T346 Master Peter Van Loey

20th June

  • 20th Jun 2023

Today we have a special aircraft update, dedicated to the Italian Air Force, who will be sending a huge array of aircraft to RIAT 2023 to celebrate their 100th Anniversary!

In the air, RIAT visitors will be treated to four flying displays from the Italian Air Force! We welcome the return of the Reparto Sperimentale Volo with their impressive solo displays of the F-2000A, T-346A, C-27J (which last year won the Sir Douglas Bader Trophy). All the aircraft from RSV have been adorned with specially painted tails for their centenary display year which we will see at Fairford. In addition, a special addition for their centenary year, we will also see a search and rescue demonstration from their HH-139B helicopter.

On the ground, visitors to RIAT 2023 will be able to enjoy viewing a myriad of Italian Air Force aircraft types. A highlight will be the participation of a pair of U-208A aircraft, wearing a spectacular special scheme to celebrate the centenary. The list includes special mission aircraft such as their Airborne Early Warning Gulfstream and P-72A Maritime Patrol Aircraft, combat helicopters such as the HH-212A & HH-101A, C-27J transport aircraft and a pair of Tornados. Finally, we thought RIAT 2022 would be our last chance to see AMX jets at Fairford, so we're extremely excited to see a pair of them again this summer! Grazie!

Finally, as part of our SKYTANKER23 theme, we're pleased to see both their KC-767A and KC-130J tankers represented in the RIAT 2023 static displays too.

As previously advertised, these modern day Italian Air Force aircraft will be collocated with historic Italian Air Force in a special exhibition area. This ITAF100 display will be on near the centre of the showground, on the edge of the Blue & Green Zones. Friday visitors will be able to see some, but not all, of the aircraft. But visitors on Saturday & Sunday will be able to enjoy the full ITAF100 area which is not to be missed. We are thankful to our sponsor, Eurofighter, for their support of RIAT 2023 allowing us to bring you so many interesting Italian Air Force aircraft together for your enjoyment.

Viva l'Italia!