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Sign Up To Turn Your Time Into Charity Funding

Published: 01 May 2015   updated: 18 May 2015

As the saying goes, 'time is money' . . . and now the RAF Charitable Trust is asking volunteers to think if they can help turn their donations of time into funds for the charity.

Matched Giving is a scheme whereby companies offer to match volunteer effort by their staff to
benefit a good cause. Some will match funds raised by an employee, others will match the time, paying an hourly rate to a good cause for every hour logged by a volunteer.

Peter Barham from Park & View is one volunteer who's already signed up. He says: "I got involved with RIAT because one of my friends - Ian Mills, the Adrenalin Zone Manager - works in the same office, for a different company, and discovered my interest in aviation. He suggested I volunteer for P&V, where he worked at the time, and I've been there ever since.
He adds: "I've been with the same company for 18 years, and they support funding based on the hours I work at the Air Tattoo, equating them to a percentage of my hourly wage. There are a few conditions - you have to complete a form, the charity has to confirm that you volunteer for them, and the number of hours worked, and there's a cap on the maximum number of hours covered - but that's it."

Trust Director Amanda Butcher says: "We'd like to encourage volunteers to claim this money. Some may not have been aware of the scheme, or thought their time at RIAT wasn't eligible, but a number of big companies offer this support, and I'm sure that many volunteers might find they qualify. 

"Please check, especially if you work for a bank or one of the FTSE 100 firms, and consider signing up to help with this additional benefit."

For more information please contact Amanda at

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