Qinetiq Rj100

British Aerospace Avro RJ100

The Avro RJ100 was a development of the BAe 146-300 short range jet airliners with modernised avionics, interiors and flight systems. Starting life as the Hs.146 the family of four-engined airliners that resulted in the RJ100 was developed to bridge the gap between turboprop airliners and jet airliners like the Boeing 737. It's use of four engines, each being relatively low powered on its own, gave the aircraft long range and high efficiency plus excellent handling characteristics in the event of an engine emergency. This made the aircraft ideal for hot, high and poor condition runways. QinetiQ operate this RJ100 as their airborne technology test bed and it will be appearing on static display at this year's Air Tattoo.

Photo Credit: Rich Cooper