King Air 350 - UK

Developed as a successor to the King Air 200 multi-purpose twin-turboprop, the King Air 300 series was significantly re-designed with a lengthened fuselage and more powerful engines amongst other alterations. A prototype first flew in September 1983. Textron currently offers the King Air 350, announced by the manufacturer in 2005. It was given an increased maximum take-off weight and longer range. The upgraded 350i available today enhanced the specification of the interior, which can accommodate between nine and 11 passengers. It is an ideal aircraft for special missions of different kinds, not least in the ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) field; an extended-range, longer-endurance 350ER derivative is offered in part with this in mind.

Number V(AC) Sqn's Shadow flight became 14 Sqn in 2011, who will be attending RIAT 2018. Five aircraft, plus a dedicated trainer are in the fleet and the aircraft's exceptional performance has seen it identified as a key asset for the future.