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Awards and Scholarships

Royal International Air Tattoo
The RAF Charitable Trust is developing a number of Awards and Scholarships open to serving airmen, cadets, and members of the wider RAF family.

Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo

Engineering Scholarships​

Sixth Form​

Arkwright Scholarships are annually awarded bursaries for sixth formers with a demonstrated interest in and an ability to pursue, an aerospace engineering (or related discipline) or an aviation or RAF career, but whose family circumstances limit their ability to pursue their education.​

Adventurous Training Award​

University Air Squadrons​

Known as the Paul Bowen Award, an annual competition is held between UASs to find the expedition plan the opinion of the RAFCT Judging Panel, demonstrates the best spirit of adventure, enterprise and challenge​

Apply through 6FTS.​

Flying Scholarships​

RAF Air Cadets​

Known as the ACM Sir Mike Knight Pilots Scholarship Scheme (SMKPSS), each year some of the most promising young pilots who have completed the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme are awarded further training to PPL standard and one of these is then given further training through the Flying Excellence Award.​

Apply through your chain of command, see ACTO 37.​

RAF Junior Ranks and Junior Officers (non-aircrew)​

Young JRs (Junior Ranks Pilot Scholarship Scheme) and JOs (Junior Officer Pilot Scholarship Scheme) are able to gain flying experience towards a LAPL at their local associated flying club. Some of these successful scholars will also get further flying training as part of the Top-Up Scheme.​

Apply through​

Disabled Veteran/Family​

Up to two annual scholarships through The Flying Scholarships for Disabled People charity are awarded to an individual who has served in the Royal Air Force or who is a dependant or a member of the wider RAF family.​

Apply through 

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