P149 Janka Gux

Piaggio P-149D (x2)

The P.149 was originally developed as the Piaggio P.148 tail dragging two-sea monoplane utility aircraft that first flew in 1951. The Piaggio P.149 is an enlarged P.148 that is fitted with four seats and uses a traditional tricycle undercarriage. The most numerous users of the P.149 was the German Air Force who chose the type as their primary trainer. The first 72 aircraft were built by Piaggio and the remaining 190 ordered by Germany were built in-country by Focke-Wulf. In addition to Italy and Germany, the P.149D was also operated by Israel, Nigeria, Switzerland, Tanzania and Uganda.

The P.148 saw extensive use with the Italian Air Force with over 70 operated as primary trainers. These were retired when the Italian Air Force attempted a jet-only training fleet until 1970 when the type was reintroduced to aid in pilot selection. Only a pair of P.149Ds were operated by the Italy who used the type for liaison duties.

A pair of P.149Ds will be appearing on static display at this year's Air Tattoo as part of our celebration of the Italian Air Force centenary.

Photo Credit: Janka Gux

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