French Casa Peter March

Casa CN-235

The CASA CN-235 is a medium tactical transport aircraft that was co-developed by CASA of Spain and IPTN of Indonesia. The aircraft first flew in 1983 and 354 were eventually produced by both nations. The CN-235 can hold up to 35 to 40 troops or other payloads and is currently operated globally by 28 nations including the USA. A variety of variants have been developed including the AC-235 which can weapons on under-wing pylons and has a side mounted 30mm cannon.

France were one of the first adopters of the CN-235 who now operates a fleet of 27 aircraft as tactical transports. In December 2022, the French military announced a series of upgrades for their fleet to keep them operational until 2040.

The French Air and Space Force will be sending a single CN-235 to RIAT 2023 to act as a support aircraft for their other assets on display. It is not envisaged that the aircraft will be on display to the public at the weekend.

Photo Credit: Peter March

On display