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Shared Hospitality Packages

Royal International Air Tattoo

Shared Hospitality Packages

Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo
Royal International Air Tattoo


We've got a great range of hospitality options available for everybody, including a new Family Enclosure. You can also add to your existing order by booking hospitality over the phone.

Family Enclosure

From £35.00
Child - Under 18
From £20.00

Our new relaxed, family-focused enclosure offers a fun environment for parents and children to enjoy the Air Tattoo with children's activities included. Not available on Friday.

Viewing Village - Garden

From £23.00
Sat Sun
From £33.00

A great value option for a private enclosure with seating and a great view. Now also open on Friday with a £10 discount.

Viewing Village - Grandstand

From £38.00
From £43.00

One of the best views at the show from the Viewing Village Grandstand, great for photographer's - pick your premium or standard seat.

Pimm's Flight Deck

From £74.00

A picnic style lunch is included as you watch all the amazing flying from your seat in the Pimm's enclosure. Not available on Friday.

Cotswold Club

From £84.00

Relax with lunch, all day tea and coffee, seating and a great view in our Cotswold Club.

Aviation Club

From £160.00

Coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, a private garden and marquee, located back from the crowdline in a new-look environment.

First Class Lounge

From £390.00

Relax in this sophisticated environment with all day catering and bar!

Lightning Pavilion

From £599.00

Includes general admission.
5-star hospitality in luxurious surroundings. Purchase tables from 2-12.

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