Cessna 195

The Cessna 195 Businessliner first flew in 1945 shortly after the end of the war and was produced up until 1954. Powered by a radial engine, this tail dragging light aircraft was the first all-aluminium aircraft Cessna produced. The wing features the same aerofoil design as that used in the popular modern Cessna 150,172 and 182 models. However, unlike its modern equivalents, the Cessna 195 was expensive to buy and therefore was marketed mainly at business operators rather than private pilots.

The Cessna 195 saw military service with the USAF, US Army and the Army National Guard who operated a fleet of 83 aircraft and designated the type as the LC-126. The LC-126 differed from the civilian version with the ability to be fitted with skis and floats as and when required as part of its communications mission. Once the LC-126 was retired, the aircraft were handed back to Cessna who removed them of all their military equipment and sold them on to private owners.

A single L-126 version will be attending RIAT 2023 in support of the variety of Italian warbirds and historic aircraft that will be appearing on static display. It is not known if this aircraft will also appear on static display elsewhere on the showground at this time.

On display