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Welcome to the Show Info Hub!

We really want you to make the most of your time at RIAT24, which is why we have launched the Show Info Hub. 

Here, you will find all the information you need to know about travelling to the show, information on events and happenings throughout the day. 

Make sure you check back here regularly for the most up to date details.

Scroll below to see our programme of events and flight display times as well as information on travel, accessibility, safety, sustainability and more.

We do advise people to pack lightly to help reduce wait times at entry points, but there are some essentials you should still bring like a water bottle, sun cream and hat if it's hot. It goes without saying that dangerous items like knives or drones should never be brought into RAF Fairford under any circumstances.


Travel and getting here on the day

RIAT is one of the world's largest airshows and the area surrounding RAF Fairford becomes extremely busy on show days; we recommend you plan your travel to and from the show carefully. If you have yet to choose your travel option then please contact our Customer Services Department on enquiries@rafcte.com. For further information regarding accessibility click here.

If you are using a Sat Nav to find your way to RIAT, please use postcode GL7 4EG. When you get near to the airshow you will see colour coded AA road signs, at which point you should follow these instead of your Sat Nav.

Please note, if you are travelling on the purple route, please make sure you check your instructions.

For more information, see below:

How to get here - bus, car, train, air & travel groups

Further information:

Swindon Shuttle Bus/Cheltenham Park & Ride

If you are looking for somewhere to stay locally or interested in other activities locally to enhance your visit see below:

Where to stay & the local area

Tune in and Listen Live on 87.7FM!

Air Tattoo Live is RIAT's own radio station and transmits all the audio broadcasts. Tune in on your journey to RIAT24. For more information and timings click below:

Listen Live information

Security – Important

Your safety is very important to us, and we have put new security measures in place for RIAT24. Please click the button below for more information on our new check in procedure as well as general security advice.

Please note, we intend to search every bag brought into the event, so bear this in mind when deciding what to bring. Packing lightly will help to decrease wait times.

Dangerous items such as knives and drones will be removed before entry is allowed.

Important security information - please read


Now for the fun stuff!

visitor information 

We are back again this year with another awe-inspiring line-up for the world's greatest airshow at RAF Fairford. This year's event boasts over 250 aircraft that will either be on the static display, where you can take a closer look at them, or demonstrating their incredible capabilities in the sky as part of our flying display. We'd like to thank all of the participating nations and civilian operators for once again being involved and special thank you to the thousands of visitors we are expecting over the show weekend, we hope you enjoy your time with us.

Scroll below to see our programme of events and flight display times.

Aircraft Checklist

The Aircraft Checklist is a great tool to ensure you see every aircraft at the show. With serials, codes and squadron information included, you’ll have the ultimate guide to RIAT24. Pick up your copy at the tented shops along the showground or at the Customer Entry Points. Click the link below below to see our confirmed aircraft listing.

The Aircraft Checklist

Flight safety notice The Civil Aviation Authority has established restriction of Flying Regulations under Article 239 of the Air Navigation Order at and in the vicinity of RAF Fairford. Restricted Airspace (Temporary) will be established in the vicinity of RAF Fairford during the period 17-22 July 2024. As part of this, no unmanned aircraft systems, such as drones or model aircraft, are to be flown in the vicinity of RAF Fairford during RIAT; To fly one constitutes a criminal offence and you will be prosecuted. If you have any questions, please contact the Royal International Air Tattoo on 01285 713300. 

Static Display – Highlights



With 2024 marking their centennial, the Royal Canadian Air Force will have a designated area at this year’s show with a range of different aircraft on display. A stand-out from their participation is a Kingfisher, which is a first time visitor to RAF Fairford and quite a sight in its striking yellow paint scheme. All the RCAF aircraft will be parked together, at the eastern end of the showground, and accompanied by Canadian cultural displays. Don't miss your chance to take a selfie with their centennial mascot 'Astra'!

F 16S On Taxiway


As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, we have created a unique static display where operators of the jet from all over the world will be side-by-side on the showground, allowing you to see a full evolution of the jet from its early years to its more updated airframe, with newer Block 52+ airframes. This will be at the western end of the airfield, viewable on Saturday and Sunday, including an elevated photography platform for that unique line-up snap.

RIAT2022 Nickdungan 06907


Located at the eastern end of the airfield, the RAF experience is full of things to explore as they present all aspects of what it is like to be involved in the air force. Its centrepiece will be an A400M aircraft and there are more than 20 different units who will be exhibiting in this special ground display. The RAF experience is always worth a visit when joining us at RIAT and will be where all the RAF display teams will be hosting their autograph sessions over the weekend.

RIAT2022 Dominicjames 6609


Check back closer to RIAT, and we'll be providing timings of some of the must-see items in the flying display programme. The full flying display schedule will be available in the souvenir programme on the day.

The showground is nearly two miles in length, so we have provided marker flags every 50 metres along the southside of the main taxiway to help you navigate your way round the show and show you how far you need to walk to get here.


Refuelling stations

SW loop and orange flags 4,13-15, 22-23, 26, 31-32, 37-38

Many of the amenities to help you enjoy your day are found in our seven Refuelling Stations. As well as a wide range of catering options, plenty of seating and shelter, with toilets located nearby. Refuelling Stations are positioned in the West, Central and East parts of the showground, including the Take Off Zone which provides many of the same facilities. The ideal place for meeting up with friends and family. 

Welcome To RIAT Sign

Finding your way around

The tallest flags are orange and tell you what number location you are at, and the navy flags in between tell you which amenities, activities and enclosures are there or close by. In the sections below we show the orange flag number each facility is situated at. Also be sure to use our showground maps, listen to our commentary and look on the big screens to find out where all the action is. If you need any further help or have any questions, just ask a member of the Air Tattoo CREW! 

Glenn Stanley RIAT 22 0849

Air Tattoo Crew

If you need help or have a question, our enthusiastic volunteers are out and about. You won’t be able to miss them in their brightly coloured uniform! They have a wealth of knowledge about the Air Tattoo and should be able to answer all your questions. Located at the entry and exit points, on the buses, around the showground and at the Visitor Information Points – if in doubt, ask the Air Tattoo CREW. 


Visitor Information Points

Orange flags 5,26, 33

At each Visitor Information Point, you will find our friendly Air Tattoo CREW who will answer any questions you may have to ensure you have a great day. At the main Visitor Information Point opposite orange flag 26, you will find the Lost Persons facility. 

GS Brief 10 Static 0326

Drop Zone

Orange flag 26

You can leave your picnics, shopping and other heavy items at the Drop Zone; our left luggage facility in the main Visitor Information Point at orange flag 26. This is free of charge, although any donation to our parent charity would be appreciated. 

RIAT2022 Dominicjames 7201

Lost persons and child safety

Orange flag 26

Our safeguarding wristband scheme is a FREE service and has greatly improved the speed at which lost persons are reunited with their guardian. We encourage you to use them and write your contact number for the day on the band. The Lost Persons facility is situated in a self-contained space in the main Visitor Information Point in the centre of the showground opposite orange flag 26. Our qualified staff will take care of any lost persons whilst we locate their guardian. 

RIAT2022 Nickdungan 16254

First aid

Orange flag 21

Should you require medical attention, our First Aid Post is centrally located in the aircraft bay behind orange flag 21. If help is required elsewhere at the Air Tattoo, ambulance and paramedic personnel will respond in order to provide medical assistance. Contact a member of the Air Tattoo team, who will call for medical assistance.

PM 28 234881

Multi–Faith Room

Orange flag 26

The multi-faith room can be used for personal prayer in any religious tradition, or for meditation and reflection. The room is not bookable and please note that as we are an airshow, the area is not silent. You can find this facility at the central Visitor Information Point


Cash points

Orange flags 5,26, 33

Don’t worry about money! Cash can be withdrawn for a small fee from the mobile ATMs situated by the Visitor Information Points located opposite orange flags 5, 26 and 33. 

Children Splashing In Puddle

Rain Ponchos

One thing we can't control is the great British weather, so if it does rain, you can go to the nearest official merchandise units and buy a reusable Air Tattoo rain poncho for just £10.

RIAT2022 Dominicjames 8040

NEW – Big Screens

Orange flags 1,18, 25-26, 38

This year, we have introduced four big screens to make your Air Tattoo experience even better! Watch footage from the skies, see interviews with pilots and their aircrew, learn fun facts and much more. They’re located in the far west of the showground, in the Take Off Zone, behind the FRIAT and accessible enclosures, and opposite the Techno Zone®.

RIAT2022 Dominicjames 7934

NEW – Digital Showground Maps

We have also introduced 10 digital screens along the showground to view different versions of the showground map. Want to know where you can buy something to eat? Need to know where the information centres are? See where aircraft are parked? No problem! You’ll find everything here. 

Techno Zone® & Inspire Stage

For more information on our Techno Zone®, where innovation and technology meet inspiration, and our Inspire Stage, click the link below:

Techno Zone® and Inspire Stage

Check back here closer to the show for the Inspire Stage schedule of events with all our guests. As a taster, we're especially thrilled that Grace Webb will be joining us on Sunday with her very special stage show, Grace's Green Gadgets, about incredible sustainable machines.

RIAT2022 Nickdungan 06938

Take off Zone

There's lots to do at RIAT24 and a visit to the Take Off Zone should definitely be on your to do list. For more information click the button below:

Take Off Zone

Feast It 7


This year we have once again enlisted Togather to elevate our public catering offer which will include some of the best food and drink the South West has to offer. We have increased the number of outlets by 25% after listening to feedback from last year’s show. Boasting an enticing variety of artisan and street food suppliers, speciality coffee, ice cream and innovative bars, this creates a great culinary experience and there’s something for everyone. 

Food and drink

RIAT23 Brief8 Merchandise RGP SE 004

Official Air Tattoo Merchandise

Orange flags 16, 26, 38

To pick up your official merchandise for this year, visit our tented shops on the showground, as well as at each Customer Entry Point. With clothing, water bottles, teddies and a variety of gifts, you’ll be sure to find something that will remind you of your brilliant day at RIAT! 

Buy merchandise


We are determined to to make clear, measurable and positive changes to the way we work to do the right thing.

Togather, our catering company are also committed to using biodegradable packaging with all their vendors. Please make sure you use the allocated bins to dispose of your plates, cutlery & food waste.

For more information on what we're doing for the environment and our sustainability pledges, click the button below:



In order to help us ensure our visitors leave the showground as safely and as quickly as possible, please note the following: 

  • Please leave by the Customer Entry Point through which you entered – this will ensure that you depart on the correct route 
  • Follow the exit routes marked out in the car parks – the exit team will regulate the traffic flows with fairness. Do not cut across to join other traffic lanes; this will not speed up your departure and only serves to annoy other drivers 
  • Tune in to Air Tattoo Live on 87.7 FM for up-to-date traffic alerts 

Upgrade your experience for 2025 with our enclosures

Our private enclosures add that special touch to your day out. All have private gardens, toilets and catering but are so popular they sell out early so, when you buy your tickets for RIAT25, make sure you include them. 

Hospitality Packages

RIAT2022 Dominicjames 8180

Visitor Feedback

We'd love to know what you think about your Air Tattoo experience. After the show, we will email you a link to our feedback survey or you can check back after the show for the link here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – please read:

No liability will be accepted by The Secretary of State for Defence or its agencies, the Royal Air Force, the Government of the United States of America and its agencies, The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust (‘the Trust’), The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprises (‘RAFCTE’), The Royal International Air Tattoo 2024 (‘RIAT 2024/RIAT24’) Executive Committee, their servants, agents, independent contractors, consultants or sponsors for any death, injury, illness, damage or loss whatsoever directly or indirectly occasioned to person or property whether due to negligence or otherwise howsoever subject to the provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. Visitors will not be entitled to a refund of any entrance monies should RIAT 2024 not take place or be curtailed in any way due to circumstances outside the control of RAFCTE. RIAT 2024 is organised by RAFCTE in support of the Trust and RAFCTE reserves to itself all rights of exploitation thereof. Accordingly, visitors are admitted to RIAT 2024 upon condition that, save with the prior written consent of RAFCTE, they do not attempt to sell, licence, or otherwise exploit, or attempt to exploit, any material whether written or in the form of photographic film, sound, video or other recording or computer software obtained or made at the Venue and that they agree not to assign or licence any copyright or other right in any such material, or any interest therein, to any third party without first offering the same to RAFCTE upon the same terms or terms more favourable to RAFCTE. All visitors admitted to RIAT 2024 agree that the remedy of RAFCTE for breach of these conditions shall not be limited to damages and may include all and any profits made as a result of such breach. Visitors may use RIAT 2024 designated car parking free of charge but in doing so will become liable to pay the full entrance fee for RIAT 2024 if not able to produce a valid ticket or tickets. No animals or birds are to be brought on to the airfield or left in vehicles. The airspace within and around RAF Fairford is restricted and it is illegal to fly any aircraft, including drones, within it without permission. It is recommended that ear protection is worn whilst on the airfield. RAFCTE reserves the right:  

– to carry out such security checks as it deems necessary  

– to refuse entry to persons and/or vehicles to the Venue  

– to divert vehicles to car parking areas and/or – to remove persons and/or vehicles from the site