S92 Cropped

Sikorsky S-92A

Joining the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Her Majesties Coastguard, will be a Sikorsky S92 operated on their behalf by Bristow Helicopters. In service since 2014 this Search and Rescue (SAR) configured medium-lift transport helicopter was joined by the smaller Leonardo AW189 in 2017 to provide the 999 SAR helicopter service on behalf of the HM Coastguard from ten locations throughout the UK. The S-92 first flew in 1998 and has met with considerable civilian and military success. Most notably with the Royal Canadian Air Force as the CH-148 Cyclone and the US Marine Corps as the VH-92 where it will eventually become the new "Marine One" responsible for helicopter transport of the President of the United States.

Photo Credit: RIAT Volunteer