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Show Operations Centre - Sector Marshall

Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo

Job Title: Showground Operations Centre (SOC) Sector Marshall

Location: Fairford, Gloucestershire 

Role Grade: Volunteer

Personnel Group: Volunteer  

DBH Team Leader: Operations Director 

About the role:

SOC's Mission is to support the Chief Executive in ensuring that RIAT runs safely and effectively, delivering to all its stakeholders, and to support management with the provision of advice and assistance as necessary. The SOC is located in the centre of the showground next to the air traffic control tower and provides assistance to any department that requires if any particular issue, irrespective of its nature, cannot be resolved by routine management action.  

The SOC Sector Marshals team comprises roving bicycle showground monitors who routinely patrol the showground and report information to SOC. They are also tasked by SOC to go to specific locations when required. In an emergency the SOC is responsible for co-ordinating and directing resources both in support of the Emergency Control Centre (ECC) and to ensure the welfare of the public on the Showground.  

Sector Marshal tasks include:

The Sector Marshals are an integral part of the SOC team, coordinating closely with the SOC Mobile team and the Customer Experience Research Team. Where they can, Sector Marshals attempt to resolve any issues, problems or anomalies that they encounter, reporting to SOC as appropriate.

  • Reporting any conflicts in the showground build, paying particular attention to security fencing, crowd management and Health and Safety issues.
  • Checking the sectors regularly for unidentified items that could present a risk.
  • Reporting any issues that are, in their opinion, likely to have an adverse impact on the customer experience.
  • Being proactive and approachable in providing assistance to the public.
  • Assisting the Exhibition Team during peak times of trader arrivals as directed by SOC
  • If directed by SOC, assist the Exhibition Team in the event that a trader is asked to leave the showground
  • Assist any "Blue Light" emergency vehicles moving within the showground
  • Where practicable, monitoring and enforcing the 'no ladders, gazebos and large tents or structures within 10 metres of the crowd line' regulations

What commitment is required?

  • 4 days, specifically Thu 14 Jul to Sun 18 Jul with travel either side if required

What you get in return for volunteering:

  • Local accommodation/camping for the period that you are volunteering
  • Three meals a day in one of our onsite diners
  • Two complimentary tickets for the Air Tattoo.

Next Steps:

Interested applicants should complete an application form which can be found HERE

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