MC-130J Commando II - USA

As part of the re-equipment of US Air Force Special Operations Command, the ageing fleet of MC-130 Hercules variants is gradually being renewed. One result of this is the MC-130J Commando II, one of several special missions variants of the faster and longer-ranged C-130J model currently in production. It is replacing the older MC-130E, MC-130H and MC-130P in the combat transport and tanker roles, being able to air-refuel helicopters and CV-22 Ospreys belonging to US special operations forces, and performing the infiltration, exfiltration and re-supply of special operations personnel by means of air-drop or air-land missions. The Commando II mainly undertakes its duties by night. Deliveries to the USAF started in 2011, and the 67th Special Operations Squadron, part of the 352nd Special Operations Group (since re-designated as a Wing) at RAF Mildenhall, received its first MC-130Js during June 2013 and will be taking part in the static display.