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AirBourne Aviation

AirBourne Aviation operates as the UK's only all-weather training facility so when other flight schools are unable to fly due to poor weather, training can continue uninterrupted utilising their approved full motion C42 flight training simulator. AirBourne also bring a simulator (below) to the Techno Zone® each year! This allows children and adults to experience flying a light aircraft and proves extremely popular.

On 10 January 2019, young aspiring pilot Eloeyse (above), who worked on the AirBourne Aviation stand at the 2018 Air Tattoo, flew solo for the first time in one of AirBourne's real C42 aircraft!

Watch the below video to see AirBourne's journey to the Air Tattoo!

Airbus Defence & Space

ExoMars Rover

Three ExoMars prototype rovers exist, Bruno, Bridget and Bryan. One of these amazing machines will be on display and roving around a simulated Martian surface at the 2019 Air Tattoo!

ExoMars is a space mission initiated by ESA to look for life on Mars. The ExoMars rover, a robotic Mars vehicle, is currently under final development by Airbus Defence and Space. On 7 February 2019 British Astronaut Tim Peake unveiled the name of the final production ExoMars Rover, Rosalind Franklin. Rosalind will be the vehicle that travels to the red planet next year.

Pleiades Satellite

Launched in December 2011, Pleiades is a constellation of two very-high-resolution satellites capable of acquiring imagery of any point on the globe in under 24 hours for civil and military users. The Pleiades system orbits the Earth at a distance of over 400 miles but can still take photos with up-to 50cm resolution. Orbiting twice a day, they can cover over 1 million square kilometres of the globe on each pass.

Boeing/ Air League Centennial Wings (located in front of the Techno Zone®

Visitors to the Techno Zone® are invited to come and see the completed Sting S4 light aircraft built by RAF Cadets from Northern Ireland, as part of the Centennial Wings project supported by Boeing and The Air League.

The Sting arrived at the Ulster Aviation Society (the base of the NI build team) in early 2016, the year of Boeing's centennial, and was built over two years by cadets as part of their ATC curriculum. The flagship STEM project, a collaboration between Boeing, youth aviation charity The Air League, and the RAF Cadets, launched as a bridge between Boeing's 100th anniversary in 2016 and the RAF's centenary in 2018. The completed aircraft was on display in the Techno Zone in 2018 and since then has been certified to fly by the FAA.

Visitors can come up close to the aircraft and also meet the cadets who built the plane, as well as their squadron leaders who guided them through the process. Centennial Wings is designed to complement the existing ATC cadet curriculum with a hands-on experience of engineering in action, from project management, planning, parts and assembly through to flight certification and flight. Keep checking @BoeingUK and @aircraftbuildNI for updates and use the #BoeingInspires hashtag to join in the conversation before and during the show.

Her Majesty's Coastguard

Her Majesty's Coastguard is one of the four UK emergency services - saving lives at the coast for nearly 200 years.

Today, HM Coastguard delivers a modern search and rescue (SAR) service, responding to 999 calls as well as radio and satellite distress calls. It operates a fleet of helicopters and counter pollution planes around the UK.

At RIAT 2019, HM Coastguard will be showcasing aircraft, including: the Sikorsky S-92 and Leonardo AW189 helicopters. Flight crew will be on hand to talk through the work they do and offer a tour of the aircraft. 

Inside the Techno Zone®, HM Coastguard will be promoting the work of the Sikorsky S-92 at the Lockheed Martin stand. Flight crew will be available to talk about this incredible helicopter and demonstrate the strop used in winching casualties to safety.

Outside the Techno Zone®, Coastguard Rescue Officers will be demonstrating the equipment and emergency response vehicles used in Coastguard rescues and giving visitors the chance to have a go.

Immersive Theatres

Immersive Theatres provide unique digital planetarium experiences. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing by immersing yourself in the thrill of the Apollo 11 descent. You'll enjoy high resolution 360° imagery of Moon buggies, jogging astronauts and humankind's 'one giant leap'. You'll also learn how to find the two largest planets with the naked eye after sunset.

Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics (IoP) is a leading scientific membership society working to advance physics for the benefit of all. Our purpose is to gather, inspire, guide, represent and celebrate all who share a passion for physics. Alongside professional support for our members, we engage with policymakers and the public to increase awareness and understanding of the value that physics holds for all of us.

We will be in the Techno Zone® all three days discovering how aeroplanes fly, why astronauts need space-suits, what makes the perfect planet, and what stars sound like. We will also be giving away loads of freebies!



Over the last 100 years Leonardo has designed and built some of the UK's most iconic aircraft and developed a range of sensors that help guide them on their missions, identify their targets and protect them against incoming threats.    

This is only possible because of the skills and passion of the talented people who choose to work with us.

At this year's Techno Zone®, you will meet some of our young engineers, hear why they chose a career in STEM and learn about some of the technology behind many of the aircraft on display.

Wind table - discover the principals behind our helicopters by designing your own rotor blades and watch them hover over our wind table (as long as their weight, aerodynamic properties and wind remain stable!).

Thermal camera - take a selfie using our thermal imaging technology behind many military night vision systems and now being used to capture amazing footage on nature programmes such as Planet Earth 2, Dynasties and Springwatch.

Virtual Reality (VR) Typhoon Challenge - Use our VR headset to move around a virtual Typhoon to locate and remove all aircraft safety devices, checking for any Foreign Object Debris to ensure the aircraft is ready for take-off in less than 3 minutes.

Super-Senses - Test your senses against our sensor technology developed to inform pilots of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft on operations around the world. You have a few seconds to spot the vital data that is critical to the success of your mission. 




For the past three years, Moog has formed a team of young engineers and apprentices to exhibit STEM related activities. This year is no exception, with Moog's RIAT team constructing a stand with an Hydraulic Actuation theme. Visitors will be able to aileron roll an F-35 Lightning aircraft in a wind tunnel, compete to complete an hydraulically controlled ball maze, and race 3D printed balloon powered cars. We shall also be bringing 3D printed models and demonstrators explaining how Moog products work on different areas of aircraft.

These activities are designed to excite the next generation of students into STEM related careers, with a particular emphasis on the aerospace industry. The main objective is to make the exhibits fun and competitive, whilst keeping a hands-on approach to education.


National Physical Laboratory

To understand our changing environment we need good measurement, and the Metrology for Earth Observation and Climate (MetEOC) project at the National Physical Laboratory is developing techniques for pushing the limits of measurement of environmental and climate variables.

A part of this work is to improve calibration and validation of spectrally resolved light data gathered by orbiting satellites. From the spectral "signatures" we obtain from oceans, forests and deserts, we can gain a sound understanding of the health of our planet.

Our stand uses a working spectroradiometer mounted in a model satellite to show in real time how the instrument can tell the difference between healthy and non-healthy plant cover - including using light frequencies not visible to the human eye!



QinetiQ is a leading technology company, primarily in the defence, security and critical infrastructure industries, with over 3,000 scientists and engineers across the UK and internationally. As part of the Innovation Trail on Friday, find out about our electric ion propulsion engines powering the ESA and JAXA BepiColombo space mission to Mercury. In the Technozone all weekend, meet our meet our early careers apprentices and graduates who will guide you through several practical STEM activities, and meet with our cartoon artist who will capture your thoughts about the future of engineering on Friday and Saturday (the resulting artworks will be on display on Sunday).

Try your hand at robot programming, guiding the robot spacecraft from earth to mercury along the planned trajectory, visit our virtual Apollo 11 moon landing experience, and learn about the effect of a vacuum on everyday objects with our mini vacuum chamber demonstrations, illustrating test conditions for our ion engines used in long-distance space travel.For parents, teachers, youth group leaders or older children considering their own career choices and different pathways in STEM and other careers available at QinetiQ, do "ask us anything" at our careers information area of the QinetiQ stand in the TechnoZone all weekend with our early careers advisors and tutors.

This month (20 July) marks the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. Raytheon products and engineers helped to get the Apollo lander there and the company has remained a leader in space technologies ever since. Interesting Fact: The Apollo mission objective was to enter space and land on the moon. It took 11 missions to do it! 

The Apollo missions were only one of the contributions that Raytheon and the companies it acquired after 1969 have made - and we continue to make. Raytheon devices have mapped the surface of Venus, explored Mars, captured detailed images of Earth at night and day and enhanced satellite communications. 

We are committed to supporting the next generation of engineers and scientists by investing each year in STEM engagement and education  in communities across the UK. We have a number of fun STEM activities in the Techno Zone for visitors to try and plenty of our STEM ambassadors on hand to chat about their work with schools and help you discover more about our Apollo missions. 

Come join us and take part in these challenges and games:

  • Mini Quadcopter Challenge - Test your flying skills piloting a mini quadcopter around our obstacle course! 
  • 3D Snake - The old mobile phone snake game goes 3D with our LED cubies built in-house by our engineers. Can you beat the cube and get your snake to eat as much fruit as you can before you run out of space? 
  • Aircraft Buzz Wire - Have you got a steady hand? Try to go the whole length of the plane before you set the buzzer off! 
  • Raytheon STEM Quiz - Test your knowledge with the STEM quiz and win some prizes! 

Science Made Simple

Do you fancy learning more about what lies beyond the earth's atmosphere? Join ace science busker David Price in some hands on activities as we scratch our heads about things like:

  • Why in space no one can hear you trump
  • Getting from A to B in space without getting in a flap
  • Crazy constructions
  • Have a glimpse at the world of space engineering

  • Junior Engineer Challenge on Friday

    2019 sees students from 18 local Primary Schools competing for the title of Junior Engineer 2019. Stemworks Ltd has worked with the RAF Charitable Trust to run in-school workshops where students have to design and build a Mystery Machine. A winning team from each of the schools will come along to the Technozone® on Friday 19 July to take part in the inter schools final.

    The students will face a three part competition:

    • Design Challenge - students will face a new brief and they will need to design and build a model to meet the specification set

    • Presentation - reflecting on the workshop in school, students have been asked to prepare a five minute presentation for a panel of judges. During the day each team will present their report / work. Judges are looking at how well the team worked, how they used their communication skills, how they solved the problems and the costings for their design, including any wastage.

    • The Finals - students will use the machines created in school to compete against the other schools to find the best design, and the Junior Engineer Champion.

    Prizes are awarded for each of the competition elements and the Champions will be crowned during the afternoon.


    In previous years we have seen students being further inspired by guest visitors and judges - including the Red Arrows Engineers (The Blues), Al Worden (Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot) and Gavin Williamson (Secretary of State for Defence). We wait to see who may drop in this year and we hope to see you during the day!

    Lockheed Martin Secondary School Engineering Challenge on Saturday

    Teams from eight schools in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire will be using their Science and Engineering know-how to design and build a system for safely delivering a package over the greatest distance. They are competing in the final of the Lockheed Martin Engineering Challenge.

    Teams will be supported by qualified engineer are going to be given a taste of what it's like to be engineering designers while they attempt to catapult their objects the furthest.

    The final takes place at 3.00pm so why not come along and cheer on your local school team.

    Meccano : Build A Jet on Sunday

    How about demonstrating your own engineering skills and building your own Jet? Throughout the day, we will be running the Meccano build a Jet workshop. Older children and adults will have the opportunity to make a metal Jet model that can be taken away. Younger children can create a flying or Space themed vehicle from Junior Meccano. Models take about 15 minutes to make so can be made between your favourite flying displays.

    The IET is the largest professional engineering institution in the UK covering large areas of engineering. The IET is a registered charity and provides many resources, both virtual and physical, to support the teaching and education of STEM subjects. For RIAT we will have a range of hands-on activities for children (and parents) to try including a gliding simulator, space virtual reality simulation, torch building, electrical circuits and a range of hands-on science experiments to encourage, influence and inspire children of all ages to better understand the world around them and begin a career in Science, Technology and Engineering.

    “It was an epic spectacle, as magical as anything you've ever seen in the West End, and as loud as anything you've ever heard at Knebworth.”

    Jeremy Clarkson, Television Presenter

    “All the thrills, excitement and noise of a Grand Prix, but in the air!”

    Jenson Button, Former Formula 1 Racing Driver

    “Probably the most complete air show I’ve ever been to!”

    Al Worden, Apollo 15 Astronaut

    “This is THE best airshow!”

    Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut

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