727 Valley Tower

Boeing 727-2S2F

Completing our trio of static aircraft from 2Excel Aviation this year is one of their pair of Boeing 727-2S2F (RE) which they operate on behalf of Oil Spill Response Limited. Whilst more famous for its original role as an airliner, this variant of the 727 was originally produced as a cargo freighter. Previously operated by FedEx to deliver freight, this 727 has been heavily modified for use in combating oil spills throughout the world. These aircraft have the ability to spray dispersant in all weather conditions, including icy weather, through the use of the TERSUS oil dispersant system, which was designed, manufactured, installed and certified by 2Excel. Following a recent upgrade, these pair of UK-based 727s will continue to be the go-to response platform for the most serious (Tier 3) oil spill incidents until at least 2028.

Photo Credit: RIAT Volunteer