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Make sure you're up-to-date with all the exciting news and chatter regarding plans for the 2017 Air Tattoo.

Here you will find breaking news and the popular 'Traffic Light' system reflecting the status of the communications between the Air Tattoo and various military aircraft operators and their potential participation. It works like this:

Below will be a list of all the air arms and operators that have been invited to attend the 2017 Air Tattoo.

An amber light will appear alongside the country when we enter into discussions about their potential participation. When we receive written confirmation from a country's air arm or civilian operator a green light will appear. When a light flashes it means there is additional information or another confirmation from that country. Countries that have declined their invitation will be listed below under a red button. For further information click here.

For an insight into the process of inviting aircraft to the Air Tattoo click here.

The latest update on our discussions with countries and their air arms concerning aircraft participation is below. For previous updates please scroll further down the page.


  • The Austrian Air Force has confirmed it will be sending two Saab 105Ö jet trainers to the Air Tattoo in July. One will take part in the flying display whilst the other will be available for closer inspection in the static park.

Air Arm Current Status  
Austrian Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Belgian Air Component Confirmed Confirmed
Czech Republic Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Finnish Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
German Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
German Navy Confirmed Confirmed
Hellenic Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Italian Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Spanish Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Swedish Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Swiss Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
US Air Combat Command Confirmed Confirmed
US Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Canadian Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Finnish Army Aviation Ongoing Ongoing
French Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Royal New Zealand Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Pakistan Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Polish Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Romanian Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Afghan Air Force Invited  
Albanian Air Force Invited  
Angolan Air Force Invited  
Argentine Air Force Invited  
Argentine Navy Invited  
Royal Australian Air Force Invited  
Royal Australian Army Invited  
Royal Australian Navy Invited  
Azerbaijani Air Force Invited  
Royal Bahraini Air Force Invited  
Barbados Defence Force Invited  
Air Force of the Republic of Belarus Invited  
Bolivian Air Force Invited  
Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina Invited  
Brazilian Air Force Invited  
Brazilian Navy Invited  
Royal Brunei Air Force Invited  
Bulgarian Air Force Invited  
Chilean Air Force Invited  
Chilean Navy Invited  
Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Air Force Invited  
Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Naval Air Force Invited  
Civilian Invited  
Colombian Air Force Invited  
Croatian Air Force Invited  
Cyprus National Guard Air Wing Invited  
Royal Danish Air Force Invited  
Ecuadorian Air Force Invited  
Egyptian Air Force Invited  
El Salvador Air Force Invited  
Estonian Air Force Invited  
Estonian Police and Border Guard Invited  
French Army Air Corps Invited  
French Navy Invited  
Georgian Air Force Invited  
German Army Aviation Invited  
Ghana Air Force Invited  
Hellenic Army Invited  
Hungarian Air Force Invited  
Icelandic Coast Guard Invited  
Indian Air Force Invited  
Indian Navy Invited  
Indonesian Air Force Invited  
Iraqi Air Force Invited  
Irish Air Corps Invited  
Israeli Air and Space Force Invited  
Italian Army Invited  
Italian Coastguard Invited  
Italian Navy Invited  
Japan Air Self Defense Force Invited  
Japan Maritime Self Defence Force Invited  
Royal Jordanian Air Force Invited  
Kazakhstan Air Force Invited  
Kenyan Air Force Invited  
Republic of Korea Navy Invited  
Kuwait Air Force Invited  
Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic Invited  
Latvian Air Force Invited  
Lebanese Air Force Invited  
Lithuanian Air Force Invited  
Luxembourg Armed Forces Invited  
Macedonia Air Force Invited  
Royal Malaysian Air Force Invited  
Armed Forces of Malta Invited  
Mexican Air Force Invited  
Montenegrin Air Force Invited  
Royal Moroccan Air Force Invited  
Mozambique Air Force Invited  
Namibian Air Force Invited  
NATO Invited  
NATO AEWC Force Invited  
NATO Heavy Airlift Wing Invited  
Netherlands Coastguard Invited  
Royal Netherlands Air Force Invited  
Royal Netherlands Navy Invited  
Nigerian Air Force Invited  
Royal Norwegian Air Force Invited  
Royal Air Force of Oman Invited  
Pakistan Navy Invited  
Peruvian Air Force Invited  
Phillippine Air Force Invited  
Polish Land Forces Invited  
Polish Navy Invited  
Portuguese Air Force Invited  
Portuguese Navy Invited  
Qatar Emiri Air Force Invited  
Royal Saudi Air Force Invited  
Serbian Air Force Invited  
Republic of Singapore Air Force Invited  
Slovak Air Force Invited  
Slovenian Air Force Invited  
South African Air Force Invited  
Republic of Korea Air Force Invited  
Spanish Army Invited  
Spanish Navy Invited  
Sri Lanka Air Force Invited  
Tanzanian Air Force Invited  
Royal Thai Air Force Invited  
Tunisian Air Force Invited  
Turkish Air Force Invited  
Turkish Army Invited  
Turkish Coastguard Invited  
Turkmenistan Defence Force Invited  
UAE Air Force Defence Invited  
Ukrainian Air Force Invited  
Army Air Corps Invited  
QinetiQ Invited  
Royal Navy Invited  
US Air Education Training Command Invited  
US Air Force Global Strike Command Invited  
US Air Force Reserve Command Invited  
US Air Force Special Operations Command Invited  
US Air Forces Europe Invited  
US Air Mobility Command Invited  
US Air National Guard Invited  
US Army Invited  
US Army Europe Invited  
US Coast Guard Invited  
US Marine Corps Invited  
US Navy Invited  
Uruguayan Air Force Invited  
Vietnam Peoples Air Force Invited  
Not Participating Declined
Algerian Air Force, Bangladesh Air Force, Hellenic Navy, Turkish Navy

UPDATE: 16/04/17

  • The Air Tattoo's flying programme has been boosted this week with confirmation that the Swedish Air Force's solo Saab JAS 39C Gripen display will be returning to the Air Tattoo in July, with a 'D' variant available for closer inspection in the static park.

UPDATE: 13/04/17

  • The German Air Force, or Luftwaffe, has announced it is sending a Transall C-160D, two Eurofighter EF2000s and a Panavia Tornado all for static display at the Air Tattoo.
  • Italy confirms a trio of outstanding flying display items from the modern M-346 Master jet trainer, the amazingly manoeuvrable C-27J Spartan and the iconic Tornado fighter.

UPDATE: 06/04/17

  • The Hellenic Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom will return to this summer's Air Tattoo as a static display.
  • The Finnish Air Force is sending its aerobatic team, the Midnight Hawks, to display at RIAT 2017. It will be their first appearance at the show since debuting back in 2004. Four BAE Hawk Mk51s make up the formation with a fifth coming as a spare.

UPDATE: 30/03/17

  • Czech Air Force confirms to attend the 2017 Air Tattoo with a JAS-39 Gripen and two L-159 ALCA's for the flying display and a further L-159 ALCA for the static display.

UPDATE: 24/03/17

  • The Spanish Air Force returns with a display from the EF-18AM Hornet.

UPDATE: 23/03/17

  • The Belgian Air Component's spectacular F-16AM Fighting Falcon display will feature again at RIAT 2017, piloted by Cdt Tom 'Gizmo' De Moortel in his third and last season as the demo pilot. Joining it in the flying programme will be another Belgian contribution, a search and rescue demonstration by a soon-to-be-retired Sea King Mk48. A single F-16 and C-130H Hercules transport are set to join the static park.

UPDATE: 16/03/17

  • The RAF has confirmed aircraft to take place in the flying display. They are the Typhoon FGR.4, BBMF Lancaster and four Spitfires, and the Red Arrows.

UPDATE: 09/03/17

  • This week we can confirm that the United States Air Force will be returning to this summer's Air Tattoo with the F-22 Raptor.

UPDATE: 23/02/17

  • The Swiss Air Force makes a welcome return with the popular Patrouille Suisse display team flying the F-5E Tiger II.

UPDATE: 16/02/17

  • The German Navy confirm three aircraft types for the Air Tattoo, the Lockheed P-3C Orion, Eurocopter EC135 and the Westland Sea Lynx.

UPDATE: 9/12/16

  • Today we received confirmation that the USAF Thunderbirds will be making a special journey to fly at the Air Tattoo 2017! Based at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, the Thunderbirds are the United States Air Force Demonstration Team, first activated in June 1953. They will be joining us at the Air Tattoo 2017 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the USAF.

“It was an epic spectacle, as magical as anything you've ever seen in the West End, and as loud as anything you've ever heard at Knebworth.”

Jeremy Clarkson, Television Presenter

“All the thrills, excitement and noise of a Grand Prix, but in the air!”

Jenson Button, Formula 1 Racing Driver

“This is the best airshow!”

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut

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