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RIAT 2023

Our aspiration for RIAT 2023 was to deliver an eclectic mix of aircraft on both flying and static displays, focusing on our various themes. This aircraft participation list will be updated each Thursday, once written confirmation of aircraft participation has been received from the aircraft operator.

The operational theme for this year's Air Tattoo was SKYTANKER23, which highlighted the vital role of air-to-air refuelling in modern military aviation. It was our aim to display the history of air-to-air refuelling from humble beginnings in 1923, evolving through the last century, to the modern aircraft which we see in service around the world today.

All aircraft participation at the Royal International Air Tattoo is, as always, subject to operational commitments, technical issues, crew availability, weather conditions and other factors.

If you're an aircraft operator who wants more information about bringing your aircraft to be displayed at RIAT24, please visit Aircrew Information webpage.