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Aircraft at the Air Tattoo 2006

Below is a list of aircraft, which will be appearing at The Royal International Air Tattoo 2006.

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Army Air Corps
Gazelle AH1 666 Squadron, 7 Regt Army Aviation SP
Gazelle AH1 658 Squadron Army Aviation V
Islander AL1 1 Flt, 5 Regt Army Aviation S
Lynx AH7 655 Squadron, 7 Regt Army Aviation V
Lynx AH7, Gaxelle AH1 x4 The Blue Eagles Army Aviation F
Misc Army Historic Aircraft Flight Army Aviation F

Joint Helicopter Command
Chinook HC1      18 (B) Squadron RGE       F
Chinook HC1 18 (B) Squadron RGE S
Merlin HC3 28 (AC) Squadron RGE F
Puma HC1 33 Squadron RGE S
Sea King HC4 848 NAS RGE S

Alpha Jet                      Boscombe Down                               S
Andover C1 (PR) Boscombe Down S
AS355 Twin Squirrel ETPS V

Royal Air Force
BAe 125 CC3             32 (TR) Squadron                  V
Canberra PR9 39 (1PRU) Squadron F
Canberra PR9 39 (1PRU) Squadron S
Dominie T1 55 (R) Squadron S
E-3D Sentry AEW1 8 /23 Squadron S
Griffin HT1 60 (R) Squadron S
Harrier GR7 x2 20 (R) Squadron F
Hawk T1 100 Squadron S
Hawk T1 208 (R) Squadron S
Hawk T1 x11 The Red Arrows F
Hawk T1 x2 208 (R) Squadron F
Hercules C3 Marshalls of Cambridge RGE S
Hercules C5 24 Squadron RGE F
Hurricane BBMF F
Jaguar GR3 6 Squadron S
King Air 200 45 (R) Squadron S
King Air 200 45 (R) Squadron V
Lancaster BI BBMF F
Nimrod MR2 201 Squadron S
Sea King HAR3A 203 (R) Squadron SP
Spirfire BBMF F
Squirrel HT1 x2 DHFS SP
Tornado F3 25 (F) Squadron S
Tornado GR4 XIII Squadron S
Tornado GR4 x2 XV (R) Squadron F
Tucano T1 1 FTS S
Typhoon F2 3 (F) Squadron S
Typhoon F2 x2 29 (R) Squadron F
VC-10 C1k 101 Squadron RGE F
Vigilant x3 612 VGS S
Viking x2 625 VGS S

Royal Navy
Hawk T1 x5                          FRADU 'The Black Seahawks'                         F  
Jetstream T2 750 NAS S
Jetsream T2 x3 750 NAS F
Jetstream T3 Heron Flight V
Lynx HAS3 / HMA8 x2 'The Black Cats' 702 NAS F
Lynx HMA8 815 NAS S
Merlin HM1 820 NAS S
Sea King ASAC7 849 NAS S

Puma HC1           230 Squadron       RGE        
Sea King HC4 846 Squadron RGE
Lynx HAS3 815 NAS
Merlin HM1 815 NAS


US Air Combat Command
B-1B Lancer 28 BS, 7 BW                      F
B-1B Lancer 28 BS, 7 BW S
B-52H Statofortress 11 BS, 2 BW F
B-52H Statofortress 11 BS, 2 BW S
F-15C Eagle x2 West Coast Demo Team F

US Air Education & Training Command
C-130J Hercules 314 AW                   RGE          S
T-43A Gator 562 FTS S

US Air Forces Europe
C-130E Hercules 37 AS, 86 AW            RGE S
C-21 Learjet 76 AS, 86 AW                    S
C-21 Learjet 76 AS, 86 AW V
F-15C Eagle 493 FS, 48 FW S
F-15E Strike Eagle 48 FW S
F-16CJ 52 FW S
KC-135R 100 ARW RGE S

US Air Mobility Command
C-17A Globemaster III                                                        RGE                     S
C-37A 99 AS, 89 AW V
KC-10A Extender 60 AMW RGE S

US Army Europe
C-12U                       B Co, 1-214 AVN Regt   Army Aviation S
UC-35 B Co, 1-214 AVN Regt Army Aviation S

US Marine Corps
C-37B                        VR-1                       V
KC-130T Hercules VMGR-452 S
MV-22B Osprey VMX-22 (Bell Helicopter) RGE F
MV-22B Osprey VMX-22 (Bell Helicopter) RGE S

US Navy
E-6B Mercury                VQ-4                                                          
F/A-18F Super Hornet Boeing F

USAF Special Operations Command
MC-130H Combat Talon II           7 SOS, 352 SOG                                        RGE                               S  
MC-130H Combat Talon II 7 SOS, 352 SOG RGE F
MC-130P Combat Shadow 67 SOS, 352 SOG RGE S
MH-53M Pave Low III 21 SOS, 352 SOG RGE S

O / A-10A Thunderbolt 81 FS, 52 FW                                                        
Leapfrogs US Navy Parachute Team
P-3C AIP Orion VP-10



Belgian Air Component
EMB-145       15 Wing                                  V
ERJ-145LR 15 Wing V
Falcon 20 15 Wing V
Falcon 20 15 Wing V

Brazilian Air Force
C-130H Hercules 1 / 1 GT                          RGE              S

Czech Air Force
An-26 241 Dopravniho Letka RGE             S
JAS-39C Gripen 211 Takticka Letka S
L159 ALCA 212 Takticka Letka F
Mi-171 232 Vrtulnikoveho Letka RGE S
Mi-24V 'Hind' 231 Vrtulnikoveho Letka F

Danish Air Force
CL604 Challenger Esk 721                                                   S
EH-101 Esk 722 RGE S

Finnish Air Force
Learjet 35A    2nd Flight, TukiLLv                V

French Air Force
CN-235 ETL 1/62                                  RGE                 SP
CN-235 ETL 1/62 RGE SP
Mirage 2000C RDI x2 EC 2/5 Ile de France F
Mirage 2000D x2 EC 3/3 'Ardennes' S
TBM 700 ETEC 00.065 SP

French Army Air Corps
F406 Caravan          EAAT                                 Army Aviation S
TBM 700 EAAT Army Aviation F

French Naval Aviation
Atlantique 2  21 Flotille                         S

German Air Force
C-160 Transall  TBC                         RGE        S
Tornado ECR JBG32 S
Tornado IDS AG-51 S

German Army Aviation
Bo-105 x2                  KHR 26                              Army Aviation S
CH-53G MTHR 25 Army Aviation S

German Navy
BR1150 Atlantic    MFG3                                             S

Hellenic Air Force
A-7E/H x2      116 PM                            S

Irish Air Corps
CN-235-100MPA     101 Squadron                                          S
King Air 200 102 Squadron V

Italian Customs Service
A 109 AII         1 Gruppo Aereo                   S
AB412 HP x2 1 Gruppo Aereo S

Pakistan Air Force
C-130B Hercules        6 Squadron                        RGE             S

Polish Air Force
Yak-40                                  36 SPLT                                                                   V

Polish Navy
M-28 Bryza B-1/R   30 Eskadra MW                             S

Portuguese Air Force
F-16A/B x2        Esq 201                               S
Falcon 50 Esq 504 V

Royal Australian Air Force
B707-368      33 Squadron      RGE   S

Royal Jordanian Air Force
C-130H Hercules    Air Lift Wing                RGE        S

Royal Malaysian Air Force
CN235-220M        21 Skn                         RGE       S

Royal Netherlands Air Force
CH-47 Chinook     298 Squadron RGE     S
F-16 x2 306 Squadron F
F-16 x4 311 Squadron S
Fokker 50 334 Squadron RGE S
Fokker 50 334 Squadron RGE SP
Fokker 50 334 Squadron  RGE SP
PC-7 131 EMVO Squadron F
PC-7 131 EMVO Squadron S

Slovenian Air Force
LET 410           LEBA                               V
PC-9M Swift LETS F
PC-9M Swift LETS S

Spanish Air Force
C-295                Ala 35                      RGE   SP
C-295 Ala 35 RGE SP
CASA 101 x7 Patrulla Aguila F
CN235 Ala 35 RGE S
EF2000 x2 Ala 11 F

Swedish Air Force
JAS 39A Gripen x2   F7 Wing                                           F
JAS 39B Gripen F7 Wing S

Swiss Air Force
Citation 560 Excel      LTDB                                             SP
F-5E Tiger II x7 Patrouille Suisse F
F/A-18C Hornet x2 Fliegerstaffel 11 F
Learjet 35A LTDB SP

Turkish Air Force
F-4E Phantom x2   172 Filo                                    S



A310                                                  FedEx                                                              RGE S
Agusta A109E Agusta Westland V
BN-2T Islander Selex S
Bulldog 125 BDFA S
Bulldog T1 Chris Hunter V
Cessna 182 Westpoint Flying Group V
Citation II Omega Air V
EV-97 Eurostar FlyCB Ltd S
EV-97 Eurostar Malcolm Titmus S
Extra 300 Ultimate High S
Extra 300 X4 Royal Jordanian Falcons F
Extra 400 Bruno Stocker S
Falcon 20 FR Aviation S
Falcon 20 x2 FR Aviation F
Firefly DEFRS / Babcock S
Firefly x2 DEFRS / Babcock F
Grumman AA-5 Tiger Neville Duke V
Gulfstream 450 Gulfstream SP
Hawk mk 128 BAE Systems S
Hunter T7 NWMAS S
Hurricane I Peter Vacher S
Jet Provost T3A Newcastle Jet Provost Group S
Jet Provost T5A Eastern Airways S
KDC-10 Globa AirTanker Services RGE F
King Air 350 NAC Aviation S
Learjet 60 Daimler Chrysler Aviation V
M311 Aernacchi / Finmeccanica S
M346 Aernacchi / Finmeccanica F
MD902 Explorer Wiltshire Police Air Support Unit SP
MiG-290VT MiG F
P-51D Mustang The Fighter Collection F
P-51D Mustang Scandinavian Historic Flight ACC Heritage Flight S
PA-28 Cherokee BDFA S
PA-28 Dakota Polly Vacher S
PA-28 Warrior Tim McKay V
PC-12 Pilatus SP
PC-21 Pilatus F
PC-21 x2 Pilatus S
Robinson R44 East Midlands Helicopters V
S-76C The Queens Helicopters V
Saab 2000 Eastern Airways V
Scout AH1 BN Group Ltd V
Spitfire XIX Rolls Royce F
Stearman x2 Utterly Butterly F
Strikemaster x2 NWMAS S
TB-20 Trinidad Graham Potts V

Commercial Visitor
AS355 Twin Squirrel Lewis Communications                       V
ATR-42 Danish Air Transport V
Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicentre V
C526 Citationjet Simon Fawcett V
Cessna 172 Koen Vermeir V
DC-3 Dakota x2 Air Atlantique V
Dornia 328 Sky Works AG V
EMB110 Bandeirante Skydrift V
Fokker 50 KLM Cityhopper V
Jet Ranger Techanimation Ltd V
PA-31 Navajo Air Cymru V
PA-31 Navajo Peter Bentley V
Saab 340 Dauair AG V
Saab 340 Danish Air Transport V
TB-20 Peter Keeling V
Twin Pioneer Air Atlantique V
Twin Squirrel LNT Aviation V

Day Visitor
B206 JetRanger         East Midlands Helicopter                V
Cessna 172 Marshalls of Cambridge V
Cessna 172 XP Brian Evans V
Citation II Marshalls of Cambridge V
PA-28 Cherokee Graham Tribe V
PA-28 Warrior Nick Breach V
PA-28 Warrior x2 BAE Systems Flying Club V
PA-32 Aztec Marshalls of Cambridge V
Partenavia P68B BCFT V
Robinson R44 Alan Smith V

Devon C1 Air Atlantique         



“It was an epic spectacle, as magical as anything you've ever seen in the West End, and as loud as anything you've ever heard at Knebworth.”

Jeremy Clarkson, Television Presenter

“All the thrills, excitement and noise of a Grand Prix, but in the air!”

Jenson Button, Former Formula 1 Racing Driver

“Probably the most complete air show I’ve ever been to!”

Al Worden, Apollo 15 Astronaut

“This is THE best airshow!”

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut

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