Broussard Peter March 4201513

Max Holste MH1521 Broussard

Powered by the Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior engine, the Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard is a six seat utility aircraft that had similar capabilities to the de Havilland Canada Beaver. The type first flew during November 1952 and over 396 were built. Except for its twin tail design, the Broussard is so similar in looks and performance to its Canadian counterpart that it is nicknamed the 'French Beaver'. Thanks to its excellent short take off and austere runway capabilities, the Broussard became popular with a number of African and South American air forces.

The majority of Broussards served with the French military and were operated by all three air arms. The type saw combat during the Algerian War where over 150 Broussard's were used as artillery spotters or for casualty evacuation. The type is however quite loud and the rebels could hear it approaching from some distance. The final French Broussard was retired by the French Navy in 1996.

Broussard G-CLLK will be appearing at RIAT 2023. This aircraft is currently painted in a scheme that represents Broussard's in French Air Force service.

Photo Credit: Peter March

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