Chinook HC6A - UK

The Chinook is an extremely capable and highly versatile support helicopter that can be operated from land basesor seaborne vesselsinto a range of diverse environments, from the Arctic to the desert or jungle. The aircraft may be heavilyarmed and is fitted with a suite of self-defence equipment allowing it to operate across highly contested battlespace. Chinooks are primarily used for trooping, resupply and battlefield casualty evacuation (casevac) but the crews are trained to accomplish these tasks under threat from both ground and air based enemies.

With its triple-hook external load system, internal cargo winch, roller conveyor fit and large reserves of power, the aircraft can lift a wide variety of complex underslung or internal freight, including vehicles. It can carry up to 55 troops or up to approximately 10 tonnes of mixed cargo.

Its secondary roles include search and rescue (SAR), and supporting a wide variety of specialist tasks, including the National Resilience commitment. A Chinook crew traditionallycomprises two pilots and two crewmen, supplemented by specialists dependent upon mission requirements.

The 2018 display is Commanded by Flt Lt Stu Kynaston.