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Entry into this year's showground is completed in two phases. Firstly, we have a 100% bag check procedure, so please bear this in mind when deciding what you need to bring with you.

When you arrive at RAF Fairford there will be two stages for you to complete, the first stage is a bag search. If you do not have a bag, you will be able to use one of our fast lanes to progress, meanwhile it is also worth noting that if you use a wheelchair or scooter, you can gain access to the site from any of the customer entry points.  

Once you have completed this initial phase, you will enter an area with catering, merchandise and toilet facilities before then having your ticket scanned. Once you have passed this area, you are safe to make your way onto the showground.  

Policing during the show

Gloucestershire Constabulary operates the Showground Police Station and will deal with all routine policing matters within the showground. They are centrally located next to the First Aid Post behind orange flag 21. The Air Tattoo organisers, together with the police, have taken appropriate security measures to ensure your safety whilst at RAF Fairford. However, we need your assistance and ask that: 

  • You keep your personal belongings with you at all times 
  • If you see or hear anything that you consider to be suspicious, please report the matter to the nearest police officer, military individual or a member of the Air Tattoo team 
  • In the event of an incident, co-operate with the police, military personnel and all members of the Air Tattoo team