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Westland Gazelle HT3

Joining the static display at this year's air tattoo will be Westland Gazelle HT.3 ZB625/G-TSTR. The Aerospatiale/Westland Gazelle light helicopter has served with air forces and armies around the world in a variety of roles and at the time of writing is in its twilight of service with the Army Air Corps. The HT.3 variant was one of 14 built for the Royal Air Force for use as a training helicopter or in the VIP transport role and the example on static display was transferred from the RAF to QinetiQ who modified the airframe to form part of the Empire Test Pilots School.

Following its retirement by QinetiQ, the Gazelle is now owned by Nova Systems who are a leading engineering services and technology solutions company delivering specialist flight test services, systems engineering advisory and management alongside advanced digital technology, software, and systems integration solutions. A truly global business, we have strategically located offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Based at Thruxton Airfield, the Gazelle is used for currency flights by their International's Rotary Wing Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers.

Photo Credit: Robin Trewinnard Boyle