Voyager KC.2/3 - UK

The Voyager tanker/transport, based on the Airbus A330-200 airliner, is the service's largest operational type ever. It performs the air-to-air refuelling, passenger/freight transport and medical evacuation roles. The fleet is provided to the RAF by the AirTanker consortium, and a 'core' inventory of nine Voyagers operates from RAF Brize Norton with Nos 10 and 101 Squadrons.

A further five can be provided as an emergency 'surge' capability if required. As a tanker, the Voyager can carry 111 tonnes of fuel to pass on to other aircraft with no diminution in its air transport capability, for which purpose the type is able to take 291 passengers on trooping flights and a 43-tonne cargo payload. Up to 40 stretchers may be accommodated in the medical evacuation role. The first Voyager for the RAF arrived in 2011, and the type is now in full operational service in two variants: the KC.2 two-point tanker and the KC.3 three-point version.