WAH-64D Apache - UK

For well over a decade, the spearhead of Army Air Corps striking power has been the Apache AH1, built for British service by what is now Leonardo Helicopters at Yeovil. This mighty 'tank-killing' attack helicopter, which won its US Army spurs in the first Gulf War, has seen extensive Army Air Corps use in combat theatres, specifically Afghanistan and Libya. Its main armament comprises 2.75in CRV-7 rockets, Hellfire missiles (of which it can carry up to 16), and the 30mm M230 chain gun, the latter directed by the pilot's helmet. The variant is easily distinguished by the Longbow fire control radar mounted atop the rotor head. Apaches from two operational regiments based at Wattisham in Suffolk form part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, a potent 'rapid response' unit that combines the employment of airborne forces and attack helicopters.