Sea Lynx - Germany

The Sea Lynx Mk88 was ordered by the German Navy for service aboard its frigates, operating in the anti-submarine role. An original 19 examples were ordered, deliveries commencing in 1981. They were augmented in the late 1990s by a further seven new Super Lynx helicopters, dubbed the Sea Lynx Mk88A by the Marineflieger, after which the older airframes were upgraded to a common standard. The helicopters are armed with two torpedoes, the Sea Skua anti-shipping missile and a 12.7mm machine gun, and use a dipping sonar to locate submarines at range. Ships of the Bremen, Brandenburg and Sachsen classes can each carry two Sea Lynx, which also perform light transport missions and carry out search and rescue flights. In October 2018 the German Navy announced plans to replace the Sea Lynx fleet from 2025.