Wildcat HMA.2 - UK

The Lynx might look like its predecessor - and possess many of its characteristics, but it is leaps ahead in many ways. The engines are considerably more powerful providing much improved performance when operating in hot environments and at high altitudes. A completely redesigned tail, which is the greatest visual difference between old and new, also allows for a more powerful tail rotor system, as well as improving the aircrafts strength and stealth qualities with its 'diamond' profile.
Aircrew also enjoy a much-improved cabin, from state-of-the-art cockpit instruments, hi-tech communications, to crash worthy armoured seats which drastically enhance survivability in the event of a crash landing. Cutting-edge targeting systems, similar to the Apache, and a 360˚ full-colour surveillance radar, helps crews pick out targets and if necessary engage them with two new missiles systems specifically being developed for use on the aircraft.