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Aircraft Updates

Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo

On this page, you can find information on participating nations and aircraft for RIAT 2023.

The 'Traffic Light' system highlights the status of the communications between the Air Tattoo and various international air arms invited to the event as of the day of the event. An amber light is displayed alongside the country if we had entered discussions about their potential participation. If we received written confirmation of aircraft attendance, a green light is displayed. Countries that declined our invitation are listed with a red light.


Latest Update - 8th June

Starting this week's update with another national aerobatic team for the RIAT 2023 flying display! We look forward to welcoming the Saudi Hawks Display Team, flying their seven Hawk jet trainers in an attractive green colour scheme. The team will be flying on all three days of RIAT 2023.

Two additions to the SKYTANKER23 gathering at RIAT 2023, both of which coming in the form of Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft. The Royal Saudi Air Force will send one of their tankers, operated by 22 Squadron for static display. In addition, the Multinational Multirole Tanker Transport Unit (MMU) will also participate at RIAT. The MMU operate a fleet of A330 MRTT aircraft which are shared between member nations. The plan is for this aircraft to arrive on Friday, and be on static display in the Green Zone on Saturday & Sunday.

In addition to the tankers, this week we also confirm the participation of a CP-140M and CC-130J from the Royal Canadian Air Force, pair of Hawks from the Qatar Emiri Air Force and also a factory fresh Eurofighter Typhoon from BAE Systems, ahead of its delivery to Qatar. We're also very pleased that Bristow Helicopters will be bringing their Dauphin helicopter, used to support Royal Navy FOST operations, for static display at RIAT 2023. Other interesting civilian aircraft joining the participation list include a Top Aces Alpha Jet and two aircraft operated by QinetiQ, flown by the Empire Test Pilots School.

Yesterday we completed our 'Longest Day' where we plan all the arrival slots and aircraft parking plan for RIAT 2023. With more than 250 aircraft due for the show, this is quite the challenge! The Flying Display planning continues and in the coming weeks we plan to update the participation list to highlight which aircraft will fly as part of Friday's flying display.

Finally this week; the previously announced Argentinian Boeing 737 will no longer be participating at the Royal International Air Tattoo 2023.

Invited Nations

Air Arm Current Status  
Belgian Air Component Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Canadian Air Force Confirmed Confirmed - new update
Czech Republic Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Danish Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Finnish Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
French Air and Space Force Confirmed Confirmed
German Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
German Army Aviation Confirmed Confirmed
Hellenic Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Jordanian Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Italian Army Confirmed Confirmed
Italian Navy Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Saudi Air Force Confirmed Confirmed - new update
Lithuanian Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
NATO Confirmed Confirmed - new update
Polish Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Portuguese Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Romanian Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Slovakian Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Spanish Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Spanish Navy Confirmed Confirmed
Qatar Emiri Air Force Confirmed Confirmed - new update
Swedish Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Netherlands Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
UAE Air Force and Air Defence Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Royal Navy Confirmed Confirmed - new update
US Air Force Confirmed Confirmed
Brazilian Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
French Navy Ongoing Ongoing
Hungarian Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Indian Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Irish Air Corps Ongoing Ongoing
Italian Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Ongoing Ongoing
Army Air Corps Ongoing Ongoing
US Navy Ongoing Ongoing
Zambian Air Force Ongoing Ongoing
Albanian Air Force Invited  
Algerian Air Force Invited  
Royal Australian Army Invited  
Royal Australian Navy Invited  
Azerbaijani Air Force Invited  
Royal Bahraini Air Force Invited  
Botswana Defence Force Invited  
Brazilian Navy Invited  
Royal Brunei Air Force Invited  
Chadian Air Force Invited  
Colombian Air Force Invited  
Croatian Air Force Invited  
Ecuadorian Air Force Invited  
Estonian Air Force Invited  
Estonian Police and Border Guard Invited  
Finnish Army Aviation Invited  
French Army Air Corps Invited  
Ghana Air Force Invited  
Hellenic Army Invited  
Hellenic Navy Invited  
Icelandic Coast Guard Invited  
Indian Navy Invited  
Italian Coastguard Invited  
Air Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan Invited  
Kenyan Air Force Invited  
Lebanese Air Force Invited  
Luxembourg Armed Forces Invited  
Ministry of Defence North Macedonia Invited  
Royal Malaysian Air Force Invited  
Armed Forces of Malta Invited  
Montenegrin Air Force Invited  
Royal Moroccan Air Force Invited  
Nigerian Air Force Invited  
Royal Norwegian Air Force Invited  
Royal Air Force of Oman Invited  
Pakistan Navy Invited  
Peruvian Air Force Invited  
Phillippine Air Force Invited  
Portuguese Navy Invited  
Republic of Korea Air Force Invited  
Republic of Korea Navy Invited  
Slovenian Army Aviation Command Invited  
South African Air Force Invited  
Spanish Army Invited  
Sri Lanka Air Force Invited  
Tanzania Air Force Command Invited  
Royal Thai Air Force Invited  
Tunisian Air Force Invited  
Turkish Land Forces Invited  
Turkish Naval Forces Invited  
Turkmenistan Defence Force Invited  
Ukrainian Air Force Invited  
US Army Invited  
Uruguayan Air Force Invited  
Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan Invited  
Vietnamese Air Defence-Air Force Invited  
Not Participating Declined
Argentine Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Austrian Air Force, Bangladesh Air Force, Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgarian Air Force, Chilean Air Force, Chilean Navy, Cyprus Air Force Command, Egyptian Air Force, German Navy, Indonesian Air Force, Iraqi Air Force, Israeli Air Force, Japan Air Self Defense Force, Japan Maritime Self Defence Force, Kuwait Air Force, Mexican Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Pakistan Air Force, Polish Armed Forces, Polish Navy, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Serbian Air Force, Swiss Air Force, Turkish Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps

Previous Updates

1st June

We start this week with the return of a display team not seen in the UK since 2012! We are pleased that the Fursan Al Emarat display team, from the United Arab Emirates will be joining us at RIAT 2023. The team will be flying a sevenship of colourful MB-339 jets for an impressive flying display routine on Saturday & Sunday.

Next, we can now announce that the United States Air Force plans to send a pair of B-52 to RIAT 2023. One jet will be on static display on all three days, whilst visitors over the weekend will also get the chance to see the mighty BUFF in the air! Both jets will come from the 2nd Bomb Wing, based at Barksdale Air Force Base in  Louisiana. We hope to announce additional assets from the USAF in the coming weeks... watch this space!

Another cold war jet which will be one of the stars of the static display for aviation enthusiasts will be the Sukhoi Su-22, coming from the Polish Air Force. This may be one of the final opportunities to see soviet produced fast jet aircraft at an Air Tattoo, so is not to be missed! The deployment of the Fitter will be supported by a CASA support aircraft, although we do not yet know if this will remain at Fairford over the weekend to join the static aircraft displays.

Finally, one additional civilian aircraft for the static displays this week, with the unique SAAB 340 'National Flying Laboratory Centre' operated by Cranfield University, making it's RIAT Debut.

This week we were informed by the Turkish Air Force, that unfortunately due to the ongoing workload on their Air Transport Fleet in earthquake relief missions, the required level of support to deploy the Turkish Stars to RIAT will not be available and therefore their participation has been cancelled. We are awaiting news if any alternative aircraft may be available but recognise the high tempo of operations for the Turkish military in recovering from the devastating natural disaster earlier this year may make this difficult.

This week our team have continued to work with a number of other Air Forces as the show gets closer to finalise their participation arrangements, which includes participants for the flying display and static displays.

25th May

Starting this week's update with a classic soviet produced transport aircraft, courtesy of the Romanian Air Force. They will send their Antonov An-26 'Curl' aircraft for static display at RIAT 2023! This will be the first time in nearly ten years since we've seen this aircraft type at the Air Tattoo, which will be much appreciated by many aviation enthusiasts.

Another star attraction for some aviation enthusiasts at RIAT 2023 will be the attendance of the Argentine Air Force! They will bring their Boeing 737-700 transport aircraft for static display, and we look forward to welcoming them back to the Air Tattoo.

Thanks to Ascent Flying Training, we will have an Avenger T1 used by the Royal Navy to training UK military aircrew observers. This aircraft will be parked alongside the other UK MFTS aircraft type in their showcase area at the centre of the RIAT Showground.

We have also added a number of civilian aircraft to our participation list, including an ex-Belgian Air Force Sea King and Scout from the Historic Army Aircraft Flight. Included with these, we welcome a pair of Chipmunks, both of which were featured in the Royal Review of the RAF in 1953, which felt very appropriate for attendance at RIAT 2023 given King Charles III's recent Coronation.

Finally, after discussions with the Czech Air Force, their ALCA Tactical Demonstration will no longer perform in the flying display (due to an injury to their display pilot) but they will send one jet for static display.

18th May

This week, we can confirm the operational aircraft types from the Royal Air Force that we'll be seeing at RIAT 2023. Starting with our SKYTANKER23 theme, we're pleased that visitors on all three days will be able to witness a simulated air-to-air refuelling flypast from the Voyager, which is based at nearby RAF Brize Norton. On Friday, it will demonstrate it's ability to refuel other large aircraft, with an Airbus A400M in trail. Whereas on Saturday & Sunday, it will simulate refuelling a pair of fast jet aircraft. In addition, we'll see multiple types on static display which will all be parked in the Red Zone near the RAF Experience. Alongide A400M & P-8A, this will be the first time in 10 years we'll have seen a C-17 on static display at RIAT. For fast jet fans, we will have a pair of Typhoons on static display (one with an air-to-air weapons fit, the other in an air-to-ground weapons fit) and also an F-35B Lightning on the ground too! We are working with the Royal Air Force on the arrangements for the F-35B to also feature in the air over the weekend, and once the final details are agreed we will update you.

Always an Air Tattoo favourite, we're thankful to our friends in Greece for the return of their Phabulous Phantoms to Fairford! A pair of the iconic cold war jets, operated by 338 Squadron, will be on static display over the weekend at RIAT 2023. (Contrary to posts on Social Media, Demo Team Zeus will not be performing at RIAT 2023).

This week, we're pleased to announce our first confirmed aircraft for RIAT 2023 from our friends in the United States Air Force! Visitors will be able to enjoy the sight of their mighty C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft, coming from Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina. We are also expecting aircraft from United States Air Forces in Europe, Air Force Global Strike Command and Air Force Reserve Command, but are finalising arrangements before we announce these aircraft in the coming weeks.

We previously announced that the Italian Army would be sending their Mangusta attack helicopter for static display at RIAT 2023. Following further discussions with the unit, we can now announce that this aircraft will now be featured in the flying display on Saturday & Sunday!

Work continues with a variety of other Air Arms and aircraft operators to finalise the arrangements for their participation at RIAT 2023.  Of note, we are been informed by Joint Helicopter Command of their aircraft they plan to send to RIAT 2023. However, we must await the final ratification before we can announce, which we expect in June.

11th May

The week we can announce the first batch of Royal Air Force aircraft joining the RIAT static displays, with all powered aircraft types from 22 Group to be represented at the show this year. Examples of the MFTS fleet will once again be displayed together in the Ascent Flying Training showcase area in the centre of the RIAT showground. The additional airframes will be parked near the RAF Experience in the Red Zone (east end of the airfield) and available to view on all three days of the show.
The training theme continues with aircraft from Portugal and France! We're pleased to welcome Esquadra 101 back to RIAT, once again with a pair of their Epsilon aircraft on static display. In addition to the previously announced flying display items, the French Air & Space Force will also contribute a TBM-700 to the static aircraft displays.
We also add four more historic civilian aircraft to our static displays. We're pleased to be welcoming the Norwegian Vampire back to Fairford, which will be wearing Italian Air Force markings and join our special ITAF100 static display area. We are just putting the finishes touches to our plans and awaiting the final approval from the Italian Air Force to announce their modern day aircraft which will be on display in this special ITAF100 exhibition. We did engage with Starfighters Inc to explore the possibility of their TF-104G participating at RIAT 2023, however this will not be possible.
Finally, we have been informed by the Czech Air Force that the participation of their ALCA pairs display at RIAT is in doubt, due to one of their pilots breaking their leg. We are exploring various options with them, and once we have confirmation of the new plan we will update the participation list. We wish Aleš a speedy recovery!

4th May

After a lengthy hiatus, we're very pleased to welcome the Turkish Stars Display Team back to the Royal International Air Tattoo! The team will be preforming in our weekend flying display with their six colourful NF-5A Freedom Fighter aircraft and promise to be one of the highlights of the flying display programme. This will be their first display appearance at a British airshow since 2010 and is not to be missed!

This week we confirm a large contingent of aircraft from our loyal supporters, the German Air Force. We're especially excited with their contribution to our SKYTANKER23 theme in the flying display programme, with an A400M performing a simulated air-to-air refuelling flypast with a pair of Tornados! The Tornados will then showcase their impressive ability to perform 'Buddy Buddy' refuelling with another special flypast. In addition, we welcome CH-53G, H145M & EF2000 for static displays.

Finally this week, we add a small number of civilian aircraft to our static displays, including an Vans RV-12 used for research projects by Southampton University.

Next week we hope to be able to announce additional contributions to RIAT from the Royal Air Force, some of them being aircraft types you'll be able to see flying over London in the Coronation Flypast this weekend.

27 April

Firstly this week we're pleased to be welcoming a large contingent from our friends in the Royal Netherlands Air Force to join the RIAT 2023 static displays! We are especially excited to see their new F-35A Lightnings on static display for the first time, alongside a myriad of other jets, helicopters and transport aircraft.

Another fast jet addition to the flying display next, as we confirm the participation of the Rafale Solo Display from France. Regarded as one of Europe's best fast jet demonstrations, the team will have a newly painted display jet for the 2023 season which we look forward to seeing in due course and welcoming to the show in July. In addition, as part of our SKYTANKER theme, we're very pleased the French Air & Space Force will also be sending one of a C-135FR Stratotankers to perform a flypast during the Friday flying display, which may be the last chance for us to see the aircraft in the UK before their retirement from service.

This week we can also  confirm more historic aircraft for our Italian Air Force centenary celebrations, with a pair of MB.326 jets for static display. In addition, we will also welcome a Fiat G.91, affectionately known as the 'Gina', which is being restored to flight especially for this year's celebrations in Italy. The jet, expected to perform it's first flight soon will be resplendent in the colours of the Frecce Tricolori and be one of the highlights of our static aircraft displays.

This week we have continued discussions with multiple Air Arms and civilian operators as the show gets ever closer, with a significant number of aircraft still to be announced pending formal approval.

20th April

Ths week we have our first participant for our SKYTANKER23 operational theme, with Metrea Strategic Mobility providing one of their KC-135 Stratotankers for static display. These airframes were formerly operated by the Republic of Singapore Air Force and are now flown by Metrea to provide commercial air-to-air refuelling for partner Air Arms. We're particularly excited to see their KC-135 at RIAT this year due to the aircraft's striking camouflage colour scheme which will be a highlight of the static displays for many aviation enthusiasts.

More good news from Italy, as we welcome aircraft from the Italian Army to RIAT for the first time in many years! They will provide a trio of assets for static display; with a debut of their new UH-169B, plus a Dornier 228 and Mangusta attack helicopter!

We're excited to announce that, thanks to Airbus, we will see the UK flying display debut of a Messerschmitt Me 262 (the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft) at RIAT 2023! This classic WWII jet will be performing in the flying display on Saturday & Sunday and it will likely be one of the unique highlights of this summer's Air Tattoo. We aim to park this aircraft in one of our southside operational areas, so visitors can get a closer look at the aircraft whilst on the ground too.

13th April

Firstly this week, we're pleased that our loyal friends from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will return to RIAT! It wouldn't be the same without the Royal Jordanian Falcons performing in the flying display, so we look forward to seeing their Extra 330LX aircraft performing in the skies over RAF Fairford in July. In addition, we will also see their Hercules on static display alongside the traditional Jordanian exhibition marquee.

Launching our celebration of the Italian Air Force's centenary, we are pleased to confirm the participation a range of historic aircraft from Italy. The static display will including a significant number of historic aircraft, all adorned in Italian Air Force Markings and parked together in a special static display to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Italian Air Force. Today we have added 10 aircraft to the participation list, including the colourful P-166C and a trio of FIAT G.46 training aircraft. Check out the 'Confirmed Aircraft' page for full listings. We will be adding more aircraft, including some classic jets, in the coming weeks once we finalise their participation details.

We have continued various fruitful conversations with Air Arms across Europe for a range of interesting aircraft to attend for both flying and static displays at RIAT 2023, including familiar favourites and some new aircraft types which we hope to be able to announce in the coming weeks. However, sadly this week we heard from the Royal Navy, who have said due to operational tempo they are unable to provide any aircraft to participate at RIAT.

6th April

Following on from last week's confirmation of the Spanish Harriers, you can imagine the excitement at Douglas Bader House when we received confirmation from Italy, that we will have another Harrier at this year's show! The Italian Navy will provide one of their AV-8B+ aircraft for static display at this summer's Air Tattoo, an extremely welcome appearance as this will be the first time we've seen them at RIAT since 2005!

We're pleased to welcome the Czech Air Force back to RIAT: In the air we'll be treated to a solo display from their JAS-39C Gripen, plus a tactical pairs display from their L-159 ALCA jets.  In addition, we're also very pleased to be welcoming their Mi-171 Hip helicopter for static display. The plan is for aircraft '9868' to attend which has been painted in special colours to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the Mi-8 helicopter and the 55th anniversary of the introduction of the first Mi- series helicopters into the service of the Czech Armed Forces. The aircraft's special colour scheme features different colour patterns to show how the camouflage scheme has changed on individual helicopter types over the last 5 decades.

Joining the HM Coastguard static display area at RIAT 2023 will be two fixed-wing SAR aircraft operated by 2Excel, in the form of their King Air and DA62 aircraft. This is planned to be the public debut of their new Diamond DA62 MPP in 2Excel service, adorned in red/white rescue livery.

An update regarding the participation of Patrulla Aguila at RIAT 2023; we have been informed by the team that this year they will be performing with 6 aircraft, so we have updated our participation list to reflect this.

We have been continuing discussions with a range of aircraft operators regarding the intent to bring aircraft to this year's Air Tattoo, with a number of exciting military and civilian participants on the horizon. In addition, we have been finalising arrangements for a significant number of civilian aircraft from Italy which will travel to Fairford for our ITAF100 celebrations, the first of which we will be announcing next Thursday!

30th March  

Firstly this week, we are extremely excited to announce the participation of the Spanish Navy at RIAT 2023 with their McDonnell Douglas EAV-8B Harrier II aircraft! The iconic 'Jump Jet' will performing a solo flying display, with another example on static display and we're looking forward to welcoming these very special jets back to RAF Fairford.
Another rare appearance in the RIAT 2023 flying display will come from the Royal Danish Air Force, with their F-16 solo display. This is the first time we'll have seen the Danish Fighting Falcon perform in the RIAT flying display since 2011 and they plan to use their spectacularly painted 'Dannebrog' jet for the flying display. In addition, they'll also be bring a twin-seat F-16BM for static display.

This week we've also added a small number of civilian aircraft to the static displays, including what will probably be the smallest aircraft at RIAT 2023, a Slingsby Nipper!

This week various staff from RAFCTE have been attending the MAA/CAA Display Flying Symposium, hosted at Shrivenham. The aim of the event is for individuals involved with the air display industry to receive briefings on new regulations, increase safety awareness across the community on various flight safety issues including human factors, and to share best practice between display pilots, event organisers and flying display directors. In addition, our team met with many of the UK military display pilots who'll be performing at RIAT in July.

23rd March  

First up this week, we're pleased to confirm the return of Belgian Air Component to RIAT: Their popular F-16 solo display will return and perform over the weekend flying displays, flown by Captain Steven "Vrieske" De Vries using his 'Dream Viper' display jet. In addition to the flying display we will also welcome a pair of  F-16AM Fighting Falcons in the static displays. Finally, we're very pleased to see one of their SF.260 training aircraft join the static displays, an aircraft type which we haven't seen at Fairford for many years.

From the Swedish Air Force, we're pleased to be welcoming two jets to perform in the flying display programme, with their popular Gripen solo display and a rare appearance of their SK.60 training jet. We were due to see the Sk.60s last year but they had to cancel their participation at the last minute due to a COVID outbreak, so we're very excited to see them at RIAT 2023! In addition, there will be examples of both aircraft types joining the static displays too.

This week we have continued discussions with a number of international displays teams who hope to participate in the flying display at RIAT 2023. We have also continued to liaise with a number of operators of tanker aircraft who are planning to participate at RIAT, but are not able to commit at this early stage due to their operational tempo. 

16th March  

In addition to the previously announced Red Arrows, we're pleased to confirm the other Royal Air Force flying display assets which visitors will be able to see on Friday, Saturday & Sunday! The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will be performing their usual evocative display with their Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster and we will also see the Typhoon display, this year flown by Flt Lt Matt Brighty. Information about which other aircraft types from the Royal Air Force may be available to join the static displays or perform flypasts at RIAT 2023, will become available during April or May.

This week we also add two more ex-military aircraft for static display at RIAT 2023, with the recently restored Lynx AH7 from North Weald, plus a Jet Provost T3a.

Discussions with various Air Arms from across Europe and the world continue with many interesting aircraft in the pipeline for both the flying and static displays. We look forward to bringing you more updates next week once the essential formal confirmations are in place for us. This week we have been working with colleagues in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden, who are all planning on sending flying displays to RIAT 2023.

9th March

We're pleased to welcome the Spanish Air Force's formation display team, Patrulla Įguila, back to RAF Fairford for the RIAT 2023 flying display. This will be the team's first visit to the UK in 5 years, flying their colourfully painted Aviojet trainers. They will be supported by a CASA 295 transport aircraft, which will remain at RAF Fairford for static display over the show weekend.

We will welcome three vintage aircraft from Navy Wings at RIAT 2023.  Funded by public donations, Navy Wings celebrates Britain's great naval aviation heritage by maintaining and flying a collection of historic aircraft, and we will have their Seafire, Reliant & Wasp on static display at the show in July. You'll be able to find out more about their work from their trade stand which will colocated with the aircraft in the Red Zone.

23rd February  

This week we can confirm that despite a high operational tempo during July 2023, as they host the NATO Summit, Lithuania will be participating at RIAT 2023! They plan to send one of their C-27J Spartan aircraft for static display.

We're pleased to welcome Hawker Hunter Aviation back to RIAT, with one of their single seat Hunter jets coming for static display this year. The Hunter's participation at RIAT 2023 will be dedicated to Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Knight, founder Chairman of the RAF Charitable Trust, who passed away in November. Sir Mike dedicated over thirty years to our organisation; put simply neither our Charity nor the Royal International Air Tattoo would still exist without his determination, support, inspiration and passion.

This week we've been in discussions with the US Navy who hope to send a static display aircraft, plus further discussions with both the UAE & Italy concerning their aspiration to participate this year.

Today, members of our team are attending the European Airshow Council Convention in Brussels. The aim of the EAC is to Promote Excellence and Safety in Airshows and a range of topics are planned to be discussed during the convention, held in person for the first time in 3 years due to COVID.

16th February  

We're pleased this week to receive confirmation from the German Army, as they return with a pair of NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopters! As per their attendance last year, they will bring one helicopter to perform in the flying display, and another for static display.

Last week the Spanish Air Force notified us they plan to participate in the Flying Display. We hope to receive formal confirmation of what we can expect to see at RIAT 2023 in the coming weeks.

We are already in communications with a number of Air Refueling Wings from across the United States Air Force, who have an ambition to bring their aircraft to RIAT 2023 as part of our SKYTANKER23 theme. We are now working with them and the relevant offices in the US Military over the next few months to secure approval for their participation at RIAT 2023.

9th February

Welcome to the first weekly update from the Air Operations Department as we look ahead to the Royal International Air Tattoo 2023!

We're pleased to announce this week the first confirmed aircraft for both the flying and static displays at RIAT 2023, both coming from the Finnish Air Force. Firstly, we're pleased to welcome their F/A-18C Hornet which will be performing in the flying display. Their solo display of the Hornet is often regarded as one of the best fast jet demonstrations across Europe, and a previous winner of various flying display awards at RIAT. In addition, they will also be sending a Hawk for static display, planned to be HW.340 in the spectacular Finnish flag colour scheme, after it was unable to attend last year.

Despite it being early in the year, we are already in communication with a number of Air Forces who plan to send aircraft to RIAT 2023, including a number of air to air refuelling aircraft for our SKYTANKER23 theme, and a wide array of other military and civilian aircraft types. However, there are also a number of nations who due to operational commitments or budgetary constraints, are sadly unable to participate at RIAT 2023. These are all available to view using our 'traffic light' system on this page.

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