F-16C - Greece

Greece placed its first order for the Fighting Falcon in 1985, when it acquired Block 30 single-seat F-16C and two-seat F-16D models. They started to arrive in service during 1989, forming, along with Mirage 2000s delivered that same year, a much-enhanced fighter force. As the Fighting Falcon was improved, so Greece procured successive versions - first Block 50 jets, and then, in 2000 for delivery from 2005, the Block 52+ model. It is the latter that will be seen in action at RIAT, equipping the HAF's F-16 demo team 'Zeus'. The Block 52+ F-16C is distinguished by the fuselage spine-mounted conformal fuel tanks that increase the aircraft's fuel capacity, one of the model's several upgrades over previous variants - the engine, radar, avionics and weaponry are all superior, too. These are true multi-role aircraft, operating in the air-to-air and air-to-ground roles, the latter including the specialised SEAD (suppression of enemy air defences) task. Three HAF squadrons are equipped with Block 52+ F-16C/Ds, two of them being part of 115 Combat Wing at Souda, which provides the 'Zeus' display aircraft.