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Frequently Asked Questions

If the FAQ's do not answer your question and you would like help from one of our advisors, please get in touch using the contact form here.

Buying Tickets

Can I buy tickets on the day?

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Tickets for the Air Tattoo must be purchased in advance - no tickets will be available to purchase at the entry gates.

As we have an e-ticketing system, providing we haven't sold out you will be able to order your tickets via our website up until the day of the show. 

Will I be able to see aircraft with an admission ticket?

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Yes, an admission ticket allows you access onto the showground where you can browse all the static displays, trade stands, exhibitions and many other activities. There are also viewing lawns where you can sit along the crowd line and view the flying displays. Visitors are welcome to bring blankets, fold away chairs, picnics etc, which can be left at the Drop Zone (left luggage) situated in the Blue Service Station.

What ticket discounts/concessions do you give?

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Under 18s attend FREE of charge with a ticket holding adult which means families of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of a very significant concession. 

Our parking also remains free of charge for ticket holders and is a concession that the majority can enjoy rather than a specific group. We also discount admission tickets for those not bringing their car and attending by Shuttle Bus or Park & Ride.  

We also offer significant discounts (Super Early and Earlybird) for those that book tickets early in the year.

We offer a Carers/Personal Assistants concession - please see the appropriate section of the FAQ.

We believe these discounts are fair and enables us to still raise funds for our parent charity; the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust. 

How do I apply for charity tickets for my School/Club/Organisation?

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In order to manage the process of donating free tickets to other groups, organisations and charities the following criteria applies. Ticket donations will be considered for the following:

1. Schools and community groups situated within five miles of RAF Fairford

2. Organisations or other registered charities whose work clearly supports or relates to our own mission: to PROMOTE the Royal Air Force, to SUPPORT its people now and into the future and to ENCOURAGE air-mindedness and the aviation-related education of youth.

Apply for charity tickets HERE. Applications close 31 May 2019. 

Do you have a family ticket?

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We do not need to have a 'family' ticket as children aged under-18 are free of charge and we do not restrict the number of children per adult. When placing your order on our website please do not forget to order the relevant number of free child passes.

Do children need a ticket for the Viewing Village/Pimms Flight Deck/Cotswold Club/ First Class Lounge?

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Children 4 years old and under do not require a ticket as long as they do not occupy a seat. Children aged 5 years and upwards require a ticket, but please note children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the Cotswold Club.

Why have I been charged an admin fee when I have printed off my tickets?

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The admin fee charged per booking is comparable with other ticket sellers. It pays for the secure transaction facility, installation and maintenance of computerised ticket processing and ticket scanning hardware and software, telephone lines, labour and other costs associated with ticket purchase and delivery.

Can I book to attend the Air Tattoo as part of a coach trip/group?

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Yes, you can. Many of our visitors are leaving their cars at home and taking the coach/group travel option.

If you bring at least 20 adults and travel in one vehicle you will receive a coach operators discount . If you want to book at least 20 tickets but travel in separate vehicles we can still offer a discount.

Is the payment process secure?

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We process payments using Sage Pay. See their explanation of browser security, and what to look for, here: 

My tickets have someone else's name on them. Can I use them?

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Yes, the name on the tickets refers to the person who purchased them and doesn't reflect who can get entry to the Air Tattoo.

I have a coach ticket - how do I upgrade to an enclosure?

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If you have a ticket through a coach operator and wish to upgrade, just call us on 01285 713456 (8.30am - 5.30pm).
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Tickets General

When will I receive my Air Tattoo ticket?

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Your e-ticket will be emailed to you straight away. If you have upgraded to an enclosure this will be posted to you from May 2019.

Why haven't I received my e-tickets/ I have deleted the email with the link to my e-tickets?

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When you placed your order you should have received an email with a link to the pdf of your e-tickets for you to print out.

If you did not receive this email (this may be because your email address was incorrect) or have deleted it in error you may download your e-Tickets by accessing your order on the website.

  • Login HERE with the email address and password you used to place the order.
  • Click on Completed Orders
  • Click on the relevant order reference.
  • Click on 'Download your e-Ticket'

Does it matter what name is printed on the tickets?

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No - the name on the ticket will not be checked. 

I can no longer attend. Can I return my tickets for a refund?

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All admission tickets/enclosures are sold on a non-refundable basis. However, should there be extenuating circumstances for requesting a refund we ask that you return your tickets by post along with an explanation and we shall consider your request after the event. For RIAT 2018 we must have received your refund request by Friday 27 July 2018. 

Please post to: Customer Services, RIAT 2018, PO Box 1940, Fairford, Glos GL7 4NA

Please be aware all tickets are barcoded and prior to any credits being made each ticket will be checked to ensure it has not been used for entry to the Air Tattoo.

Can I change my tickets for a different day?

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If you need to change your booking this will only be possible if admission tickets for both days are still on sale. There will be an admin fee of £20 payable on all order changes.


How many FREE under 18s can I bring with me on a standard admission ticket?

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You can order up to 10 child tickets per booking through our website. 

We do not restrict the number of children per ticket holding adult. If you require more than 10 children's passes you should login to your account HERE and add to your order, or call us on 01285 713456 (9am - 5pm). 

I need (additional) FREE child passes?

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Either call us on 01285 713456 (9am - 5pm) and we can issue you with more child passes. However, if you turn up at the gate with children under-18 who do not have passes they will be allowed in.

My Child is 17 will I be asked for ID?

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You may be asked for ID/proof of age so bring some with you just in case.

What will you do if someone turns up over the weekend without a ticket?

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People turning up at the entry gates without a ticket will be turned away.

Do I need to list how many cars I am bringing?

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From this year you do not have to, as we have both sophisticated car park tracking technology in place along with years worth of historical data on traffic behaviour and vehicle numbers. 

Can I sell my ticket?

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For those wishing to sell their tickets, we request that you do not do this via sites like eBay. We actively monitor sites like this and if we are able to identify the seller we will contact them asking the tickets to be removed from sale. Instead, selling at face value to friends, family or colleagues is acceptable. 

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Disabled Facilities

Is there a concession for Personal Assistants/Carers?

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Yes - All disabled visitors attending the Air Tattoo on a paid for adult admission ticket on Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July are entitled to bring one PA/Carer free of charge. The PA/Carer concessionary ticket must be requested when placing your order.

Children (aged 17 years and under) with a disability must be accompanied by an adult paying the full retail rate, as with all child tickets for the venue.

Please note there are no PA/Carer concessions available for Park & View on Wednesday 17, Thursday 18 or Monday 22 July or for any of the public enclosures on the showground.

To book please call our Customer Services Department on 01285 713 456 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Is there a viewing area specifically for disabled visitors?

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Yes - there is a Disabled Enclosure located on the crowdline in the Blue Zone of the showground. Tickets for the Enclosure must be purchased in advance and cost £8.00 each for the disabled person and their PA/Carer. If extra tickets are required for the Enclosure there is a cost of £20.00 per person (aged 5 years and over) up to a maximum of two tickets.

Features include:
  • An outside enclosure (no shelter) on hardstanding
  • Crowdline position in the centre of the showground
  • Disabled/accessible Toilets (including a high dependency unit)
  • Tables and chairs
  • Enclosure wristband to enable access throughout the day
  • Team of volunteers to answer questions and help you enjoy your day

There is a Showground Shuttle Bus Stop (Bus Stop 3) within a 5 minute (approx) walk from the Enclosure. There will also a golf buggy available to transfer people with mobility difficulties from the Bus Stop to the Disabled Enclosure.

To book please call our Customer Services Department on 01285 713 456 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

How far is the Disabled Enclosure from the Customer Entry Points to the showground?

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The Disabled Enclosure is located approximately 30 minutes by foot from the Yellow Customer Entry Point, approximately 20 minutes by foot from the Red Customer Entry Point, approximately 5 minutes from the Blue Customer Entry Point and approximately 10 minutes from the Green Customer Entry Point. The Customer Entry Point is where tickets are checked and access is gained to the showground from the car parks.

There is a Showground Shuttle Bus Stop (Bus Stop 3) within a 5 minute (approx) walk from the Enclosure. There will also be a golf buggy available to transfer people with mobility difficulties from the Bus Stop to the Disabled Enclosure.

Is there a disabled car park?

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Yes - Disabled visitors who have a Blue Badge can apply for a RIAT Disabled Parking Permit which will allow them to park in the designated disabled car parks. 

On Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July disabled visitors who have a RIAT Disabled Parking Permit can park in the Red or Green Designated Disabled Car Parks. If you have purchased tickets for the Disabled Enclosure we recommend that you park in the Green Car Park.  

If you're attending on Friday 19 and have hired a mobility scooter or wheelchair from Event Mobility please park in the Red Designated Disabled Car Park as there will be no collection point for these in the Green Car Park on Friday. If you are bringing you own mobility scooter please also park in the Red Designated Disabled Car Park. 

There is no Designated Disabled Car Park in the Blue Car Parks and we recommend that disabled visitors do not park here as they are all field car parks and are some distance from the Blue Customer Entry Point. It is recommended that disabled visitors travelling in on the Blue route follow the route variations to the Red or Green Designated Disabled Car Park.

The closing date to apply for a RIAT Disabled Parking Permit is Friday 12 July. To book please call our Customer Services Department on 01285 713 456 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Disabled visitors arriving by car and displaying a Blue Badge but NO RIAT Disabled Parking Permit will be directed to the front of each public car park where a designated parking space will be available, however this could be on rough terrain (grass) and some distance from the entry points to the showground.

Can I bring my own mobility scooter?

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Yes - but please ensure that the battery is fully charged before your arrival as there are no facilities available to recharge them should they go flat. 

We also recommend that you bring a puncture repair kit/pump in case of a flat tyre.

Are there disabled/accessible toilets on the showground?

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Yes, there are disabled/accessible toilets in each toilet block on the showground. There are also disabled/accessible toilets and a High Dependency Unit (HDU) in the Disabled Enclosure. If you haven't booked a place in the Enclosure but need to use HDU at any time during your visit to the Air Tattoo, please speak to the staff in the Disabled Enclosure. If you have your own RADAR key please bring it with you.

Is there a High Dependency Unit (HDU) on the showground?

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Yes, there is an High Dependency Unit (HDU) in the Disabled Enclosure. If you haven't booked a place in the Enclosure but need to use HDU at any time during your visit to the Air Tattoo, please speak to the staff in the Disabled Enclosure. If you have your own RADAR key please bring it with you.

Is the showground suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters?

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There is a large amount of hardstanding along the Showground where the static aircraft are parked however there is also a grassed area from the hardstanding to the crowdline which can be uneven in places and not always practical for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
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Travel and Accommodation

Where can I find camping in the nearby area?

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There is an Official Air Tattoo Campsite - more details to follow soon.

Further camping details are available from our accommodation/local area page of the website.

Is there an official campsite?

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Yes, there is an Official Air Tattoo Campsite - more details to follow soon.

I do not drive and/or do not have a car, how else can I travel to the show?

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We offer a Shuttle Bus service from Swindon Bus Station and a Park & Ride from Cheltenham Racecourse, details of these can be found here.

Full details on how to get to the Air Tattoo can be found here.

Where can I find accommodation nearby?

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Local accommodation tends to be booked well in advance of the event and it is therefore best to book early. To find nearby accommodation please see our accommodation/local area page in the 'planning your visit' section of the website.

Can I get dropped off at the show?

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Due to the one way system that is in operation there is no feasible way to drop off or pick up at the Air Tattoo.

The only way to enable this is for a visitor to be dropped off at Swindon Bus Station and use the Shuttle Bus. The Shuttle Bus can be booked in advance with your ticket or purchased on the day, so long as you are in possession of a valid Air Tattoo admission ticket.

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Opening Times

What time does the show start/finish?

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Friday 19 July the showground is open 7.30am until 6.30pm with a flying display from 11am until 3pm.

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July the showground is open 7.30am until 7.30pm with a flying display from 10am until 5.30pm.

What time is Park and View open?

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Wednesday 17 July: 7.30am - 7.30pm

Thursday 18 July: 7.30am - 7.30pm. 

Monday 22 July: 7.30am - 4.30pm.

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Is there parking on concrete for motorbikes and is there somewhere I can leave my crash helmet?

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Both Red and Green Car Parks have hard standing. We would not recommend using Blue Car Parks as these are grass car parks with uneven ground which could be unsuitable for motorbikes. 

You can leave crash helmets/leathers etc. in our free of charge Drop Zone (left luggage) which is situated in the Blue Service Station next to the Information Point.

What is the postcode for Sat Nav purposes?

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GL7 4EG will get you close to the event but once you pick up the colour coded AA road signs you should follow the signs and not the Sat Nav.

Can I get back to my car during the day?

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You can have re-admittance to the showground up until the showground closes. Please check with the gate team before leaving the showground and they will give you more information and a hand stamp for re-entry.

Can I bring my bicycle into the showground?

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Bicycles are not allowed on the Showground, however there will be a bespoke bicycle rack at each of the main customer entry points (Blue, Red, Green but not Yellow) for you to securely lock your bicycle. However, we don't mind if you lock your bicycle to the external fencing.



Is parking on hard standing (concrete) or grass?

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Both, it depends on which traffic route you come in on - Red and Green Car Parks are mostly hardstanding and Blue Car Park is all grass. 

What time do the car parks open?

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The car parks are open from 6am on Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July 2019.

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What aircraft will be at the 2019 Air Tattoo?

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Aircraft are only added to our participation list when we have written confirmation of their attendance. We start updating this in the new year. You can view aircraft confirmed on the aircraft participation page. This is updated regularly once we have started to receive confirmations. 

What's the difference in the show days?

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Friday 19 July will feature a 4 hour flying display and part of the showground (Green) will not be open as there will still be some aircraft arriving for the static display and these will be sited in this area.

Each year it is our ambition to ensure, where ever possible, that the flying display for both Saturday and Sunday is the same. However, situations do arise, very occasionally, when display acts tell us they can only perform on one day because of other commitments.

We recognise that some visitors may be disappointed, it is our view that one day is better than no days. The Air Tattoo is grateful to all participants for taking part in the Air Tattoo and, on the rare occasions they can only perform a single display,  we believe our visitors would prefer one display/flypast rather than none.

What is the policy for inviting countries and their air arms?

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We work with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to agree the list of countries we wish to invite - and it's a long one! We write to the Chief of each air arm, inviting him/her and their aircraft to the Air Tattoo. We also send a copy of the invitation to their attachés at their Embassies in London and have a programme of visiting these in the Autumn prior to the following years' show. Finally, we follow up with letters to individual squadrons and tasking offices in each country.

How often is the aircraft participation list updated?

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Once we start receiving aircraft confirmations, usually a few months prior to the event,  the aircraft participation list will be updated weekly, on a Thursday at midday. There is more about the release of aircraft information in the FAQ above.

How is it decided if an aircraft will be in the flying display or the static park?

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We request specific aircraft types for both the flying and static displays and if we get a favourable response, the operator generally decides whether they will fly or be part of the static display. As you would expect we work pretty hard, to entice the 'very special' aircraft to fly, but cannot always guarantee success.

How do air arms determine if they will attend the Air Tattoo?

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The general rule is that Operations and Training come first - if there are flying hours and a budget available, then they may choose to use them for airshows. Most air forces will have a tasking office that collates all requests and then allocate aircraft to the shows that offer most value/benefit to them. These decisions are usually made between January and April, which is why some aircraft are confirmed later than others. And although it may be tempting, it is counterproductive for any individual to try and circumvent this system and contact them directly - these offices do not take kindly to it, so please be patient.

When is the running order for the flying display put together?

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The flying display running order planning starts in May but will change weekly due to the additions, cancellations and the changing requirements of participants. It is not properly finalised until the week of the show and even then it can change, for technical, weather and/or pilot health reasons.

What is the policy on rescheduling flying acts in the event of disruption to the planned flying schedule?

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Our policy is not to reschedule. If the weather or an incident affects any part of the flying display programme, then unfortunately, those scheduled to fly during the period in question will lose their slots. We believe this is the fairest policy to all the crews who have generously travelled from all around the world to take part in the Air Tattoo.

Why do aircraft not use their flares in their display at the Air Tattoo?

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Sadly, given the configuration of RAF Fairford during RIAT, we have not been able to identify any location for parking armed aircraft that will satisfy the stringent MOD regulations covering explosive materials. This is not for the lack of trying!

Why do aircraft on the participation list sometimes cancel?

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There are numerous reasons why aircraft cancel, but operational commitments, higher priority tasking, technical issues and budget restrictions are the most frequent. When we receive notification of a cancellation we always go back to the operator to see if there is anything we can do to reverse the decision. Please be assured that we don't just take no for an answer!

If an aircraft cancels, does this free up money for another aircraft to be brought in?

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Generally no, as the majority of military participants attend at their own expense, knowing the charitable purpose of our parent - the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust. However, in exceptional circumstances where we are contributing financially, then we do look to source a replacement. Of course, the closer to the show it is, the more difficult this becomes, but we never stop trying and in the past, deals have been struck with only two days to go - for both military and civilian aircraft!

Can I fly into the Air Tattoo?

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As you are no doubt aware, the airfield will be incredibly busy over the period of the event with arrival and departure slots, and indeed dispersal space, at an absolute premium. For this reason we will need to limit aircraft visiting on a daily basis to only those operated by:

  • Display Sponsors
  • VIP's - military or civilian

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At the Show

I have lost something at the show who do I contact?

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Any initial post-show lost property enquiries should be directed to the Property Officer at Gloucester Police HQ at Waterwells, Quedgeley on 01452 753415. 


If I lose my child, what is the quickest way to inform someone and locate them?

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The information point at the Blue Service Station deals with lost and found children, please make your way there and/or inform a member of the Air Tattoo CREW. Please ensure any children you bring to the show to wear a child safety wristband, available from any entrance gate or information point, as this will considerably speed up the time it takes to reunite you with your child.

Where can I purchase a Souvenir Programme?

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Packed full with lots of helpful information and features, the Souvenir Programme is available at the entrance gates and official outlets around the showground.

You can also buy your Souvenir Programme in advance as a click and collect option; you will be emailed a voucher to enable you to collect your copy on arrival at the show. 

Can I bring my own food/picnic/foldaway chairs etc.?

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Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink although mobile catering is also provided on the showground. You may bring fold away chairs or picnic blankets to sit on and can leave these and picnic/coolboxes in the free of charge Drop Zone (left luggage) at the Blue Service Station.

Can I have a barbeque on the airfield?

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No, these are not allowed on the airfield, showground or the car parks.

Can I bring my dog/any animals with me?

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Assistance/ guide dogs are allowed at the Air Tattoo. Please can you ensure that they wear something that clearly identifies them as an assistance dog. 

Unfortunately pet dogs and any other animals are not permitted entry to the showground or Air Tattoo car parks. This is not only for health and safety reasons, but the vast majority of aircraft at the Air Tattoo are extremely noisy and very likely to cause distress to any animal. Please also note Police patrol the car parks and will take action if an animal has been left in a car.

Where will I find food to purchase?

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A full range of catering units will be located at the three Service Stations, Vintage Village and Street Food area. If you have specific dietary requirements we suggest you bring food with you as we cannot guarantee you will find exactly what you need on the showground. 

We also provide free water with a number of water bowsers located at each Service Station and around the showground.

I am bringing my baby/young child to the Air Tattoo, do you hire or sell ear defenders?

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Many babies/young children attend the Air Tattoo however we recommend ear defenders for babies/young children as the majority of aircraft displaying are extremely loud. There are many suppliers of ear defenders for babies and small children and these can be ordered on the internet. We do not hire ear defenders. The Official Air Tattoo merchandise units sell ear defenders, however they may not be suitable for babies and very young children. 

Is there anywhere to safely leave any heavy items or shopping whilst at the show?

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We provide a free Drop Zone facility that will allow you to make the most of your day by leaving shopping, picnics and any other heavy items in a secure location. The Drop Zone can be found in the centre of the Showground at the Blue Service Station.

Is there free Wi-Fi at the Air Tattoo?

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Yes there is. You can access free Wi-Fi at our three Service Stations, as well as in the Techno Zone and Vintage Village.

Where are there Information Points on the showground?

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The main Information Point is located in the centre of the showground at the Blue Service Station; you can also find two further Information Points in the Green and Red Service Stations.

The Air Tattoo Crew are also roving around to help you enjoy your day and have a wealth of information. They are easy to spot on the showground in their turquoise uniforms and large foam aircraft hands!

Are there cash machines/ATMs on the showground?

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Cashpoints/ATM Machines will be available at each of the three Service Stations, as well as in the Vintage Village. These locations will be marked on the showground map. A small fee is charged for the this service.

Where will I find toilets at the show?

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Toilets can be found in numerous places; near each Service Station, in the Vintage Village and beside the Customer Entry Points in the Car Parks. If you have booked an Enclosure you will have access to private toilets. We ensure we have plenty of facilities placed throughout the showground that are easy to find; providing more than the recommended ratio of people to toilets.

Can I bring a tent/gazebo/windbreak/ladder onto the showground?

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Shelters are allowed up to 1.5 metres in height as are step ladders however they are not allowed within 10m of the crowdline so that they do not obstruct to the view of others. Full height gazebos/tents are not allowed. This will be policed and should the problem persist then you will be asked to leave the event, as stated on our T&Cs. 

Do you allow Smoking or Vaping (e-cigarettes) at the show?

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Smoking (including vaping) within the Enclosures is only allowed in Outdoor Designated Smoking Areas, as determined by the organisers and indicated with appropriate signage and is not allowed in any event structure at the Air Tattoo.
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Park and View

Where are the Park & View enclosures?

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There are two Park & View Enclosures, one situated at the East and one at the West end of the airfield. Both locations are signposted by yellow AA signs on the roads leading to the airfield. In the main, aircraft land and depart from the East end of the runway but this is dependent on the prevailing wind direction.

What time do the Park & View enclosures open?

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Wednesday 17 July: 7.30am - 7.30pm.

Thursday 18 July: 7.30am - 7.30pm. 

Monday 22 July: 7.30am - 4.30pm.

What can I see at Park & View?

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Aircraft arrivals and departures, plus a number of aircraft will rehearse their display routines during the days before the show. Due to operation reason beyond our control a small number of aircraft may arrive or depart prior to or after the Park & View days.

How can I find out which aircraft are arriving / departing / rehearsing?

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A daily flying programme is available for purchase in the enclosures each day. These are prepared the night before and contain the times and details of aircraft movements for that day and are as accurate as possible however they maybe subject to change due to operations commitments, weather etc.

Where can I buy a ticket for Park & View?

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Tickets can be bought in advance or the day at either Park & View enclosure. Children under 18 are admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Your ticket will allow you to move between Park and View East and West as you please during that day, but please note that no transport is provided between the locations.

Does a FRIAT membership include Park & View admission?

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FRIAT MACH-3 membership includes free admission to Park & View on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. FRIAT MACH-2 membership includes free admission to Park & View on Monday. FRIAT MACH-1 members will need to purchase Park & View enclosure tickets separately as this is not included in the membership package.

Can I walk to the Park & View enclosures?

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Yes, but you cannot walk between the two enclosure locations within the airfield as they are at either end of the runway so several miles apart.

Are there toilet facilities in Park & View?

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Yes, at both sites.

Is parking available at Park & View?

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At both sites, from 6am each day, free of charge parking is on the airfield, on hard-standing for ticket holders in the Park and View enclosures. You are not permitted to view from within the car park if you do not have a ticket.

Cars can not be left overnight in the car parks.

Bicycles (but not motorbikes) can be locked to the fencing (inside the airfield), near to the main entrance gates at the owners own risk.

Are there dedicated disabled facilities at Park & View?

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The Park & View East enclosure has a limited disabled parking area, on a strictly first come, first served basis. Please display your blue badge at the gate, where you will be directed accordingly. There is also a designated section on hard standing for wheelchair users within the enclosure.

The Park and View West enclosure has plenty of parking close to the enclosure for disabled use. There are disabled toilet facilities in both locations. Wheelchair users should note that both enclosures are mainly grassed over areas with uneven surfaces.

Are there traders and catering in Park & View?

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Catering is available at both Park & View sites, whilst Official Air Tattoo souvenirs are available at Park and View East only. Official Souvenir Programmes are available to purchase at both sites.

Can I bring my dog to Park & View?

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Unfortunately dogs are not permitted entry to the Park & View enclosures or car parks. This is not only for health and safety reasons, but the vast majority of aircraft at the Air Tattoo are extremely noisy and very likely to cause distress to dogs, due to their acute hearing sensitivity. Please also note Police patrol the car parks and will take action if an animal has been left in a car.

Can I use a stepladder in Park & View?

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The Park & View East enclosure has a dedicated stepladder area. Stepladders may only be used in this area. There is no stepladder restriction in the Park & View West enclosure.

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“It was an epic spectacle, as magical as anything you've ever seen in the West End, and as loud as anything you've ever heard at Knebworth.”

Jeremy Clarkson, Television Presenter

“All the thrills, excitement and noise of a Grand Prix, but in the air!”

Jenson Button, Formula 1 Racing Driver

“Probably the most complete air show Iíve ever been to!”

Al Worden, Apollo 15 Astronaut

“This is THE best airshow!”

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut

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