Aircraft Updates

On this page you can find all the latest news, direct from the Air Operations Department each Thursday, reflecting the progress of potential aircraft participation of this year's Air Tattoo.

The 'Traffic Light' system highlights the current status of the communications between the Air Tattoo and various international air arms invited to the event. An amber light will be displayed alongside the country when we enter discussions about their potential participation. When we have received written confirmation of aircraft attendance, a green light will be displayed. Countries that have declined our invitation are listed with a red light.

To see our full list of display aircraft, click the link here to head over to our confirmed aircraft page.

Latest Update

The final #TakeoffThursday for RIAT 2024! Starting off with the exciting last minute surprise that the Hellenic Air Force, in addition to their previously announced F-16s, will now also be sending a pair of F-4 Phantoms to RIAT 2024! These jets will be arriving on Friday afternoon and will then be on static display alongside other NATO fighter aircraft at the western end of the showground on Saturday & Sunday... Phabulous!

In addition to the Black Cat pair in the flying display, then Royal Navy will now also be sending an additional Wildcat helicopter for static display. This will be parked as a showcase item for Leonardo at the centre of the showground, and we expect it will have a fit of dummy weapons.

Two more static display additions come from the United States Air Force in Europe, with a pair of F-16s from Spangdahlem and C-130 from Ramstein. These additions push the total number of jets in our 'Viper Line' over twenty! We have also added three civilian aircraft to the static displays, including the RAF Rapid Capability Office's new Tecnam P2006T 'digital twin' aircraft. We will also have a Lynx AH7 from Historic Helicopters with us over the show weekend, which we'll be using as an aerial photography platform.

This week we had an update from the Finnish Air Force; they plan to bring Hawk Mk.66 aircraft to RIAT (rather than the previously planned Mk.51 aircraft). Whilst this means the display of the Midnight Hawks won't have smokeswinders, these airframes are much rarer so we expect the news will be welcomed by aviation enthusiasts.

Finally this week, we have been notified by the Royal Danish Air Force that their Challenger is no longer able to attend RIAT 2024.

Please note, the participation list is now 'final' but there many be some unscheduled updates (such as cancellations or changes) made ad-hoc during the show week. We hope you enjoy RIAT 2024!

Invited Nations

Invited nations

Air arm Current status
Belgian Air Component Confirmed
Royal Canadian Air Force Confirmed
Czech Republic Air Force Confirmed
Royal Danish Air Force Confirmed
Finnish Air Force Confirmed
French Air and Space Force Confirmed
German Air Force Confirmed
German Army Confirmed
Hellenic Air Force Confirmed
Hungarian Air Force Confirmed
Irish Air Corps Confirmed
Italian Army Confirmed
Italian Air Force Confirmed
Royal Jordanian Air Force Confirmed
Lithuanian Air Force Confirmed
Royal Moroccan Air Force Confirmed
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Confirmed
Royal Netherlands Air Force Confirmed
Royal Norwegian Air Force Confirmed
Polish Air Force Confirmed
Portuguese Air Force Confirmed
Qatar Emiri Air Force Confirmed
Romanian Air Force Confirmed
Royal Saudi Air Force Confirmed
Serbian Air Force & Air Defence Confirmed
Slovakian Air Force Confirmed
Slovenian Army Aviation Command Confirmed
Spanish Air Force Confirmed
Spanish Navy Confirmed
Swedish Air Force Confirmed
Swiss Air Force Confirmed
Turkish Air Force Confirmed
United States Air Force (Reserves) Confirmed
United States Air Force Air Combat Command Confirmed
United States Air Force Global Strike Command Confirmed
United States Air Force in Europe and Africa Confirmed
United States Air Force Special Operations Command Confirmed
United States Air National Guard Confirmed

Not participating

Air arms
Albanian Air Force,Algerian Air Force,Royal Australian Air Force,Austrian Air Force,Azerbaijani Air and Air Defence Force,Royal Bahrain Air Force,Bangladesh Air Force,Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina,Botswana Defence Force,Brazilian Air Force,Royal Brunei Air Force,Bulgarian Air Force,Chilean Air Force,Colombian Aerospace Force,Croatian Air Force,Cyprus Air Command,Ecuadorian Air Force,Egyptian Air Force,Estonian Air Force,Finnish Army,French Army,French Navy,German Navy,Ghana Air Force,Hellenic Navy,Hellenic Army,Icelandic Directorate of Security & Defence,Indian Air Force,Indian Navy,Indonesian Air Force,Iraqi Air Force,Israeli Air Force,Italian Navy,Italian Coastguard,Japan Air Self-Defense Force,Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force,Air Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan,Kenyan Air Force,Republic of Korea Air Force,Republic of Korea Navy,Kuwait Air Force,Latvian National Air Force,Lebanese Air Force,Luxembourg Armed Forces,Ministry of Defence North Macedonia,Royal Malaysian Air Force,Armed Forces of Malta,Mexican Air Force,Montenegrin Air Force,Royal New Zealand Air Force,Nigerian Air Force,Royal Air Force of Oman,Pakistan Air Force,Pakistan Navy,Peruvian Air Force,Philippine Air Force,Polish Navy,Polish Land Forces,Republic of Singapore Air Force,South African Air Force,Spanish Army,Sri Lanka Air Force,Tanzania Air Force Command,Royal Thai Air Force,Tunisian Air Force,Turkish Naval Forces,Turkish Land Forces,Turkmenistan Defence Force,United Arab Emirates Air Force and Air Defence Force,Armed Forces of Ukraine,United States Air Force Air Education and Training Command,United States Air Force Air Mobility Command,United States Air Force Materiel Command,United States Air Force Pacific Air Forces,United States Army,United States Navy,United States Coast Guard,United States Marine Corps,Uruguayan Air Force,Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan,Vietnamese Air Defence-Air Force,Zambian Air Force

Previous Updates


This week we're pleased to confirm the aircraft which will lead our special NATO 75th Anniversary flypast on Friday 19th July. We will have a Royal Air Force RC-135 Rivet Joint, only previously seen once at RIAT, leading the flypast. This special multinational flypast will only be seen on the Friday and will also include the NATO E-3A Sentry, and a number of fast jet aircraft. The fast jets will operate from RAF Fairford, but the RC-135 will be operating from home base at RAF Waddington. Another addition from the Royal Air Force comes this week with the confirmation that we'll have the F-35B Lightning II on static display (in addition to the previously announced flying participation).

We also have further four American aircraft now confirmed for RIAT 2024, very apt for 4th July! Firstly, our regular supporters from the 48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath will be bringing both their F-35A Lightning II and F-15E Strike Eagle for static display which will be viewable on all three days of the show. Larger in size, we will have a B-52 Stratotress, coming from Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, for static display. Finally, the 99th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, based here at RAF Fairford will be putting their 'Dragon Lady' on static display over the weekend. In addition, a very special treat for visitors on the Friday only, the squadron will be launching and recovering an aircraft as part of our flying display programme. The sight and sound of the U-2 flying is something that shouldn't be missed!

This week we have removed a trio of participants from the participation list. Firstly, we have been informed by Joint Aviation Command that their Wildcat AH1 is no longer able to attend due to a priority operational tasking for the unit. Secondly, we have taken the decision to remove the BBMF Spitfire & Hurricane from our participation list, as they are currently not flying and we do not expect them to be available for RIAT 2024. However, we are hoping the Avro Lancaster still may be able to participate, but we await formal confirmation from the Royal Air Force and will update you when able.


This week we have received the formal approval for the first of our United States Air Force aircraft which will be on static display at RIAT 2024. The highlight for most aviation enthusiasts will likely be the final appearance of the KC-10 Extender on static display, which will be supporting the deployment of two F-16 Fighting Falcons from the 93rd Fighter Squadron ""Makos"" to join our Viper Line. Other USAF 'heavies' include the C-17 and KC-46, both of which are planned to be open for public to view onboard during the show. Coming from RAF Mildenhall we have a KC-135, MC-130J and RC-135, the latter of which we haven't see at RIAT for a number of years. In addition we've also got a C-21 coming from Ramstein Air Base. The majority of these US DOD aircraft will be parked at the western end of the airfield so only viewable on Saturday & Sunday. We have a few more American aircraft expected, pending final paperwork approvals, so hope to provide a further update in the coming weeks.

Visitors on Friday will have the chance to witness the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team dropping into RIAT to open the Friday flying display. They'll be jumping from a C-17 Globemaster, which will then be landing ready for its appearance on static display on Saturday & Sunday.

Another flying display addition this week, as part of our Centennial celebrations for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Coming from The Fighter Collection at Duxford, we've got a Supermarine Spitfire Vb wearing the colours of 402 Squadron RCAF, which will be flying on Saturday & Sunday. The plan for this aircraft is to perform a 'heritage formation' alongside the CF-188 Hornet.

Also this week we add three aircraft to the static displays, provided by their manufacturers. The Gulfstream G700 and King Air B300 will be parked in the central 'showcase' area, and the Grob 120TP will be parked alongside other training aircraft on static display.


This week we're pleased to announce the return of the Saudi Hawks to RIAT! The team will be performing in the flying display on Saturday and Sunday with their green Hawk jets. In addition, the Royal Saudi Air Force will be bringing one of their new F-15SA Eagles for static display, a RIAT debut for this aircraft type, plus the return of their A330 MRTT which we saw last year too. The RSAF contingent will be supported by a number of C-130 Hercules transport aircraft which will be coming and going from RAF Fairford throughout the week.

Two more RAF 'heavies' confirmed for static display this week, both coming from nearby RAF Brize Norton. The Atlas will be the centrepiece of the RAF Experience and will be open for tours on all three days of the show. In addition, we've also got the Voyager (the largest aircraft ever operated by the Royal Air Force) which will also be on static display and open for you to view onboard on all three days of the show.

Another aircraft making it's RIAT debut is the new C-295 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft from the Irish Air Corps, which will be on static display. Our Irish friends will also return with their EC-135 helicopter, with the ambition for registration '270' to attend which has a specially painted tail boom.

Our final static display confirmations this week come from Switzerland, with Pilatus bringing their PC-7 & PC-24, which will be parked together in one of our showcase static displays near the centre of the airfield.

This week we've also added a number of support aircraft to the participation list. These aircraft will be visiting RAF Fairford in the days ahead of the show, and will be enjoyed by photographers in FRIAT / Park and View. Whilst most of these aircraft won't be present for the show days, the current aspiration is that the Turkish KC-135 will join the static display over the weekend.

This week our team have completed 'the longest day' where we plan all the arrival slots for the circa 250 aircraft which will be coming to RAF Fairford in July. Therefore, in the coming weeks we plan to update which aircraft visitors should be able to view on the Friday.


This week we're pleased to confirm participation of aircraft from the UK's Joint Aviation Command (previously known as Joint Helicopter Command). In the flying display we'll be welcoming the Chinook performing a combat role demonstration on Saturday & Sunday, including the carrying of an underslung load and deployment of troops. We had previously been notified this will use a HC.6 airframe, however we're seeking information from the crew about which airframe they'll bring to RAF Fairford as we noted that a HC.5 airframe was used for their appearance at RAF Cosford Air Show last weekend. We will keep you updated..! On static display we'll be welcoming Apache & Wildcat helicopters from the Army Air Corps, both of which will be arriving on the Friday morning. We will also have a rare appearance from a Puma HC2 helicopter, which will be parked near the RAF Experience.

Another fast jet for the static line-up, the Italian Air Force will send one of their Tornados! We understand their aspiration is to bring a specially painted aircraft, marking 50 years of the Tornado, which will be a fantastic addition to our NATO 75th Anniversary static line-up. The Reparto Sperimentale di Volo will also send their Piaggio P.180AM Avanti into RIAT for VIP transportation, but we are not sure if it'll be available for public viewing over the weekend at this time.

Visitors on Friday will be treated to a special flying display appearance by the Embraer KC-390, flown by the manufacturer, using their company demonstrator airframe.

This week we have added nine civilian aircraft to the static displays, including a Auster J/5F Aiglet Trainer which was previously used for Flight Test by Cranfield College of Aeronautics, plus a host of aircraft used by RAF Flying Clubs across the country.

With the show rapidly approaching, this is a busy period for our Air Operations team, with key planning events such as 'The Longest Day' coming next week, where we'll be planning all the arrival slots for circa 250 aircraft coming into RAF Fairford. This means in the coming weeks we should be able to provide more information about which aircraft will be viewable on the Friday, and which will be parked at the western end of the showground which is only open on Saturday & Sunday.


Following on from Tuesday's additional confirmation, of the F-15QA, we have more exciting additions to the RIAT 2024 line-up today...

After missing the last two shows, we're pleased to welcome the Royal Norwegian Air Force back to RIAT, with a substanial show of support as part of our NATO 75th Anniversary theme. Headlining their involvement, we're very excited to be welcoming their 'Yellow Sparrows' display team to the UK for the first ever time. The team comes from their flying training school at Bardufoss and flies the SAAB Safari. We believe this is the first ever time a Norwegian Safari has visited the UK, so a true highlight of show for aviation enthusiasts! In addition, we're also welcoming their F-35A Lightning and AW101 SAR Queen to RIAT for the first time, plus a C-130J Hercules, all for static display.

Perhaps the most exotic aircraft to join our 'Viper Line' at RIAT 2024, we're very pleased to announce the participation of a pair of Moroccan F-16s! In their first visit to the Air Tattoo in nearly 30 years, the Royal Moroccan Air Force will be sending a single seat F-16C and twin seat F-16D, both Block 52 models equipped with conformal fuel tanks. These jets are painted in a fantastic desert camoflauge pattern and we're very excited to see them at RAF Fairford in July.

In the week we mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, it's approproate we announce the first of our D-Day themed aircraft coming to RIAT 2024. Aero Legends will be sending their C-47B Dakota, painted in RAF markings, which will arrive on the Friday and then be on static display over the weekend. In addition, we have another Dakota planned to participate in the form of the newly restored 'Night Fright'. This aircraft is due to make it's post restoration first flight imminently, and will be added to the participation list once this has occured and we know the aircraft will be available for RIAT.

As part of our 'Pushing the Boundaries' theme, we're pleased to have a pair of electrically powered aircraft coming for static display, in form of Pipistrel Velis Electros, operated by NEDOair. These aircraft are planned to arrive on Friday.

Finally, last but not least, we're very excited that (for only the the 3rd time in RIAT's history) we have a Skyhawk coming! Top Aces will be sending one of their A-4N advanced agressor Skyhawks for static display.

Sadly this week, we were informed by HM Coastguard that their aircraft would no longer be able to attend RIAT 2024.


We're so excited about this addition to the RIAT flying display, we couldn't wait until Thursday!

The Boeing F-15QA Ababil will be flying on all three days of RIAT 2024! This jet, operated by the Qatar Emiri Air Force, will be flown by Boeing test pilots to showcase the power and agility of this new variant of the popular F-15 Eagle family. This is the first time we've seen a F-15QA at RIAT, and the first time we've seen any kind of F-15 perform a solo flying display routine at RIAT since 2007. A sincere thanks to our sponsors at Boeing for providing this display, which will likely be a highlight of this year's event.

More news to come on Thursday...


Starting this week's update with the return of the Royal Navy Black Cats to RIAT! The helicopter display team, flying a pair of Wildcat helicopters will be returning to the skies over RAF Fairford after a lengthy hiatus and will be flying every day at the show. In addition, the Royal Navy will also contribute a pair of Merlin HM.2 for static display, with the plan for one of the helicopters to be equipped with the Crowsnest airborne radar system.

Continuing the nautical theme, we will have the Royal Air Force's maritime patrol aircraft, the Poseidon, on static display again. This will be parked near the RAF Experience, at the eastern end of the showground. We will also have a classic naval fighter on static display with the debut appearance of Flying Legend's new F4U Corsair. This airframe, known as 'Devotion' is the last airworthy Corsair which flew in the Korean War, serving with VMF-513. Flying Legends GmbH will also bring their P-51D Mustang ""Frances Dell"" for static display too.

We're pleased the Polish Air Force are the latest F-16 operator to confirm their participation at RIAT 2024. In the flying display, their 'Tiger Demo Team' will showcase the Block 52 variant of the F-16, equipped with conformal fuel tanks. This display hasn't been seen in the UK since 2018, so we're excited to welcome them back to RIAT this summer. In additional, they'll also be bringing a F-16D for our 'Viper Line' static display, which should also be equipped with conformal fuel tanks. The Polish F-16s will be supported by a C-130 Hercules, which we hope will be remaining at RAF Fairford over the show weekend for static display. We will keep you updated about this and other planned support aircraft in the coming weeks.

Following on from our recent confirmations from the Royal Canadian Air Force, we can now announce a final addition to their static display area. As part of their centennial celebrations, and also part of our Flight Test theme, we're very pleased that a CH-146 Griffon helicopter from their Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment will be on static display at RIAT 2024! This helicopter will be transported to RIAT in their CC-177. We had a very successful planning meeting with our Canadian counterparts last week, and their ground displays surrounding their aircraft are not to be missed in July. We'll have the RCAF Band playing musical pieces alongside their aircraft, a marquee containing various Canadian cultural displays, and your chance to meet their centennial mascot 'Astra'.

Contrary to reports online, the Polish Land Forces will sadly not be participating with their new Leonardo AW149 helicopter at RIAT 2024.


Three flying display additions to kick-off this week's update, courtesy of the Italian Air Force! At RIAT 2024 we're pleased to have their F-2000A Typhoon, C-27J Spartan and T-346A Master all performing in the flying display. These displays are very relevant for our 'Pushing the Boundaries' theme highlighting flight test and evaluation, as the 'Reparto Sperimentale di Volo' are the Italian Air Force's flight test unit. The Italian Air Force hope to also provide aircraft for static display, confirmation of which should follow in the coming weeks.

Another week, and more F-16s to join the special 'Viper Line' static display as we mark the aircraft's 50th anniversary! This week we're very pleased to confirm the attendance of Romanian Air Force who are sending their F-16AM Fighting Falcons to RIAT for the first time. These jets wear an attractive camouflage pattern to add a splash of colour to the growing line of F-16s from many operators which will be a unique sight at RIAT 2024. In addition, we'll also see a C-27J Spartan on static display from Romania.

This week we can also add a trio of Royal Air Force Typhoons to our static display. Firstly, as part of our 'Pushing the Boundaries' theme 41 Squadron will participate with their aircraft which is used for trials and development. Secondly, 12 Squadron will send one of their jets which will be parked alongside the previously confirmed Qatar Emiri Air Force assets. Finally, the static Typhoon to be parked near the RAF Experience (at the eastern end of the showground) will be coming from II(AC) Squadron at RAF Lossiemouth.

In addition this week we've had an update from our counterparts in the United States Air Force. The process for approving their participation at RIAT 2024 is well underway, and they are planning to send a number of aircraft for static display at RIAT 2024, including assets such as their C-17 Globemaster, KC-46 Pegasus, F-16 Fighting Falcon and a selection of other aircraft. However, until all the paperwork is approved, we will not be adding them to our confirmed aircraft list.


Starting this week with more F-16s for our 'Viper Line' static display as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the type at RIAT 2024! We're very excited to be welcoming a pair of F-16s from Portugal to RIAT; the first time since 2006 we've seen their jets at the show. In addition to the Vipers, the Portuguese Air Force is also sending their new Embraer KC-390 transport aircraft to RIAT for the first time, for static display. Obrigado!

The Lithuanian Air Force will send a pair of aircraft to RIAT to join our NATO 75th Anniversary celebrations, both on static display. We're very excited to see their Mi-8 Hip helicopter coming across to RIAT for the first time in many years. In addition, they'll also send their C-27J Spartan.

Two interesting civilian aircraft added to the static display this week; a Finnish Vinka and Yugoslavian Kraguj. Both aircraft are now operated by private owners who'll be flying them to Fairford in July. The Vinka will be on static display as our memorial tribute to Perttu Karivalo, former member of the RIAT Flying Display Team and European Airshow Council Board member, who passed away in October.

The final addition to the static display this week, another C-17 Globemaster! This jet is coming from the multinational Heavy Airlift Wing, part of Strategic Airlift Capability based at Pápa Air Base in Hungary. The crew plan to have the aircraft open and available for tours throughout the weekend.

Also this week, we've continued our discussions with the Royal Navy, and Joint Helicopter Command, and are awaiting their formal confirmations of participation at RIAT. In addition, members of our team have this week attended a briefing to the Defence Attaché community in London on plans for RIAT 2024, and a number of fruitful conversations had to try and seek final confirmations of their nations' participating aircraft. 


Opening this week's #TakeoffThursday with the exciting news that we'll be welcoming an aircraft from a new nation for RIAT 2024. For the very first time we've got an aircraft from the Serbian Armed Forces attending the Air Tattoo, with their new Airbus C295MW aircraft coming for static display at this year's show. A warm welcome awaits the Serbian crew at RAF Fairford in July, as the 58th nation to participate at the Air Tattoo.

We can now announce the participation of three Canadian heavyweights which will be static display at RIAT 2024. The CC-130J Hercules, CC-177 Globemaster and CC-150 Polaris will all be parked together at the eastern end of the static line, alongside the previous announced Canadian assets, to form a RCAF100 themed area; this will include other ground displays from Canada surrounding the aircraft. A sincere thanks to our Canadian friends for their excellent support to RIAT this year. Of note; this could be the last time we see their Polaris at RIAT, and therefore the last visit of an Airbus A310 to RAF Fairford, so one for the enthusiasts to ensure they enjoy come July.

The Royal Air Force have confirmed a plethora of training aircraft for static display at RIAT 2024: Tutor, Prefect, Texan, Hawk, Phenom, Juno & Jupiter. Some of these aircraft will be parked in the centre of the showground in a showcase exhibition of Ascent Flying Training (the organisation who deliver flying training to pilots and aircrew within the UK Military Flight Training System), and the other aircraft will be parked close to the RAF Experience area. We hope to confirm further contributions to the static display from the Royal Air Force in the coming weeks.

This week work continues with various aircraft operators, working to finalise arrangements for their aircraft's attendance at RIAT. It's worth noting that whilst the updates published in recent weeks have been mainly static display aircraft, there are plenty more aircraft lined-up for the flying display. However we are unable to announce many of these yet, until we get the proper approvals in place to ensure their participation is confirmed.


Starting this week's aircraft update with a huge contribution to our 'Viper Line' from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. As this will be the last time we'll see their F-16AM Fighting Falcons as RIAT (as they're retiring from service later this year), we're very pleased that they'll be sending us four jets for static display, which is a fantastic contribution to our celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the F-16. In addition, from the Netherlands, their NH90 NATO Frigate Helicopter will also be returning for static display.

This week we can also unveil the first of our Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft coming for static display; a CC-295 Kingfisher! This is the first time we've seen this aircraft coming to RIAT and with it's bright yellow colour scheme, it'll be hard to miss. Next week we should be able to add the rest of the Canadian contributions to RIAT to the website and give you more detail on the planned theme ground display marking their Centennial.

Final confirmation for this week comes from the Slovak Air Force, who'll be sending one of their C-27J Spartan transport aircraft for static display, joining the NATO 75th Anniversary line-up.

In addition this week we've continued discussion with a variety of European Air Arms who've informed us about the aircraft they intend to send to RIAT 2024. As ever; more news in the coming weeks!


Starting this week with a pair of exciting pair of jets to join our 'Viper Line' on static display at RIAT 2024, coming from Greece. We're very pleased the Hellenic Air Force will be sending a pair of their Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon Block 52+ jets to join our 50th anniversary celebrations. These particular jets will come from 336 ""Olympos"" Squadron and wear a very attractive 'Aegean Blue' colour scheme. We have asked the squadron to send aircraft equipped with Conformal Fuel Tanks, to show this impressive capability which can be used on the newer blocks of F-16s.

As part of our 'Pushing the Boundaries' theme, we're very pleased to be welcoming the FAAM Airborne Laboratory back to RIAT for the first time since 2012. This specially modified BAe 146 is used for a huge array of scientific research projects, primarily by the Natural Environment Research Council, the UK Met Office, and the UK university community. Our plan is to park this aircraft alongside other Flight Test / Scientific Research aircraft in the central area of the showground, and the FAAM team has said they intend to offer guided tours inside the aircraft.

Also this week we're pleased to be able to announce the participation of the French Air & Space Force at RIAT 2024, with an aircraft type we haven't seen for many years. We're excited to be welcoming one of their classic air defense fighters, the Mirage 2000-5, for a static display at the show. Particularly poignant this year as we mark the 75th Anniversary of NATO, as the unit bringing the jet to RIAT has regularly deployed on NATO Baltic Air Policing missions in recent years.

This week we've had further discussions with the Royal Air Force about which aircraft they plan to show on static display at RIAT 2024 (in addition to the already announced flying displays). As per usual, we're on course to receive an excellent level of support, with both frontline and training aircraft planned. We're just awaiting the formal paperwork, then we can start adding them to the participation list in the coming weeks. We've also heard from our friends at the Reparto Sperimentale Volo in Italy, who plan to return to RIAT again this year, with confirmation of which aircraft types to follow soon.


Starting this week with another F-16 for the flying display, with the return of the popular SOLOTÜRK Demo Team! This display flies an impressively painted F-16C Fighting Falcon, which we last saw at RIAT 2018, and therefore is a very welcome participant as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the F-16 at the show. In addition, the Turkish Air Force will also contribute to the NATO 75th Anniversary static display line-up with a pair of their F-4E Phantoms jets. These aircraft, locally upgraded and known as the F-4E Terminator 2020, will be a very welcome sight for aviation enthusiasts at the show.

This week we can confirm another addition to the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the F-16, with the Belgian Air Component contributing one of their F-16AM for static display at RIAT. The aircraft will be provided by the 10th Tactical Wing at Kleine Brogel Air Base, although at this stage we are unable confirm which squadron will provide the aircraft.

The final additions for this week come from Draken Europe. They will be bringing examples of their Falcon 20 & Honey Badger for static display, which will be parked in a showcase parking location near the centre of the showground, so will be viewable on all three days of the show.

Also this week, we have received information from Joint Helicopter Command that they plan to send a number of aircraft to RIAT 2024, including a Chinook to perform a ""capability demonstration"" in the flying display. However, we await further details and formal confirmation before we can add to the participation list. We hope to receive the required paperwork for this, and other British military helicopters, in the coming weeks.


Starting this week's update with our loyal friends in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. A RIAT tradition, we will have the excellent Royal Jordanian Falcons performing in the flying display with their Extra 330LX aircraft. In addition, we'll be welcoming one of their Hercules for static display. Of note for enthusiasts, their current intent is to bring one of their newly acquired ex-USAF airframes. Finally, we're extremely excited that the Royal Jordanian Air Force will be sending a pair of their F-16 Fighting Falcons to RIAT for the first time, to join the type's 50th anniversary celebrations! The current plan is that they will send one single-seat and one twin-seat jet to join the Viper Line on static display, visible on Saturday & Sunday.

Another fast jet for the flying display next, with the Hungarian Air Force sending their JAS-39C Gripen. This is always an impressive display sequence, and previous award winner, so a display not to be missed.

With the Qatar Emiri Air Force marking their 50th Anniversary this year, we're pleased to be welcoming an interesting array of their aircraft to RIAT 2024. The centrepiece of their static display area will be their C-17 Globemaster, which will be joined by a Hawk (from RAF Leeming), Typhoon (from BAE Systems at Warton) and NH90 NFH (being transported via C-17 to the UK for RIAT). We also hope to have an additional Typhoon from 12 Squadron (the joint RAF/Qatari squadron at RAF Coningsby) to join this static display, confirmation of which is expected at a later date.

This week we've continued working with a range of other Air Forces about the aircraft they are considering sending to RIAT 2024, and well as more civilian Flight Test aircraft which are appropriate for our 'Pushing the Boundaries in Air & Space' theme.


We're starting this week's update with confirmation of another international formation display team coming to RIAT 2024. We're pleased to announce Patrouille Suisse will be performing in the flying display on Saturday & Sunday! Flying their colourful F-5 Tigers, we haven't seen the team at RAF Fairford since 2017, so we're very pleased to be welcoming them back to RIAT this summer.

Further flying display additions this week come from Germany, who continue their fantastic annual support to RIAT, with an assortment of interesting aircraft committed to this year's show as part of the NATO 75th Anniversary celebrations. In the flying display, we're excited to see solo displays from their Eurofighter and A400M for the first time. On the ground they'll be exhibiting their impressive CH-53G helicopter, a Tornado from Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 51 ""Immelmann"" (who are hosting this year's NATO Tiger Meet, so fingers crossed for a specially painted jet) and for the first time their Airbus A319 aircraft which is specially modified for Open Skies missions. Finally, as part of our 'Pushing the Boundaries' theme we're very pleased that the Germany's special flight test centre, WTD 61, will also be providing a Tornado for static display.

As we celebrate NATO's 75th Anniversary, we're very pleased to welcome one of their AWACS aircraft to RIAT 2024. The aircraft will be performing a special flypast on Friday (more details in the coming months), and then be on static display for Saturday & Sunday.

We are aware of other aircraft sharing their intent to be at RIAT 2024 online, some of which we are in communication with, others which we have not heard from. A reminder that we must await the formal approval paperwork before we list them on our website as confirmed participants. More news to follow in the coming weeks.


With the Royal Canadian Air Force's 100th anniversary to be marked next week (1st April), this week we announce the first of our static display items coming to RIAT as part of their centenary celebrations, both of which being historic De Havilland aircraft. Firstly we have a Chipmunk coming from Old Warden in its yellow RCAF colour scheme. Secondly, the Norwegian Vampire will be returning to RAF Fairford, this year to be adorned in Canadian markings especially for RIAT 2024! These aircraft will be parked alongside the modern day RCAF assets coming to RIAT 2024 on static display. We've had a number of great planning meetings with our Canadian friends already, and we hope to be able to announce their static aircraft participation next month, in addition to the previously announced CF-188 in the flying display.

A welcome addition to the flying display will come from Slovenia, in the shape of their Pilatus PC-9M. This display is a previous award winner at RIAT, showcasing the agility of this turboprop trainer, so the display is one not to miss! The PC-9M, which is known as the Hudournik (meaning Swift) in Slovenian service, will also be participating on the static display. This year they'll be supported by Slovenia's new C-27J Spartan which will remain at RAF Fairford for static display over the weekend too.

This week we've heard from a number of American units, from the Air Force, Army & Navy, who may be able to participate with their aircraft at RIAT 2024. Their approval process to participate at RIAT well underway, however it's likely we won't be able to publicly confirm their participation until much closer to the show. However at this stage we're confident we'll have an interesting mix of American aircraft for you to view on static display come July.


Starting this week with the return of a popular flying display, from NATO's newest member! The Swedish Air Force will return to RIAT with their SAAB JAS-39C Gripen to perform in the flying display, and in addition they'll bring a JAS-39D Gripen for the static display.

Another returning aircraft will be the NH90 TTH of the German Army, appearing in both the flying and static displays, as part of our NATO 75th Anniversary theme. Their NH90 has been a popular display item for the last two years with it's attractive camofluage livery, so we're pleased to be welcoming them back to RAF Fairford this summer.

A rare addition to the static displays comes in the form of a Bréguet Alizé. Now operated in civilian hands, the type flew with the French Navy for many years in the anti-submarine warfare role. This will be the first time we've seen an Alizé at RIAT in over 20 years, and the plan is that the aircraft will arrive on Friday afternoon, then be on static display over the weekend as part of our NATO 75th Anniversary theme.

This week, a team from RIAT has been attending the pre-season Flying Display Symposium, hosted by the MAA & CAA. A number of topics were discussed, focused on Flight Safety, and we got the chance to catch-up with a number of squadrons/displays teams from the British Military who will be coming to RIAT in July.

Finally this week, sadly Bristow Helicopters have informed us that they'll no longer be able to send their AW189 to RIAT this year, but still plan to participate with their two other helicopters.


This week we're pleased to confirm the attendance of our first F-16s for RIAT 2024, coming from the Royal Danish Air Force. They will be sending their F-16AM Fightning Falcon, with the solo display again flown by demo pilot 'TEO'. In addition to the flying jet, they will also bring at least one F-16 to join our static displays. As part of our theme celebrating 50 years of the F-16, supported by Lockheed Martin, our plan for all the static F-16s coming to RIAT 2024 is for them to be parked in a long line together, located at the western end of the showground in the Green Zone. This means the 'Viper line' static display will not be viewable on Friday, however location has been chosen as some operators have indicated their jets will not be able to arrive until Friday. It also means our Aircraft Engineering Team have sufficent time to ensure the long line of jets can be precisely parked in the most photogenic manner possible for visitors on Saturday & Sunday.

In addition to the F-16s, the Royal Danish Air Force will also be sending one of their CL-604 Challenger aircraft for static display, a type we haven't seen at RIAT for a number of years, so we're looking forward to welcoming this jet, which fulfills a number of roles including Maratime Patrol.

This week we've also heard from our friends in Germany, who are planning to return to RIAT with their aircraft, so we hope to recieve the formal confirmation in the coming weeks so we're able to share with you all.

Finally, we're looking forward to welcoming members of FRIAT to Douglas Bader House tomorrow, as we host the annual FRIAT Forum.


This week we're thrilled to announce contributions from the Royal Air Force for the RIAT 2024 flying display programme:

Headlining the Royal Air Force contingent at RIAT 2024 will be the Red Arrows, back at full strength of nine jets and celebrating their diamond anniversary this year. As part of this, their Hawk jets have been adorned with a small special 'Diamond Season' logo and the team have redesigned their display sequence, bringing in a number of formation shapes and manoeuvres not seen for a number of years. The Red Arrows will be performing their full flying display on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. We hope to include the team in a number of special formation flypasts at RIAT 2024, but details of these will not be confirmed until much closer to the show.

The Eurofighter Typhoon, this year flown by Flight Lieutenant David 'Turbo' Turnbull, will be performing in the flying display on Saturday & Sunday. Visitors on Friday should be able to see the aircraft perform a flypast on arrival at RAF Fairford, but not a display. Likewise, for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, visitors on Friday will be treated to a series of flypasts from the Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane. On Saturday & Sunday, we are very lucky at RIAT to be seeing a special display from the BBMF, with the Lancaster accompanied by four of their fighter aircraft (planned to be two Spitfires and two Hurricanes).

Finally, and perhaps most exciting, for 2024 the F-35B will be performing a 'Role Demonstration' lasting around 10 minutes, rather than just the flypasts we've been used to seeing in recent years. This Role Demonstration will be performed on Saturday & Sunday and should include high speed and low speed passes, minimum radius turns, opening of the internal weapon bays and hovering.

Details of additional Royal Air Force contributions to RIAT, including static displays, will follow closer to the event.

Also this week, we're pleased that QinetiQ are supporting our 'Pushing the Boundaries in Air & Space' theme in spectacular fashion with seven examples of their fleet used by the Empire Test Pilots School due for static display. Of particular note is the debut of their new King Air 350 (which is due to painted into their eye-catching colour scheme ahead of the show) and the return of their Grob 120TP which we haven't seen since RIAT 2018. We plan to park all the QinetiQ aircraft together, alongside other British flight test aircraft, in the Blue Zone so they'll be visible on all three days of the show.

This week has had a very nordic feel in our office, as we have been in communication with the Royal Danish Air Force, Royal Norwegian Air Force and Swedish Air Force about which aircraft types they hope to send to RIAT 2024. We should be able to announce some of their contributions to the show next week...


This week we announce our first formation display team for the RIAT 2024 flying display. In addition to the previously announced Hornet, the Finnish Air Force will now also be sending us their Midnight Hawks Display Team! We haven't seen the team at RIAT since 2017, so we're pleased to welcome them back to RAF Fairford, and very relevant this year as it's the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the British Aerospace Hawk aircraft.

Two further additions to our static display, starting with a RIAT debut for a Turbo Firecat. Recently retired from Sécurité Civile service in France, this water bomber is now operated in civilian hands and should be a highlight of RIAT 2024 for many aviation enthusiasts. Secondly, Gazelle Squadron will be bringing their ex-QinetiQ Gazelle for static display, as part of our Pushing the Boundaries in Air and Space theme.

Last week at the European Airshow Council Convention our team had a number of positive discussions with a number of European militaries about their intended support to RIAT 2024. It was pleasing to hear from colleagues from supporting Air Forces including the Belgian, Danish, Dutch, French, Jordanian, Slovenian and Swedish that they intend to participate. We hope to receive their formal confirmations in the coming weeks.

At the same time, we are starting to hear back from other Air Arms who are sadly unable to send their aircraft to RIAT 2024 due to their operational commitments. These can be viewed at the bottom of the invited nations list.


A real highlight for aviation enthusiasts to kick-off this week's update, with a pair of SF-5M Freedom Fighters from the Spanish Air Force! These jets are used during the training of new fast jet pilots in Spain, from their home base at Badajoz Air Base. We're delighted to have them return to RIAT as part of our NATO 75th Anniversary theme.

Another fast jet for the flying display this week, in the shape of the ever popular Czech Gripen. In addition, they'll also be bringing one of their L-159 ALCAs which will form part of the NATO 75th Anniversary static display.

Final confirmations for this week come from Bristow Helicopters with their Coastguard helicopters. We've seen the AW189 and S-92 at RIAT previously, accompnaied by a ground display from HM Coastguard, which is always popular with visitors. In addition, this year they'll also be bringing one of their brand new AW139 helicopters to join the line-up too.

This week, we have a small team attending the European Airshow Council Convention in Brussels. This three day event is a vital date in our annual calendar for us to gather with airshow colleagues from across Europe, share best practice and discuss potential aircraft participation with the military representatives in attendance. We hope to have some more information to share with you, about the discussions our team have at EAC, in next week's update.


This week we add four civilian operated aircraft to our RIAT 2024 static aircraft displays.

Firstly, another aircraft used for scientific research and flight testing, as part of our 'Pushing the Boundaries in Air and Space' theme, in the shape of Cranfield University's SAAB 340 aircraft, which is used as the National Flying Laboratory Centre. This aircraft is returning to RAF Fairford after it's debut last year and will be on static display on all three days of this year's show. We hope to park a number of the aircraft coming to the show as part of this special theme together, near to the centre of the showground.

Another returning aircraft comes from Hawker Hunter Aviation. With the Hawker Hunter operated by many North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Air Arms during the alliance's early years, as we celebrate the NATO 75th Anniversary at RIAT 2024 we're pleased to have an example of this classic jet in attendance. Our aspiration is that following appearances of different machines from their fleet in recent years, we should see ZZ191 this year in it's eye-catching splinter camouflage colour scheme, although that is subject to change over the coming months.

In addition, we will also welcome a Leonardo AW169 from Uni Fly for the first time, exhibiting their new winch-equipped helicopter, and the Slingsby Nipper which nearly made it to the show last year, should be with us on static display to take the award for smallest aircraft at the show!

This week, work has continued with a variety of nations who hope to send their aircraft to RIAT 2024. For most Air Forces, whilst initial planning has begun, it is not until the Spring when we can expect to receive formal confirmation of their participation, and add the aircraft to our participation list. Of particular interest this week is the intent from Zambia to send an aircraft, after their last minute cancellation in 2023.


Welcome to our first aircraft update of 2024! Following on from our special unveiling in December, where we revealed a Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Demo, we are now naming participating aircraft every week ahead of this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo.As you can see from the traffic light system below, we have been busy working with a variety of nations and civil aircraft operators to ensure a fantastic assortment of aircraft for you to enjoy this summer.

In this week’s announcement, we’re pleased the Spanish Navy will be returning to RIAT with their iconic Harrier The EAV-8B, known as 'Matador' in Spanish service, set to perform a solo flying display.

Meanwhile on the static display, as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)’s 75th anniversary celebration, we will have a Finnish Air Force Hornet, which we hope to park alongside aircraft from fellow NATO nations.

Elsewhere, under our ‘Pushing the Boundaries in Air and Space’ theme, a British Antarctic Survey Twin Otter, in a bright orange colour scheme, will also be visiting. This aircraft operates in incredible conditions as it conducts scientific work, which makes it an aircraft not to be missed when you’re visiting RAF Fairford in July.


We're pleased to make an early announcement for RIAT 2024, with exciting news from Canada! RIAT 2024 will host the European celebration of the Royal Canadian Air Force's Centennial and as part of this we're thrilled to be welcoming their CF-188 Hornet to performing in the flying display at the Air Tattoo. A display not seen in the UK since 2018, the Hornet will be specially painted in a livery to celebrate their 100th anniversary. More details can be found in on News Page & 2024 Themes page.

We hope to begin regular 'Take Off Thursday' updates in February, as other Air Arms confirm their attendance at RIAT 2024. Stay tuned!