747-400 - Civilian

The Boeing 747 is a wide body, four-engine jet manufactured by Boeing. It was first introduced into British Airways (BA) service in 1974 as the 747-100 variant, when BA inherited aircraft from the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). Its distinctive upper deck shape has earned it the nickname "Jumbo Jet". BA is the world's largest operator of the Boeing 747 with 34 in service. The 747-400 is a proven performer with high reliability and incorporates major aerodynamic improvements over earlier 747 models, including the addition of winglets to reduce drag, new avionics, and a new flight deck.

The 747 fits into today's infrastructure, serving more than 210 airports around the world and is also the world's fastest commercial jetliner. The 747-400's most noticeable aerodynamic improvement over previous 747s is the 6-foot (1.8-m) longer wing with a 6-foot-high winglet angled upward and slightly outward. This change reduces fuel burn and extends the aircraft's range.