Riat19 Belgium F 16Am Fa 101 Rich Cooper 7

23rd March

  • 23rd Mar 2023

First up this week, we're pleased to confirm the return of Belgian Air Component to RIAT: Their popular F-16 solo display will return and perform over the weekend flying displays, flown by Captain Steven "Vrieske" De Vries using his 'Dream Viper' display jet. In addition to the flying display we will also welcome a pair of F-16AM Fighting Falcons in the static displays. Finally, we're very pleased to see one of their SF.260 training aircraft join the static displays, an aircraft type which we haven't seen at Fairford for many years.

From the Swedish Air Force, we're pleased to be welcoming two jets to perform in the flying display programme, with their popular Gripen solo display and a rare appearance of their SK.60 training jet. We were due to see the Sk.60s last year but they had to cancel their participation at the last minute due to a COVID outbreak, so we're very excited to see them at RIAT 2023! In addition, there will be examples of both aircraft types joining the static displays too.

This week we have continued discussions with a number of international displays teams who hope to participate in the flying display at RIAT 2023. We have also continued to liaise with a number of operators of tanker aircraft who are planning to participate at RIAT, but are not able to commit at this early stage due to their operational tempo.