Amx Marco Papa

AMX A-11A Ghibli (x2)

The AMX International AMX was a joint development between Brazil and Italy. The AMX was developed to replace the Fiat G.91 in the Close Air Support role in the Italian Air Force and the MB-326 in a similar role in Brazilian Air Force. The AMX unusually uses a non-afterburing engine and is not capable of supersonic flight, it however can carry a wide range of air to ground weaponry and is fitted with a powerful 20mm or 30mm cannon. Both Italian and Brazilian aircraft have been upgraded to carry modern weapons. The AMX will eventually be retired by Brazil in 2032 and is being replaced by the JAS-39E Gripen.

The Italian Air Force originally took delivery of 110 single seat AMXs and 26 two-seat AMX-Ts. The AMX is known as the A-11/TA-11 Ghibili in Italian Service, named after a hot dry Libyan wind. Today just a single squadron of upgraded A-11B/TA-11B Ghibilis is in service with 132 Gruppo, part of 51° Stormo who use the type for tactical reconnaissance. The AMX has been replaced by the Typhoon and will be completed retired shortly after this year's Air Tattoo.

We are very pleased to announce that a pair of Italian Air Force AMXs will be appearing on static at this year's Air Tattoo. The aircraft will be provided by 51° Stormo from Instrana Air Base, and forms part of our celebration of the Italian Air Force centenary. With the type's imminent retirement this will be the final time we will see an Italian AMX at RIAT.

Photo Credit: Marco Papa

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