KC-390 - Civilian

The KC-3980 a multi role transport and tanker aircraft developed by Brazilian manufacturer Embraer.

The aircraft is capable of carrying heavy combat vehicles weighing up to 26 metric tonnes in an unobstructed cargo compartment with a volume of 169 m³ (5,970 ft³) . This feature was optimised to provide extra room for over and outsize cargo, accommodating combinations of vehicles, cargo on pallets, troops, medical patients and auxiliary fuel tanks, among other items.

The KC-390 aerodynamic configuration was carefully designed to reduce drag delivering high speed and high altitude cruise capabilities as well as to provide enough lift for low speed operations such as helicopter aerial refuelling and short airstrip operation.

To facilitate the boarding of taller vehicles, the KC-390 is equipped with a long cargo ramp which reduces the cargo loading/ unloading angle. The aircraft also features hydraulic stabilizer struts and a cargo winch to minimize time on ground.

2018 will be the first time the aircraft has visited the Air Tattoo.