Bae Systems Erj 145 Alec Wilson

Embraer ERJ-145 - Civilian

The Embraer ERJ (Embraer Regional Jet) family of aircraft are a series of regional airliners built in Brazil that first flew in 1995. Three regional airliners and a private jet would be created as part of this family of aircraft, all sharing a common design except for overall length and internal fit-out. The first version to be produced and to be delivered to an airline was the ERJ145. The ERJ145 could typically carry 50 passengers whilst the shorter ERJ140 and ERJ135 could carry 44 and 37 respectively; the private jet was to be called the Legacy. The ERJ145 has been produced into an AWACS and ground surveillance aircraft for a number of air forces including Greece and India.

BAE Systems will be using an ERJ145 as a VIP transport in support of their activities at RIAT over the weekend. It is unlikely that this aircraft will appear on static display.

Photo Credit: Alec Wilson

On display