Blades 4144702

Extra 300LP (x4)

The Blades Aerobatic Team fly the popular Extra 300 aircraft. They are low-wing, high performance aircraft designed for the most adventurous aerobatic manoeuvres and created with advanced aerobatic flying in mind. A competitive aerobatic display pilot during the 1980s, Walter Extra decided to design and build the ultimate aerobatic aeroplane, with optimum structure, weight and performance and the forerunner of today's aircraft was born. Since it was first produced, the Extra has undergone many modifications and the current design utilises the most advanced materials and construction techniques to provide an extremely light-weight and agile aeroplane that is certified to +/- 10g.

Visitors on Friday 15th July will see The Blades perform a special formation flypast with the 2Excel Boeing 727, however The Blades will not be performing a flying display routine.