Grob Tutor x 2 - UK

The Grob Tutor entered service with the Royal Air Force in 1999, replacing the Bulldog T.1. Used by the RAF for the teaching Elementary Flying Training it is an essential type in starting new 'ab-initio' pilots off on their flying careers. In addition to this fundamental teaching role the aircraft is also used to provide various degrees of flying training and air experience flights to Officer Cadets on 14 University Air Squadrons across the UK alongside young people from the Air Training Corps and Combined Cadet Forces. In 2009 a batch of new aircraft were delivered to some squadrons, known as the Tutor EA, they incorporate enhanced avionics which include digital displays and an improved GPS/radio fit. The Royal Navy and the Army Air Corps also operate a small number of Tutors, primarily based out of Barkston Heath in Lincolnshire.