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Confirmed Aircraft

See the below list to find out which aircraft attended the 2019 Air Tattoo. 

Key to symbols

Flying Static

BelgiumSquadronType On Display
Belgian Air Component
ERJ-135/145 21 Squadron Transport Static      
F-16AM 2 Wing Fighter Flying Fri Sat  
CanadaSquadronType On Display
Royal Canadian Air Force
C-130H/J Hercules TBC Tactical Transport Static      
CP-140 Aurora 405 Squadron Maritime Patrol Static      
CivilianSquadronType On Display
747-400 British Airways Airliner Flying   Sat  
A400M Airbus Defence & Space Tactical Transport Flying      
AT-6B Wolverine Textron Aviation Utility Static      
Auster AOP.9 Peter Gill Utility Static      
Beech 18S Carlo Ferrari Transport Static      
Bell UH-1H Huey Team Helicopter Static      
Bulldog T.1 Derek Sharp General Aviation Static      
Bulldog T.1 National Flying Laboratory Ctr. General Aviation Static      
Bulldog T.1 TBC General Aviation Static      
C208 Grand Caravan EX Textron Aviation Utility Static      
Cessna 152 Halton Aero Club General Aviation Static      
DHC-1 Chipmunk 21 Ian Mills Basic Trainer Static      
Diamond DA20 Katana AirBourne Aviation General Aviation Static      
EMB-314 Super Tucano Embraer S.A Light Attack Static      
EV-97 Eurostar x2 RAF Halton Microlight Club General Aviation Static      
Extra EA300 The Blades Aerobatic Team Aerobatic Team Flying   Sat Sun
F406 Caravan II RVL Group Utility Static      
Firebird Northrop Grumman ISR Static      
G550 Gulfstream VIP Transport Static      
Global Express Bombardier VIP Transport Static      
Hunter Mk. 58A x2 Hawker Hunter Aviation Fighter Static      
Ikarus C42a x2 AirBourne Aviation General Aviation Static      
Jet Provost T.3 BKOU/2 Ltd Jet Trainer Static      
Jet Provost T.5 Jet Aerobatics Jet Trainer Static      
Jet Provost T.5 TBC Jet Trainer Static      
Jetstream 31 National Flying Laboratory Ctr. Utility Static      
King Air 350SM Textron Aviation Utility Static      
L-29 Delfin James Edwards Jet Trainer Static      
L-39 Albatros x7 Breitling Jet Team Jet Trainer Flying   Sat Sun
M-346 Leonardo Aircraft Division Advanced Trainer Static      
OH-6A Huey Team Helicopter Static      
OV-10B Bronco Eureka Aviation Ground Attack Static      
PA-28-180 Gryphon Aero Club General Aviation Static      
Piaggio R166C I Fenicotteri Turboprop Static      
SR-22T Bruno Stocker General Aviation Static      
Sting S4 Centennial Wings Project General Aviation Static      
TB20 Trinidad Bruno Stocker General Aviation Static      
Tecnam P2002 Halton Aero Club General Aviation Static      
Tecnam P2008JC x2 RAFFCA General Aviation Static      
DenmarkSquadronType On Display
Royal Danish Air Force
EH-101 Merlin Eskadrille 722 Helicopter Static      
FinlandSquadronType On Display
Finnish Air Force
C295M TukiLLv/1 Flight Tactical Transport Static      
F/A-18C Hornet TBC Fighter Flying   Sat Sun
FranceSquadronType On Display
French Air Force
Alpha Jet E x10 Patrouille de France Aerobatic Team Flying Fri Sat  
KC-135R GRV 02.091 'Bretagne' Tanker Flying Fri Sat  
French Army Air Corps
SA330B Puma 3 RHC Helicopter Static      
SA342M Gazelle 3 RHC Helicopter Static      
GermanySquadronType On Display
German Air Force
A400M LTG-62 Tactical Transport Static      
C-160D LTG-63 Tactical Transport Static      
EF2000 x2 TLG 31/73 Fighter Static      
Tornado IDS x2 TLG 51/TLG 33 Ground Attack Static      
German Navy
P-3C Orion MFG-3 Maritime Patrol Static      
Sea Lynx MFG-5 Helicopter Static      
GreeceSquadronType On Display
Hellenic Air Force
T-6A Texan II Daedalus Turboprop Flying   Sat Sun
Hashemite Kingdom of JordanSquadronType On Display
Royal Jordanian Air Force
C-130H Hercules 3 Squadron Transport Static      
Extra 300LX Royal Jordanian Falcons Aerobatic Team Flying Fri Sat Sun
ItalySquadronType On Display
Italian Air Force
A-200 Tornado TBC Ground Attack Static      
AT-339A Frecce Tricolori Aerobatic Team Flying   Sat Sun
C-27J Spartan 311 Gruppo/RSV Tactical Transport Flying Fri   Sun
C-27J Spartan TBC Tactical Transport Static      
F-2000 Typhoon 311 Gruppo/RSV Fighter Flying   Sat Sun
HH-101A TBC Helicopter Static      
HH-139A TBC Helicopter Static      
T-346A 311 Gruppo/RSV Jet Trainer Flying Fri   Sun
LithuaniaSquadronType On Display
Lithuanian Air Force
C-27J Spartan Transporto Eskadrile Transport Static      
Maritime and Coastguard AgencySquadronType On Display
Maritime and Coastguard Agency
AW189 Bristow Helicopter Static      
S-92 Bristow Helicopter Static      
NATO FlypastSquadronType On Display
Belgian Air Component
F-16AM 349/350 Squadron Fighter Flying Fri Sat  
German Air Force
A400M LTG 62 Transport Flying Fri Sat  
EF2000 TLG-71 Fighter Flying Fri Sat  
Tornado ECR/IDS TLG-51 Ground Attack Flying Fri Sat  
E-3A AWACS Flying Squadron Airborne Early Warning Control Flying Fri Sat  
Royal Air Force
Typhoon FGR.4 Various - NATO Flypast Fighter Flying Fri Sat  
Royal Danish Air Force
F-16AM/BM Esk 727 Fighter Flying Fri Sat  
United States Air Force
F-15C/E 48FW Fighter Flying Fri Sat  
NorwaySquadronType On Display
Royal Norwegian Air Force
F-16AM/BM x2 331 Sqn Fighter Static      
PakistanSquadronType On Display
Pakistan Air Force
C-130B/E Hercules TBC Tactical Transport Static      
PolandSquadronType On Display
Polish Navy
An-28B1R Bryza TBC Maritime Patrol Static      
QinetiQSquadronType On Display
PC-21 ETPS Turboprop Static      
RJ70 QinetiQ Transport Static      
RomaniaSquadronType On Display
Romanian Air Force
C-27J Spartan Esc 902 Tactical Transport Static      
MiG-21 LanceR C Esc 861 Fighter Flying Fri Sat Sun
Slovak RepublicSquadronType On Display
Slovak Air Force
C-27J Spartan 1. Dopravna Letka Transport Static      
SpainSquadronType On Display
Spanish Navy
EAV-8B Harrier II Plus x2 9 Sqn Fighter Flying Fri Sat Sun
State of QatarSquadronType On Display
Qatar Emiri Air Force
C-130J-30 Transport Squadron Tactical Transport Static      
C-17 Globemaster III Transport Squadron Tactical Transport Static      
Strategic Airlift CapabilitySquadronType On Display
C-17 Globemaster Heavy Airlift Wing Transport Static      
SwedenSquadronType On Display
Swedish Air Force
JAS-39C Gripen F7 Fighter Flying   Sat Sun
JAS-39D Gripen F7 Fighter Static      
SwitzerlandSquadronType On Display
Swiss Air Force
F/A-18C Hornet Swiss Hornet Display Team Fighter Flying   Sat Sun
The NetherlandsSquadronType On Display
Royal Netherlands Air Force
AS 532U2 Cougar Mk 2 300 Sqn Helicopter Static      
C-130H 336 Sqn Tactical Transport Static      
CH-47D/F Chinook 298 Sqn Helicopter Static      
F-16AM/BM TBC Fighter Static      
NH90 TBC Helicopter Static      
TurkeySquadronType On Display
Turkish Air Force
F-4E-2020 x2 1nci AJU/111 Filo Fighter Static      
UkraineSquadronType On Display
Ukrainian Air Force
Il-76 'Candid' 25th TAB Transport Static      
Su-27P 'Flanker' 831st TAB Fighter Flying   Sat Sun
Su-27UB 'Flanker' 831st TAB Fighter Static      
United KingdomSquadronType On Display
Army Air Corps
WAH-64D Apache TBC Helicopter Static      
WAH-64D Apache TBC Helicopter Flying   Sat Sun
Wildcat AH.1 TBC Helicopter Static      
Royal Air Force
C-130J Hercules C.4 24/70Sqn Tactical Transport Static      
Chinook HC.4/6A 18 Squadron Helicopter Flying Fri Sat Sun
F-35B Lightning II 617 Sqn Fighter Flying Fri Sat  
H135 Juno HT.1 Ascent Helicopter Static      
H145 Jupiter HT.1 Ascent Helicopter Static      
Hawk T.1A 100 Sqn Jet Trainer Static      
Hawk T.1A Red Arrows Aerobatic Team Flying Fri Sat Sun
Hawk T.2 XXV (F) Sqn Jet Trainer Static      
Hurricane BBMF Fighter Flying Fri Sat Sun
Lancaster BBMF Bomber Flying Fri Sat Sun
Phenom 100 45 Sqn/Ascent Trainer Static      
Prefect 57 Sqn/Ascent Trainer Static      
Puma HC.2 TBC Helicopter Static      
Sentinel R.1 5 Sqn ISTAR Static      
Spitfire BBMF Fighter Flying Fri Sat Sun
T-6C Texan T.1 4FTS Turboprop Static      
Tucano T1 72 Sqn Advanced Trainer Flying Fri   Sun
Tutor T1 TBC Basic Trainer Flying Fri   Sun
Typhoon FGR.4 29 Sqn Fighter Flying Fri Sat Sun
Typhoon FGR.4 IX (B) Squadron Fighter Static      
Viking T.1 2 FTS/621 VGS Trainer Static      
Voyager KC.2/3 10/101 Sqn Tanker - Transport Static      
Royal Navy
AW159 Wildcat HMA.2 815 NAS Helicopter Static      
Hawk T.1/1A 736 NAS Jet Trainer Static      
King Air 350 750 NAS Turboprop Static      
Merlin HM.2 814 NAS Helicopter Static      
United States of AmericaSquadronType On Display
US Air Combat Command
F-16CM F-16 Viper Demo Team Fighter Flying Fri Sat Sun
US Air Force Global Strike Command
B-52H 2BW/20BS Bomber Static      
US Air Force Reserve Command
C-17 Globemaster III 315 AW/701 AS Tactical Transport Static      
US Air Force Special Operations Command
CV-22B Osprey 352 SOW/7 SOS Tiltrotor Flying   Sat Sun
CV-22B Osprey 352 SOW/7 SOS Tiltrotor Static      
MC-130J Commando II 352 SOW/67 SOS Tactical Transport Static      
US Air Forces Europe
F-15E Strike Eagle 48 FW/494 FS Fighter Static      
KC-135R 100ARW/351ARS Tanker Static      
US Air Mobility Command
KC-10A Extender 60 AMW/6 ARS Tanker Static      
US Navy
P-8A Poseidon VP-9 Maritime Patrol Static      
FranceSquadronType On Display
French Navy
Emb-121AN Xingu 28 Flotille Utility Static      
Austrian Air Force
C-130K Hercules LuTSta Tactical Transport
Auster V Conner Petty Utility
Gloster Meteor T.7 Martin-Baker Fighter
L-3B Defender Ellie Carter General Aviation
Vans RV-7 Flight of the Navigator General Aviation
Hungarian Air Force
JAS-39C/D Gripen 1. Vadaszrepulo Szazad 'Puma' Fighter
Irish Air Corps
C235 100MP 101 Sqn Maritime Patrol
A109E Power QinetiQ Helicopter
Slovenian Air Force
L410UVP Turbolet 107.Letalska Baza Transport
PC-9M Swift Letalska Sola Advanced Trainer
PC-9M Swift Letalska Sola Trainer
Royal Netherlands Air Force
AH-64D Apache 301 Sqn Helicopter
US Navy
E-6B Mercury VQ-4 ISTAR

“It was an epic spectacle, as magical as anything you've ever seen in the West End, and as loud as anything you've ever heard at Knebworth.”

Jeremy Clarkson, Television Presenter

“All the thrills, excitement and noise of a Grand Prix, but in the air!”

Jenson Button, Former Formula 1 Racing Driver

“Probably the most complete air show I’ve ever been to!”

Al Worden, Apollo 15 Astronaut

“This is THE best airshow!”

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut

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