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LET L-410UVP Turbolet

The Let L-410 Turbolet is a Czech designed and built twin-engined light transport aircraft that possesses excellent short and unpaved airfield capabilities. The first prototype of the L-410 flew on 16th April 1969 and has since secured orders from a variety of military and civilian operators with over 1,200 aircraft being produced. The L-410UVP is the most numerous version that is still in service today and was originally designed for Aeroflot featuring larger wings and tail areas to increase its short field capability. Let were acquired in 2013 by the Russian UGMK who have now produced a new modernised version, the L-410NG featuring new engines, a modern cockpit, a new wing and an increased cargo cabin.

The Slovak air force was created in 1993 when the aircraft from the dissolution of Czechoslovakia were split between the two new nations, with the Slovak Republic receiving a third of the air force's aircraft. The Slovak Air Force currently operate a total of six L-410's, five UVP-E variants and a single L-410FG version which is dedicated to the reconnaissance role. Primarily used as a transport aircraft by the Slovak Air Force, the small fleet of Let's was supplemented by a pair of C-27J Spartan's which were delivered during 2017/18 increasing the air forces cargo carrying capabilities.

All of the Slovak Air Force L-410 fleet are assigned to the 46th Wing at Malacky Air Base in the far west of the Slovak Republic and are flown by the 2nd Transport Flight of the Transport Wing. The Slovak Air Force will be sending a single L-410UVP-E for static display at RIAT 2023.

Photo Credit: Michael Hind

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