Do you allow Smoking or Vaping (e-cigarettes) at the show?

Smoking (including vaping) within the enclosure areas is only allowed in Outdoor Designated Smoking Areas, as determined by the organisers and indicated with appropriate signage and is not allowed in any event structure at RIAT, or within 10 metres of any aircraft.

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Any initial post-show lost property enquiries should be directed to the Property Officer at Gloucester Police HQ at Waterwells, Quedgeley on 01452 753415.

The information point at the Blue Service Station deals with lost and found children, please make your way there and/or inform a member of the Air Tattoo CREW. Please ensure any children you bring to the show wear a safeguarding wristband, available from any entrance gate or information point, as this will considerably speed up the time it takes to reunite you with your child.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink although mobile catering is also provided on the showground. You may bring fold away chairs or picnic blankets to sit on and can leave these and picnic/coolboxes in the free of charge Drop Zone (left luggage) at the Central Service Station.

No, these are not allowed on the airfield, showground or the car parks.

Unfortunately, pet dogs and any other animals are not permitted entry to the showground, park & view enclosures or official RIAT car parks. This is not only for health and safety reasons, but the vast majority of aircraft at RIAT are extremely noisy and very likely to cause distress to any animal. Please also note Police patrol the car parks and will take action if an animal has been left in a car.

RIAT is committed to being a fully inclusive event and because of this, we do recognise that some visitors will require a dog to accompany them for medical reasons.

In compliance with the Equality Act 2010, we will accommodate them in this situation via a case-by-case basis.

To proceed with an application, contact us via

Once you have done this, you will be sent a form which must be completed in order for us to collect the relevant information about you and your animal.

Following a successful application, you will be supplied with a reference number for your dog which will allow us to identify it.

A full range of catering units will be located across the showground and at the three service stations and Village Green area. If you have specific dietary requirements we suggest you bring food with you as we cannot guarantee you will find exactly what you need on the showground.

We also provide free water with a number of water bowsers located at each service station and around the showground. please bring a refillable water bottle with you or buy one from our merchandise units

Many babies/young children attend RIAT however we recommend ear defenders for babies/young children as the majority of aircraft displaying are extremely loud. There are many suppliers of ear defenders for babies and small children and these can be ordered on the internet. We do not hire ear defenders. The Official Air Tattoo merchandise units sell ear defenders, however, they may not be suitable for babies and very young children.

We provide a free Drop Zone facility that will allow you to make the most of your day by leaving shopping, picnics and any other heavy items in a secure location. The Drop Zone can be found in the centre of the showground at the Central Service Station.

The main Information Point is located in the centre of the showground at the Blue Service Station; you can also find two further Information Points in the Green and Red Service Stations.

The Air Tattoo Crew are also here to help you enjoy your day and have a wealth of information. They are easy to spot on the showground in their turquoise uniforms and large foam aircraft hands!

Cash points/ATM Machines will be available at each of the three service stations, as well as in the Village Green. These locations will be marked on the showground map. A small fee is charged for this service to enable us to have them present at the event.

Toilets can be found in numerous places; near each service station, in the Village Green, and beside the Customer Entry Points in the car parks. If you have booked an enclosure experience you will have access to private toilets. We ensure we have plenty of facilities placed throughout the showground that are easy to find; providing more than the recommended ratio of people to toilets.

Shelters are allowed up to 1.5 metres in height as are step ladders however they are not allowed within 10m of the crowdline so that they do not obstruct the view of others. Full height gazebos/tents are not allowed. This will be policed and should the problem persist then you will be asked to leave the event, as stated on our T&Cs.

Pedestrian access for RIAT will be through the Yellow Customer Entry Point. You can also arrive through the Blue Customer Entry Point.

Bicycles or scooters are not allowed on the showground, however there will be a bicycle rack at each of the main customer entry points (Blue, Red and Green but not Yellow) for you to securely lock your bicycle/scooter.  However, we don’t mind if you lock your bicycle to the external fencing.

Our first aid post is centrally located in the aircraft bay behind orange flag 21. If help is required elsewhere in at the Air Tattoo, ambulance and paramedic personnel will respond in order to provide medical assistance. Contact a member of the Air Tattoo, who will call for medical assistance.