Latest Updates

11 July 2019

  • With just over a week to go until the start of the 2019 Air Tattoo we're back with another addition to our NATO flypasts! The French Air Force will be providing a KC-135R tanker to the already announced line up.
  • The French Navy also confirms an Embraer Emb-121 Xingu on static display. 

5 July 2019

  • Another Air Tattoo first! The Northrop Grumman Firebird will be making its first public appearance at RIAT 2019. The aircraft will be arriving at RAF Fairford by road, being assembled on site by Northrop Grumman engineers.

4 July 2019

  • Happy 4th of July! We're back with another American heavy today; the KC-10A Extender from Travis Air Force Base in California will be on static display. Following last week's update from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, they have also confirmed a Cessna F406 to join their two helicopters on static display. 

2 July 2019

  • We've got more flying confirmed today as the Patrouille de France confirm their attendance, along with static helicopters from the French Army - a Puma and Gazelle! 

27 June 2019

  • Today we've got static confirmations from Qatari cargos and Latin light attack aircraft! 
  • Qatar returns with a C-17 and C-130J, we have a debut from Embraer's EMB-314 Super Tucano, a first for the Air Tattoo and a type that will be of interest to many enthusiasts.
  • The RAF confirms both its new rotary wing trainers, the H135 and H145 helicopters, whilst the Maritime and Coastguard Agency will also be in attendance with S-92 and AW189 helicopters. 
  • Other civilian types also confirm, including the National Flying Laboratory Centre with a Jetstream 31. See the full list here.
  • We're back with more... as we've got news that the A400M is confirmed for the flying display! 

26 June 2019

  • The Phantom returns! We are very pleased to confirm that the Turkish Air Force will be joining RIAT 2019 with two examples of their F-4E-2020 Phantoms from 111 Filo on static display after an absence of over a decade.

20 June 2019

  • Today we can confirm more static aircraft from the Royal Air Force! The full spectrum of RAF activity from basic training to frontline combat makes up todays' list. The update in full is: Grob Prefect, Phenom 100, Hawk T.2, Sentinel R.1, C-130J Hercules and Typhoon FGR.4. 

13 June 2019

  • Today we're adding three new nations to the confirmed list of participants; Ireland, Pakistan and Poland. The Irish Air Corps will be sending a C235, the Pakistanis a C-130 and the Polish Navy will provide an An-28 Bryza; all for our static display.

8 June 2019

  • Romania is confirmed! The MiG-21 LanceR will be flying at RIAT 2019 for the first time in many years. The aircraft will also be joined by a C-27J Spartan on static display.

6 June 2019

  • Today we can confirm six static military aircraft from five different air arms! The UK will be providing an Army Air Corps Apache and Royal Air Force T-6 Texan; Finland a C295M transporter; Germany adds more with an A400M and C160D and the US Navy returns with the P-8A Poseidon.

4 June 2019

  • We're confirming more for the 70th anniversary NATO flypast today! The additional aircraft will include F-16AM fighters from the Belgian Air Component, whilst Germany offers a substantial commitment with Eurofighter EF2000s, A400M and Tornado strike aircraft. 
  • The Royal Danish Air Force will also contribute with F-16 fighters, whilst the United States Air Force will be joining the flypast with F-15 aircraft from RAF Lakenheath. The Royal Air Force also plan to provide Typhoon fighters.


30 May 2019

  • Today we can confirm a diverse mix of static aircraft! The USAF will be sending a B-52H and KC-135, whilst the Royal Air Force have confirmed a Voyager tanker and Hawk T.1 from RAF Leeming. Also joining will be a QinetiQ owned PC-21, operated by the Empire Test Pilot School.

24 May 2019

  • The future of British air power will be on show at RIAT 2019 as the Royal Air Force confirms that their new F-35 will perform flypasts at the show on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th July!

23 May 2019

  • Today we're back with another big aircraft update, with military aircraft from NATO and the Royal Netherlands Air Force as well as civilian types (including ex-military aircraft) from around the UK and Europe.
  • NATO will provide us with an E-3A Sentry for our NATO fly past whilst the RNLAF will send an F-16, C-130H Hercules, CH-47 Chinook, AH-64D Apache, AS532 Cougar and NH90 for our static display! 
  • Civilian static updates include: OV-10B Bronco, two Hunter Mk.58s, Bell 'Huey' and OH-6A helicopters and an L-29 Delfin, plus many more!

16 May 2019

  • We're bringing you a great selection of flying action this week; a display team, fast jets and transporter aircraft! What nation provides all three? Italy! We're thrilled to confirm the return of the Frecce Tricolori, C-27J Spartan, F-2000 Typhoon and T-346A; all flying at RIAT 2019. The Frecce will be flying Saturday and Sunday.
  • This week we've also got static confirmations from three European nations and Canada. Austria will be joining us with a C-130K Hercules, Belgium adds two F-16AMs and an ERJ regional jet from 21 Squadron, whilst the Hungarian Air Force joins the list with a JAS-39 Gripen. The Royal Canadian Air Force will be making the journey across the Atlantic with a CP-140 Aurora and CC-130 Hercules. 


10 May 2019

  • Rain is forecast! Major John 'Rain' Waters of the Viper Demo Team is confirmed for RIAT 2019 flying the F-16! His display marks the first time for over a decade that we have welcomed the USAF F-16 demo to the Air Tattoo. We can also confirm a flying display from the CV-22B Osprey as well as USAF static appearances from another CV-22B, MC-130J Commando II, C-17 Globemaster, F-15E Strike Eagle and an E-6B Mercury from the US Navy!

9 May 2019

  • Today we are announcing the return of the Finnish F/A-18 Hornet display! This great performance was awarded the Sir Douglas Bader Trophy for best individual flying display at RIAT 2018. We look forward to welcoming the team back to RAF Fairford in July.

2 May 2019

  • Today we're confirming a huge number of static aircraft! Highlights include a showcase of Textron products featuring the AT-6B Wolverine, business jets from Bombardier and Gulfstream as well as two Jet Provost trainers and Martin Baker's Gloster Meteor. See the full list of civilian aircraft on our Confirmed Aircraft Page.

30 April 2019

  • We're excited to announce the return of the Breitling Jet Team to RIAT 2019! The team will be flying their eight L-39 jet trainers, showing off one of the world's best civilian formation jet displays.

25 April 2019

  • The Royal Navy, who are gearing up to fly full operations from their new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth later this year, will be joining the RIAT 2019 static display with Wildcat and Merlin helicopters, plus Hawk and King Air fixed wing training aircraft.

23 April 2019

  • Today we can confirm more fast jet action! The Swedish Air Force will be displaying their JAS-39 Gripen with one aircraft in the flying line up and one aircraft on the ground in the static display. We can also confirm a PC-9M Swift from Slovenia and another German Air Force EF2000 from TLG 71, both on static display.

18 April 2019

  • The Flanker is back. That's right, the Ukrainian Air Force is returning to RIAT for the third year in a row to fly the mighty Sukhoi Su-27! The air arm is also bringing one example for the static display alongside an Il-76 'Candid' transporter.

11 April 2019

  • The Spartans are coming! Two C-27J Spartans are this week's confirmations. Lithuania and Slovakia will both be sending an example of this Leonardo produced tactical transporter for display within the 2019 Air Tattoo static display.

9 April 2019

  • With 100 days to go until the Air Tattoo we're pleased to announce several UK helicopters! The British Army Apache is returning, along with the RAF's Chinook, to the flying display! Both services will also be sending a static aircraft, a Wildcat from the Army and a Puma from the RAF.

5 April 2019

  • Just in! We've received confirmation from the RAF of their flying participation in this year's Air Tattoo. The six aircraft types confirmed are the Typhoon, Tucano, Tutor, Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane! That brings us to five RAF flying displays as the Red Arrows will of course be flying their final displays at the Air Tattoo, before they head over to the United States of America this summer.

4 April 2019

  • We start this week's update with more confirmations from Germany! The German Navy confirms a P-3 Orion and Sea Lynx for static display, bringing the total number of German military participants to eight. Rounding off today's update, QinetiQ have confirmed their attendance with an A109E helicopter and their RJ70.

29 March 2019
  • In an Air Tattoo debut, we're pleased to confirm that the Hellenic Air Force's T-6A Texan II demonstration will be flying at RIAT 2019!

28 March 2019

  • We're back this week with our first big static update from a European Air Arm. The German Air Force have confirmed they will be providing six aircraft! The list comprises two Tornados, three Eurofighter EF2000s and an Airbus A400M.

21 March 2019

  • A last minute update for today; confirmation received at 4pm! We're pleased to confirm that the Royal Jordanian Air Force will be participating in the static display with a C-130H Hercules!

14 March 2019

  • Following a trip to Spain by our Head of Air Operations, we can confirm that a second Spanish Navy EAV-8B Harrier will be flying at RIAT 2019! This pairs display is sure to delight Harrier fans on all three days of the show. We're also very pleased to welcome back the Royal Norwegian Air Force with two F-16s from No. 331 Squadron on static display.

28 February 2019

  • This week we can confirm our first heavy metal addition to the static line up, the return of a C-17 Globemaster from the Heavy Airlift Wing based in Papa, Hungary.

21 February 2019

  • This week we are pleased to confirm that the Slovenian Air Force are returning with their PC-9M Swift display and a Let L410 on static display!
  • The Belgian Air Component has confirmed their ever-popular F-16 solo display will be flying on Friday and Saturday!

14 February 2019

  • In an Air Tattoo first, the Blades Aerobatic Team will be making their RIAT debut at this year's show! The team is made up of world leading aerobatics pilots and former Red Arrows, flying the Extra EA-300. Read more here.

7 February 2019

  • Our first static display participant for 2019 has confirmed - a Royal Danish Air Force EH-101 Merlin! The aircraft will join us from Eskadrille 722 based at Karup Air Station.

25 January 2019

  • It's the news that you've all been waiting for! We're thrilled to announce that the Red Arrows will have their last public display at the Air Tattoo before they fly to North America for the Western Hawk 19 Tour! They will take to the skies on all three days of the show.

24 January 2019
  • Even though it's still only January, we have another flying confirmation for you today. Our great friends and supporters the Royal Jordanian Falcons will return to the Air Tattoo in 2019.

17 January 2019
  • We're back with another flying display confirmation for you today. We have received confirmation that the Swiss Air Force will be returning with their F-18C solo display!

10 January 2019

  • The 2019 Air Tattoo is off to a 'jump-start' thanks to confirmation from the Spanish Navy that their iconic Harrier is to make a rare appearance to fly in this summer's airshow!