Air Tattoo Refund Information

  • 16th Feb 2021

Please read the full statement about the 2021 Air Tattoo HERE. This information was updated on 5 March 2021. 
Is the Air Tattoo postponed or cancelled? 
The 2021 Air Tattoo is cancelled. The next Air Tattoo will be 15, 16, 17, July 2022 
Why can't you postpone and reschedule the show for later in the year? 
Organising the Air Tattoo is an immensely complex process, made even more so by the COVID-19 situation. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as us picking up our July plan and moving it to Sept/Oct. There are too many moving parts that we would be unable to push back to later in the year. 
I have rolled over my 2021 tickets to RIAT 2022, what happens now? 
By doing nothing your booking will automatically be carried over to 2022, keeping the 2019 prices that were held for 2020 and 2021. We will email you by the end of September to confirm your 2022 booking, there is no need to contact us, your tickets are secure. If you booked a Viewing Village Grandstand seat or FRIAT package your seat number will be carried over too. Thank you!
Should you want a part refund or a change to your tickets or to upgrade please contact Customer Services on 01285 713456 (Monday to Friday, 9am -5pm.) You have until midday on Friday 12 March to do this.

Can I get a refund?

We have now closed the automated refund process after the advised time period following emails sent to ticket purchasers to advise on how to claim a refund, plus social media coverage. Should you want a part refund or a change to your tickets or to upgrade please contact Customer Services on 01285 713456 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm) before midday on Friday 12th March. 
What else can I do to support you and how do I donate to the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust? 
We have now lost two shows which is clearly a tough hit to us. We would therefore really appreciate any donations to the Air Tattoo's parent charity, the RAF Charitable Trust, via their Virgin Money Giving page HERE.
Can I still use my carried over free child ticket if they will no longer be under 18 at the 2022 show?
To reward your loyalty to us yes you can, even if your child is 18 or even 19 by the 2022 show.  All carried over tickets will have a different ticket code to those sold for the 2022 show.   This ticket code will let the admissions teams know that the 'child' has a valid carried over ticket, despite them actually being 18 or 19 years of age.
What if I opt for a refund, when will I get my money back? 
We will send you an email by the end of February with instructions of how to claim a refund. After you have requested this via our automated system, it should be in your account within five days. 
Will I be charged an admin fee for a refund? / Will I get all my money back? 
You will not be charged a fee for a refund and we will also refund your original admin fee as well. 
Should I be trying to claim back from my credit card provider? 
We request you don't try and claim back a refund from your credit/debit card provider, if you bought by credit/debit card as we will have a process to enable you to do this through our own systems which we need to do for auditing. 
Can I talk to someone about my tickets? 
Yes, you can. Our phone lines will inevitably be busy and as with most organisations in the country, our Customer Services Team is working remotely. If you have an urgent question our Customer Services is on 01285 713456 (9am-5pm, Monday - Friday).  
Will there be an Air Tattoo in 2022 and when will tickets for 2022 be on sale? 
We will start planning for the 2022 Air Tattoo straight away and tickets will hopefully go on sale later in the summer. By rolling over your tickets from 2020 and 2021 you are helping us stage a spectacular RIAT22. We are also looking at opportunities to celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year along with merchandise offers and other online activity such as the Virtual Air Tattoo which was so well received last July. 
How are you going to celebrate the 50th Anniversary and can I still get merchandise?  
We still plan to celebrate the airshow's 50th Anniversary in a variety of ways such as the Virtual Air Tattoo and using blogs and podcasts already created. The Air Tattoo 50 Book has been an outstanding success with rave reviews. Copies are still available to purchase HERE and we will have a range of merchandise such as 50th Anniversary T-Shirts and mugs that will be available to pre-order though our online shop. 
Will there be another Free Virtual Air Tattoo?   
Yes, in July we will again have a virtual 'show' over the Air Tattoo weekend. Although this is not the airshow we would have wanted we will do our best to celebrate 50 years of the world's greatest airshow through unique content, previous flying displays, interviews and virtual displays.  
What about the accommodation and travel arrangements I have made? Will I be refunded? 
Your accommodation and travel arrangements will have been made directly between you and the provider, so our advice is for you to contact them as soon as possible to find out what their refund policy is. 
What are the future dates for the Air Tattoo?

2022 - 15, 16, 17 July
2023 - 14, 15, 16 July
2024 - 19, 20, 21 July
2025 - 18, 19, 20 July