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Trust's Tea Bar Boost For 614 Squadron

Published: 05 Feb 2015   updated: 10 Feb 2015

PERSONNEL and visitors to 614 (County of Glamorgan) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, are enjoying improved facilities at the Ty Llewelly Reserve Centre, in Cardiff, with the help of a grant of £1,259.97 from the RAF Charitable Trust.

The money has been used to pay for the tea bar to be equipped with  one dishwasher, two fridges and a wall-mounted water heater, all designed to maintain and improve the welfare and quality of life of 614 Sqn personnel and visitors.

Flt Lt Gavin Walker said: "This equipment has created exactly the effect the Squadron was after, and is currently being enjoyed by current and potential spare-time volunteer reserves, full-time Squadron staff and visitors and guests alike.  As well as being extremely useful, the equipment has created a space the Squadron can be proud of, with the tea bar area becoming a hub for meeting and socialising, bringing the various members of 614 Squadron closer together."

He added: "Through their generosity the RAF Charitable Trust has allowed 614 Squadron to create a facility that benefits everyone.  In doing so it has provided an environment which continues to engender such values as teamwork, communication, trust and belonging, all key attributes for the development of our future Royal Air Force people.
"614 Squadron personnel are extremely grateful to the Charitable Trust for the assistance they have provided and look forward to enjoying the advantages this facility will bring for years to come."

CAPTION: Our picture shows Cpl Sarah Blackford, Cpl Tim Grahame and Cpl Dave Goodall in the tea bar area.

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