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2024 Park & View Tickets

The perfect spot for take-offs and landings

Head to the West and East enclosure to enjoy a brilliant and safe view of all aircraft arrivals and departures.

Park & View ticket includes:

  • Parking for ticket holders (opens at 6.00am)
  • Toilets
  • Disabled parking (limited)
  • Food and drink outlets
  • A stepladder enclosure within Park and View East


Park and View
Park & View Opening Times Opening Times Closing Times Book your ticket
17th July 2024 7.30am 5.30pm SOLD OUT
18th July 2024 7.30am 5.30pm SOLD OUT
22nd July 2024 7.30am 4.30pm SOLD OUT


There are no other suitable parking facilities or walkways surrounding RAF Fairford. So these enclosures are the only place from which to watch the aircraft.

Please note that there will be a short security check at entry points, so you may be searched. Additionally, the grass length in the enclosure may be long. This is part of the operational airfield management of bird populations.