairs flying display simulating a combat search and rescue mission, a display never before seen at RIAT. In addition, we're delighted to have a solo display from their W-3 Sokol helicopter, which will be the first time we've welcomed that aircraft type to the Air Tattoo in nearly 20 years.

In addition, the Czech Air Force hope to send examples of their Gripen & ALCA for the flying display at RIAT, however due to their operational tempo and deployment on NATO Air Policing missions, they will not be able to fully confirm the attendance of these assets until closer to the event, so we will not be including them on our participating aircraft list for now.

We're pleased to welcome the Estonian Air Force back to Fairford, with a new aircraft type: the M28 Skytruck. This aircraft replaced the venerable Antonov An-2 which we have seen at Fairford in previous years.

Finally, more additions to the static aircraft displays from civilian operators, with a Spitfire in USAAF markings, unique Trago Mills training aircraft and newly repainted Piaggio P.166!

7th April 2022

Another fast jet confirmation for the flying display this week, as we welcome the return of the Zeus Demo Team from the Hellenic Air Force!

Fantastic news received from Portugal, as they make a welcome return to the Air Tattoo, with a rare appearance of their Epsilon training aircraft planned for the static display.

We are pleased to confirm another heavy for the static display, in the shape of a Boeing C-17 Globemaster from the Heavy Airlift Wing. In his letter informing us of their participation, the Commander of the HAW remarks "I look forward to once again enjoy your remarkable airshow - without doubt the best military airshow in the world! Last time I participated in RIAT was 1997 flying the solo display with the JA 37 Viggen."


A pair of classic jet confirmations for the static displays this week, from both sides of the Atlantic. Firstly, Europe's only airworthy Sabre will be flying into RAF Fairford to form part of our USAF 75th Anniversary display. Secondly, as an aircraft type which was in service with the Royal Air Force in 1952, we're pleased to have a Gloster Meteor on display this year as the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee


5th April 2022

We can now confirm the participation of the Royal Air Force's primary display assets at RIAT 2022! The RAF Red Arrows will be performing on all three days, and we also have the RAF Typhoon Display and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight joining the flying display line-up.

More news on other Royal Air Force aircraft types, particularly those with operational commitments, will be confirmed in the coming months as we get closer to the show.


31 March 2022

We're very pleased to confirm our great friends from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Royal Jordanian Falcons, have confirmed their participation in the flying display at this year's Air Tattoo.

The Royal Navy have confirmed their intent to send three aircraft to participate at RIAT 2022, a Wildcat, Merlin & Avenger.

Continuing the naval theme, the German Navy will again return to RAF Fairford with two of their maritime aircraft types, the Orion & Sea Lynx, which will be on static display at RIAT 2022.

In addition to the previous announced fixed-wing assets, we will also have an AW189 & S-92 on static display representing HM Coastguard in their 200th Anniversary year. They will be parked alongside the previously announced fixed wing assets and a co-located with a ground display from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Final confirmation for this week adds to our static display, this time as part of the USAF 75th Anniversary, in the shape of the Bird Dog & Skymaster. 

Discussions continue with a number of Air Arms from around the globe regarding support to RIAT 2022, which are overwhelmingly positive at this stage.

24 March 2022

Exciting news from the Austrian Air Force; as they plan to showcase an impressive QRA Demonstration as part of the flying display at RIAT 2022! This unique display has only been performed once outside Austria so we're really excited to see the display at RIAT 2022, comprising a pair of EF2000s intercepting a C-130K Hercules.

As part as our training theme at RIAT 2022, we are especially pleased to be welcoming a pair of SAAB SK.60 training aircraft from the Swedish Air Force, which will be a highlight of the show for many aviation enthusiasts. In addition, the Swedish Air Force will also send there Gripen C solo display plus two-seat Gripen D for static display.

Final confirmation from this week comes from the Slovak Republic, who will return with their C-27J Spartan transport aircraft for static display.

Today members of the Air Operations team are at the Defence Academy at Shrivenham, attending the MAA Pre-Season Symposium, networking with other UK airshow orgainisers and display pilots ahead of the 2022 Display Season.

17 March 2022

Great news from our loyal supporters in Belgium; they will be sending their F-16 Solo Display to perform at RIAT 2022! There is a new display pilot for the 2022 season, and a new specially painted aircraft due to be unveiled between now and the display season. In addition, they will also send an additional two aircraft for static display and we will be asking for one of these jets to be a F-16BM as part of our training theme.

As part of our training theme we're pleased to be welcoming a pair of Pilatus PC-9M aircraft from Slovenia, one for flying display and another for static display. They will be supported by a LET 410 transport aircraft, which should remain for static display over the weekend.

Another fast jet contribution for the flying display comes from the Spanish Air Force, who will send their EF-18 Hornet, which we last saw at RIAT in 2017.

We are pleased to be welcoming back our loyal supporters, the Royal Jordanian Air Force, who will once again bring their C-130H Hercules for static display.

This week we have also received communications from both the German Navy, and the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force, who both hope to send aircraft for static display at RIAT 2022.

10 March 2022

We have now received formal confirmation from the German Army that they will be participating at RIAT 2022 with a pair of their NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopters, one for the flying display and one for static display. This is the German Army's first participation at RIAT since 2016 so we're very pleased to be welcoming them back to RAF Fairford in July.

We are pleased to welcome aircraft from 2Excel Aviation to RIAT 2022. Firstly, their King Air & Navajo will be on static display celebrating the 200th Anniversary of HM Coastguard. We will also see their Oil Spill Response Boeing 727 on static display during the weekend, a classic aircaft type which we haven't seen at Fairford since 2002!

Last week, members of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team visited Douglas Bader House to discuss their plans for RIAT 22, and we discussed our ambition for special mixed formation flypasts on all three show days. However, we await the formal ratification from the RAF Air Events Team before we add them to the aircraft participation list.

3 March 2022

We are very pleased to announce that the Finnish Air Force will be providing a Hawk solo flying display at RIAT 2022, an excellent contribution to our training theme. It is planned that their specially painted aircraft (registration HW-340) will be used for the display.

Further welcome additions to the flying display can now be confirmed from Switzerland; in the shape of their F/A-18C Hornet solo display and PC-7 Team.

A welcome addition to our static aircraft displays will be a Gazelle HT3, operated by Nova Systems, which retains it's military colour scheme and markings (ZB625) from it's previous service with QinetiQ.

We were pleased to hear from the Turkish Embassy that their military is planning to send aircraft to participate at RIAT 2022, we have begun discussions with the aircraft operators and hope to have more news soon.

This week we've also been in communication with the Czech Air Force, Hellenic Air Force, Spanish Air Force & Royal Navy who have all expressed an intent to participate at RIAT 2022.

24 February 2022

Welcome to the first of our weekly updates from the RIAT Air Operations Department as we look ahead to RIAT 2022 and the world's Air Arms returning to RAF Fairford.

First up this week, we are very pleased to receive confirmation from the Royal Danish Air Force that as part of our operational theme focusing on training aircraft, they will send their Baby Blue Display Team to RIAT for the first time. The last time we saw one of their T-17 Supporter aircraft at RAF Fairford was back at RIAT 2010, so their appearance is warmly welcomed.

We can also confirm the first aircraft which will form part of our unique static display which will celebrate the United States Air Force's 75th Anniversary, with iconic American warbirds parked alongside their modern-day counterparts. Both B-17G Flying Fortress "Sally B" and P-47D Thunderbolt "Nellie" will form part of this static display at RIAT 2022.

We are in communication with our friends from the Austrian Air Force, Hungarian Air Force & German Army who have all indicated their intent to send aircraft to participate in the flying display at RIAT 2022. Discussions continue with formal confirmations expected in the coming weeks.

We are aware that the Swiss Air Force have published their intent online for two of their display assets to participate at RIAT 2022, however we await formal confirmation through our official channels before publishing details on our participation list.

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