Casa C295 Jamie Hunter


The CASA, now Airbus C-295 is a medium transport aircraft that was developed from the CN-235 medium transport which was originally developed for the Spanish and Indonesian Air Forces.. The key differences between the types being that the C-295 has a stretched airframe and more powerful engines providing a 50% increase in cargo carrying capability. Following its first flight in November 1997, the C-295 has been ordered by over 35 militaries worldwide. In addition to its primary transport role, the C-295 has either been developed for or proposed in a variety of different roles including maritime patrol, search and rescue, AWACS, as a gunship, and as an aerial refuelling tanker.

Poland were the first export customer for the C-295 when they ordered 17 aircraft in 2001. The surviving fleet of 16 aircraft are based at Kraków-Balice Air Base and are operated by the 13th Aviation Squadron.

The C-295 appearing at RIAT 2023 will be provided by the 13th Aviation Squadron. The aircraft will be providing support for the Su-22M4 Fitter which is also on static display, it is not yet known whether the C-295 will be also on display.

Photo Credit: Jamie Hunter

On display