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Volunteer Teams

Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo

Learn more about what's involved within some of the volunteer teams;

Admissions Team

The RIAT Admissions Team are responsible for the smooth and efficient entry/ exit of customers to the World's Greatest Military Airshow.

Air Operations

The Air Operations Team is responsible for all aviation aspects of the Royal International Air Tattoo and includes areas dedicated to Aircraft Handling, Refuelling, Follow Me Services, Air Movements, Aircrew Reception, Flying Display, Air Traffic Control Services, Flying Operations and Weather Services.

Air Tattoo Crew

The Air Tattoo Crew, customer experience team, is the face of the Air Tattoo and our prime focus is to help and assist our visitors ensuring that they have an amazing day and go home happy. The team meet visitors in the car parks and at the entry points when they arrive and are located in our information points as well as roaming around the showground. They are on hand to answer questions, give directions and advise on the best attractions to see at the show. The team also include members that manage and run the Service Stations which provide facilities such as catering, bars, seating, toilets, visitor information and cash points.

Air Tattoo Merchandise & Programmes

The Air Tattoo Merchandise & Programmes Team carry out all official merchandise functions, selling official RIAT products.


A small Chaplaincy Team, established under the control of an experienced Team Leader, are responsible for the provision of chaplaincy support and pastoral care to the Air Tattoo visitors, staff and aircrews.

Commercial Showground Team (Exhibition Operations)

Joining the Commercial Showground Team is an opportunity to see RIAT from a new perspective. The team covers the length and breadth of the Showground and spend almost all their time outdoors. It is a positive, supportive and sociable team consisting of approximately 25 volunteers and staff. The team manages all aspects of consumer commercial activity across the Showground including Trade and Exhibitions, Bespoke Consumer Activity, Aircrew Trading, Vintage Village, RAF Experience, Royal Navy Exhibition, Army Village, and our family focused Activity Zone.

Comms & IT

The Communications Systems Group provide the communication networks that holds the Air Tattoo together and is a combination of three teams, Radios, Telephones and I.T. 

Crew Club Team

The Crew Club is an enclosure which hosts aircrew participating at RIAT. The team ensure that the enclosure runs smoothly and assist with both the set up and take down of the enclosure.

Emergency Services Control

A number of individuals work within the Emergency Service Control Room alongside Silver Control and fulfil command, control and co-ordination roles both within the Control Room and at the scene of any incident that the Air Tattoo Emergency Services may deploy to.

Emergency Services Medical

A wide range of individuals volunteer in order to provide Medical support to the Air Tattoo visitors, staff and aircrews including First-Aiders, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors.


Responsible for the handling of cash over the show operating days.

Friends of RIAT (FRIAT)

Welcome to the enthusiast's enclosure with the "best seats in the house". The team welcome and look after all FRIAT members over the show, escorting members to and from the enclosure on non-public days and on public days are the first point of contact at the entrance of the enclosure.

Health and Safety Team

Qualified Health and Safety and Environmental Health conduct a programme of audits throughout the showground to ensure that all risk mitigation activity is being undertaken.

Hospitality Chalets

Day to day running of the corporate hospitality chalets.

Media Liaison Group

Responsible for handling all media enquiries during the Air Tattoo, hosting journalist from around the world, escorting media around the site and operating a press office.

Night Duty Officers

A team that work in shifts, who are responsible for covering overnight security and safety and assisting with the resolution of any issues that may arise. An invaluable resource for the duration of the show.

Park & View

Team operates across two locations (miles apart) and thrives upon the logistical challenges as they meet the requirements of 1000's of aviation enthusiasts and their families.

Public Enclosures

Assisting with both the set up and take down of the enclosure as well as looking after visitors and making sure that the enclosure runs smoothly.

RAF Charitable Trust

Assisting the RAF Charitable Trust in manning the Trust's display within the Techno Zone® and explaining the objectives of the Trust to visitors.

Sector Marshals

Responsible for policing the showground on bicycles to ensure that safety is maintained and regulatory requirements complied with. Also provide assistant to members of the public when required.

Showground Reception

Receive and process contractors, participants, visitors and deliveries to the showground. 

Support Services

The Site Team are responsible for the ground that you walk on, the water you drink, the structures you stand inside; the site team build the Air Tattoo from the ground up.

Team Reception

First point of contact for all RIAT volunteers, issuing security and car passes, accommodation details along with other important information.

Techno Zone®

Where the STEM subjects are brought to life and showcased with exhibits and interactive activities. The Techno Team liaise with exhibitors, contractors and stand construction teams to build the exhibition hall and subsequently assist exhibitors in the load in, exhibition and take down phases. They also make sure that all visitors to Techno Zone® have an inspiring and safe day as they explore the exciting world of 21st century technology.

Responsible for all aspects of fleet operation from managing the 'pool' to individual tasking.

VIP Events and Aircrew Social Activities Team

Responsible delivering a programme of events for VIP guests (UK, overseas and sponsors) which includes off-site events during RIAT, the formal Gala Dinner and the end of Show Party held in H1205. In addition, the Aircrew Social Activities Team manage the aircrew competitions - Crew Challenge, Concours d'Elegance and the Aircrew Meet & Greet supper organised for overseas and UK participants.

VIP Guest Management

Provides driving and escort services for overseas VIP guests and a number of UK based VIPs.

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